Will Silverado Wheels Fit Trailblazer? (Explained)

Even though one is an SUV and the other a truck, the Trailblazer and Silverado share many other similarities other than just being made by the same brand.

If you have come across a set of Silverado wheels or you always admire how they look and you were wondering whether you can fit them on a Trailblazer, here is everything you should know.

Silverado wheels won’t fit a Trailblazer not unless you use wheel adapters. The reason why this is the case is that the Trailblazer wheels have a 6 bolt-on 5 inches whereas the Silverado has a 6 bolt-on 5.5 inches.

Both share the same 6 bolt pattern but the difference in inches requires the use of wheel adapters if you decide to interchange them.

will silverado wheels fit trailblazer
“Chevrolet Silverado LT Z71 Sidestep 2005” by RL GNZLZ, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

What are Wheel Adapters?

If you aren’t very familiar with car wheels and rims, the term wheel adapter can be a bit confusing. We are well aware of that. Wheel adapters serve one main purpose – to change bolt patterns.

They help you fit the wheel of one vehicle to another one that has got a completely different design. In this case, a wheel adapter will help you fit the 6×5 Trailblazer wheels to the 6×5.5 Silverado rims.

Wheel adapters don’t just come in handy when you are fitting wheels from a different vehicle. They can also be used on aftermarket wheels.

These provide significant value in situations where you would like to change to a certain set of wheels and they happen not to fit.

You can get wheel adapters online or from a wheel store near you. They are made and customized to fit the client’s vehicle.

Because of the customization aspect, you may have to wait for a couple of days for your wheels to be made.

How fast you get the wheel adapters depends on the guys you have hired for this job. In most reputable shops, it shouldn’t take more than a week for you to get wheel adapters.

The adapters come in various designs ranging from slip-on to bolt-on styles. You can also get them in lug-centric and hub-centric designs. For the latter design, it will be customized to exactly fit your wheels.

Therefore, the bottom line is – Silverado wheels will not fit a Trailblazer. Even though both feature the same 6 bolt pattern, they have a difference of 0.5 inches. For you to fit them, you must utilize the help of wheel adapters.

But they are Both 6 Bolt Patterns?

When you look at the wheel bolt pattern guide, you will find out that not all 6 bolt wheels are compatible. The main difference usually arises due to the difference in measurements.

6 lug wheels are measured by calculating the distance from two bolt holes positioned directly across one another. This is done from center to center in a straight line.

If you take the time and measure the distance of the Trailblazer, it will be 5 inches not unless it was customized by the previous owner without your awareness. Regarding the Silverado, it will be 5.5 inches.

A similar 6 bolt pattern might mislead you to think the wheels are interchangeable but the 0.5-inch size difference will make it impossible for you to fit them. That’s why we have introduced the importance of using a wheel adapter.

Upgrading to 6×5.5 Wheel Adapters Means More Wheel Options

When you get wheel adapters measuring 6×5.5 inches, you won’t only be able to fit the Silverado wheels on your Trailblazer.

But you will have plenty of wheel choices to choose from. This is an opportunity that will open more doors for you when it comes to exploring more wheels.

If you are the kind of driver who pays keen attention to the aesthetics of wheels, a bigger wheel design will always make your car look better.

That’s exactly what you get when you switch to Silverado wheels. And because your Trailblazer doesn’t have room to accommodate extra 0.5 inches, you can always get a wheel adapter.

Why Does the Trailblazer have a Different Rim Size than the Silverado?

Both are from the Chevrolet brand which is under General Motors Company. Then why do they have a different wheel size?

You may be wondering, why car brands change wheel size from one vehicle to another. Why can’t they just use the same wheel pattern and size?

Every car is made differently. Even if it’s made by the same manufacturer, each car does have its specific features.

It is this uniqueness that causes cars to have different wheel sizes and patterns even if they are made by the same manufacturer.

A good example is the Trailblazer and the Silverado. They have the same bolt pattern however the size is different. This could be because one is a small SUV and the other is a truck.

Why May You Be Interested in Silverado Wheels for Trailblazer?

Non-car enthusiasts, in most cases, never really understand why people change their custom wheels to those of other vehicles.

If you belong to this category of car owners, or you are simply not aware why one may be interested in Silverado wheels for their Trailblazer, below is everything you should know.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is a beautiful car. Everything about this vehicle is impressive more so if you are into small SUVs.

To some people, the custom wheels on the Trailblazer don’t look very good. This is why they prefer to change them with those of other cars.

And what better candidate is there than the Chevy Silverado wheels. They look more rugged and enhance the aesthetics of the Trailblazer.

The main reason why you may be interested in Silverado wheels on your Trailblazer is the upgrade in appearance.

The other reason could be the only wheels at your disposal currently are the Silverado wheels and you have no other option but to replace the custom ones. This is in case they get damaged.

Irrespective of why you are changing from Trailblazer to Silverado wheels, please know that you are making a great decision that will impact the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Other than Wheel Adapters – What Other Options Do I Have?

When replacing Trailblazer wheels with those on the Silverado, the most logical thing is to invest in wheel adapters. We have already covered what these are and how beneficial they can be.

However, from certain user experiences with wheel adapters, there have been complaints that they tend to look ugly and stick out way too much.

If you have experienced such or you are worried that you may not like the wheel adapters very much, you are probably wondering if there are other options.

Yes, there are. But before listing them, please note that they aren’t better than using wheel adapters. We will explain why.

Options 1 – Drill New Holes

The first and most obvious alternative to a wheel adapter is to drill new holes. This entails modifying the Silverado wheels with new holes that fit the lug size on your Trailblazer.

When you do this, take aesthetics out of the equation because the wheels will look UGLY! With several holes on them, they will fit but will look unsightly.

If you are changing Trailblazer wheels with Silverado ones, you are doing so to get better-looking wheels. And modifying them with extra sets of holes will result in getting unpleasant results.

Option 2 – Stick to Trailblazer Wheels

If you can’t use a wheel adapter nor drill new holes on the Silverado wheels, then you have no option but to stick to Trailblazer wheels.

You can continue using the ones you already have and if they are damaged, you can head over to your dealer and get a new set of Trailblazer wheels. You can also explore aftermarket options.

Greg Gjerdingen, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Are Trailblazer Rims Interchangeable?

There are four main Trailblazer trims, the LS, RS, Activ, and LT. Depending on the year of manufacture, the wheel pattern and size are mostly the same.

But, you should always confirm first before getting the wheels of one trim and trying to fit them on another. The LS and LT often come with interchangeable wheels, especially if they are both from the same year of manufacture.

The RS may feature low-profile rims. The best way to know if they are interchangeable is to check and measure the wheel pattern and size.

Can Trailblazer Wheels Fit Chevy Silverado?

After discussing in-depth whether Silverado wheels will fit a Trailblazer. It’s imperative that we also look at the vice versa. Can you fit Trailblazer wheels on a Chevy Silverado? Unfortunately, the answer is still no.

The 0.5 inches difference we had discussed above will also come into play here.

The only solution is to invest in wheel adapters. These will ensure a smoother fit. You can also drill new holes, but we already highlighted how ugly that would make your wheels look.

If you want a convenient and better-looking solution, opt for wheel adapters. Or in this case, stick to your old Chevy Silverado wheels. After all, they look much better than those on the Trailblazer.