Will Suburban Fender Flares Fit A Silverado? (Solved)

Chevrolet Silverado LTZ

For years, many car owners have questioned the primary purpose of fenders. Some claim that they are purely for aesthetics. Others believe they exist to protect the car from rock, debris, and mud. The truth is that fender flares protect a vehicle from offroad debris and rocks when they come into contact with your wheels. … Read more

How Long Will Spray Foam And Bondo Last? (Solved)

how long will spray foam and bondo last

Even before answering this question, mixing spray foam and Bondo isn’t something we would recommend. No matter how severe or significant the rust spots are on your car, there are better methods of dealing with the rust, and this shouldn’t even be on your list. However, if someone has recommended spray foam and Bondo as … Read more