Will Suburban Fender Flares Fit A Silverado? (Solved)

For years, many car owners have questioned the primary purpose of fenders. Some claim that they are purely for aesthetics. Others believe they exist to protect the car from rock, debris, and mud.

The truth is that fender flares protect a vehicle from offroad debris and rocks when they come into contact with your wheels.

Since you are researching whether Suburban fender flares will fit a Silverado, you probably understand the importance of this car part. If you have owned your Silverado for a while now, you know that this model shares several parts with the Suburban.

That doesn’t come as a surprise since they are both made by the Chevrolet division under General Motors. However, will the fender flares of a Suburban fit a Silverado?

Chevrolet Silverado LTZ
“Chevrolet Silverado LTZ” by RL GNZLZ, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Can Suburban Fender Flares Fit on a Silverado?

Yes, they can. The fender flares that you see on the Suburban can fit a wide range of trucks, let alone the Silverado but also the Avalanche, Yukon, and Sierra.

If you want to upgrade to Suburban fender flares, you are assured of finding a fit for your Silverado. However, there are some other things you have to know.

Not all Suburban fender flares are interchangeable with the Silverado’s. In most cases, each car’s 1999 to 2006 models share the exact fender flare sizes.

In other years, there is a big chance that the fender flares may not fit. For instance, in most recent models, you will have to stick to fender flares made for your Silverado.

The year of manufacture determines whether Suburban fender flares will fit your Silverado. Also, some fitting challenges may occur if you own a step side Silverado.

Why Should You Install Suburban Fender Flares on a Silverado?

There are a couple of reasons why you may be interested in the fender flares of a Suburban. Generally, most Suburban fender flares look good.

Unlike the fender flares, you see in most trucks, those of the Suburban look pretty unique. Upgrading to Suburban fender flares will improve the aesthetics of your Silverado.

The other reason you may be interested in Suburban fender flares is how effectively they prevent mud and debris from the tires from reaching your paint job.

The reason they can do this is that they are much thicker. Thanks to those extra inches of thickness, no matter how dirty your tires are, the debris won’t reach your car body when you start to drive off.

You should also know that the thickness makes the fender flares look rugged.

Are There Any Modifications You Will Have to Make?

When you stick to fender flares in Suburbans made from 1999 to 2006, there won’t be a need for modification.

However, if you choose the fender flares for another year, they must be modified to fit. By modification, we mean that you will have to drill new holes in the fender or the fender well.

The holes won’t align with the wells when you get the wrong fender flare for your Silverado. To ensure the flares fit, you have no option but to drill new holes.

We understand that not everyone will be willing to add more holes to their fender wells. If that’s the case, you will have to continue searching till you find a suitable fit.

Besides holes, some Suburbans have indicator lights installed on them. If you didn’t have such lights on your Silverado fender flares, you would have to add some wiring to light up these bulbs.

This can be a little bit complex for the average car owner. You may have to seek professional mechanical help.

How Can I Be Sure Suburban Fender Flares Will Fit on My Silverado?

There is only one way for you to be sure a Suburban fender flare fits a Silverado: having the correct measurements.

If you have made up your mind that you want Suburban fender flares, take the time to pull out the originals and measure their size. It’s also important to check the positioning of the holes on the fender. You can take photographs for reference.

From there, you can head to the market and begin your search. With measurements, you can be assured of finding an exact fit. However, if you rely on guesswork, you will have a difficult time finding a precise fit.

Sometimes, if you aren’t successful in finding a Suburban fender flare that fits, you can always modify available options.

What to Lookout for in a Suburban Fender Flare?

You have your reasons for looking for a suburban fender flare. You may be attracted by its exterior looks. However, aesthetics shouldn’t be the only reason you are interested in a Suburban fender flare. There are more features that you should be on the lookout for.

• The Suburban fender flares should be an exact fit for your Silverado.

If you get the wrong size, it won’t do its job effectively and will most likely look terrible.

• Secondly, you have to consider durability.

A good flare fender should survive the harshest of conditions. If you choose a weak fender flare, it won’t serve you for very long. And that would be a waste of money.

• Finally, it would help if you considered a fender flare that can be painted.

A paintable Suburban fender flare guarantees that you will have the option to make it look like the rest of your car. Some Silverado owners are okay with having a fender flare in a different color.

Others prefer to match it. If you belong in the latter category, ensure that the flare you get can be painted to blend with the paint on your Silverado.

When you factor in the above, you should get your hands on a quality upgrade that looks good, is more effective, and lasts long.

Should You Stick to Silverado Fender Flares?

Sometimes, upgrading to Suburban fender flares may not be the best choice for Silverado owners. You are probably wondering why. Allow us to explain.

The compatibility of fender flares in these two car models depends on the year of manufacture. If your Silverado is made after 2006, the odds of getting a perfect fit are slim. That means you will have to look for the next best thing that can fit and modify it.

On paper, modification may seem pretty straightforward. But that’s far from being true. Mods can have some terrible side effects. First, they can make the fender flares ineffective.

They can also interfere with aesthetics. Can you imagine what a fender would look like if more holes were added to it and the original ones were left naked? If you don’t find an exact fit, never hesitate to stick to Silverado fender flares.

Where Can I Find Suburban Fender Flares?

Thanks to the internet, finding Suburban fender flares is pretty easy. You can find new and used fender flares on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

If you are buying a used fender flare, scrutinize its condition. Sometimes used fender flares can be damaged. The other place you can find a fender flare is at a nearby junkyard.

If the junkyard has some Suburbans, you can strip the fender flares and spice them up before installing them on your car. Irrespective of where you are sourcing the fender flares, you must get the right fit.

Are Fender Flares in SUVs Compatible with Those in Trucks?

The above is a perfect example that distinguishes trucks from SUVs. The Silverado is a truck, and the Suburban is an SUV. The fender flares between these two types of cars are usually different. That’s because the wheel wells are built differently.

There are some exceptions, however. Due to the above, we can’t conclude that the fender flares of an SUV are compatible with those of trucks.

Does Style Matter When Fitting Suburban Fender Flares to a Silverado?

If you are familiar with fender flares, you know that there are different designs ranging from the cut-out to rivet-style. The design of a fender flare often doesn’t interfere when it comes to fitting it into another car.

The size is what causes most problems. The only scenario where style may present some challenges is when you fit a rivet fender flare.

The flare’s holes may not align with those on your Silverado. However, with the other designs, as long as it fits the size of the wells, you should be okay.

Does the Bumper Style Affect the Fitting of a Suburban Fender Flare?

Fender flares are directly connected to the bumper. Therefore, the style of the bumper can also affect fitting. When you compare the stock bumpers of a Suburban and a Silverado, they look almost the same, especially on the inside part that meets the wheel well.

This is why some of the fender flares are interchangeable. If you have an aftermarket bumper on your Silverado, the fender flare from a Suburban with a stock bumper may not fit. As you consider all factors, don’t forget about the bumper design.