Will GMC Rims Fit Chevy? (Detailed Answer)

Two things will determine whether GMC rims will fit a Chevy. And they are size and the bolt pattern. From the general view, most people usually think that GMC rims will easily fit in a Chevy.

But if they are not of the same size, that is going to be impossible. Even if the design looks the same, as long as there is a size difference, it’s going to be impossible.

The other thing is the bolt pattern. When checking whether a GMC rim can fit a Chevy or vice versa, you must analyze the bolt pattern.

Remember that not all rims feature the standard pattern of bolts that attach the rims to your wheel. To confirm whether it’s a perfect fit, you should check and count the number of lug nuts.

Other than the pattern, it is always advisable to measure the distance between adjacent lug nuts. This helps in confirmation of whether the rims are a perfect fit.

GMC rims can either fit or not fit a Chevy depending on the above two factors.

Therefore, if you have got some GMC rims and would like to install them on your Chevy, first check the bolt pattern and then the size.

Most GMC rims come with 6 bolts. And this is why in some cases, they fit perfectly. However, the only sure answer to this question is – GMC rims can fit a Chevy as long as their size and bolt pattern are compatible.

will gmc rims fit chevy
Dharmabumstead, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What Rims Will Fit My Chevy?

If you own a Chevy truck and you are on the hunt for rims, it is understandable why you may go directly for GMC rims. Trucks from both Chevrolet and GMC look almost identical.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because they are all under General Motors Company. Anyway, if you are looking for rims for your Chevy, there are a couple of things you need to know which will help you get the right fit.

In your Chevy, there should be a sticker plate on your driver’s door that includes your vehicle’s specifications.

From there you can know about your rim size. While we are still on the size, you need to be very keen when deciding to choose a bigger rim.

Because if you make the mistake of buying bigger rims, there is a huge chance that it will touch against the body when you are turning. To prevent that from happening always calculate whether bigger rims will fit perfectly when you add the tires.

The other thing that you should confirm is the bolt pattern. We have already discussed how one can identify bolt patterns by counting the number of lug holes.

With this information in mind, looking for rims for your Chevy should be super simple. And because not all GMC rims fit Chevy’s, using the above information you can always predict whether GMC rims will fit or won’t.

And you won’t deal with the disappointment of finding out that they won’t fit during installation.

Which GMC and Chevy Models Have Compatible Rims?

To narrow down your search on whether, GMC rims will fit a Chevy, let us look at the models that have compatible rims. In most cases, GMC rims usually easily fit the Chevy Silverado.

This can be from any year above the 2000 model. Even though these two are compatible, the only way you can be 100% sure is by taking measurements and comparing them.

If the owner of a GMC made any changes with the wheels, then there is a chance that it may not fit on your Chevy. That’s something that you also need to consider.

Will GMC Stock Rims Fit Chevy Silverado?

Yes, they will, as long as they have the same bolt pattern. People have switched GMC stock rims with Chevy’s for years because both wheels feature the same size and wheel pattern.

if your friend or family member owns a GMC and you want to use his/her rims on your Chevy, all you have to do is swap them. But to avoid wasting time and effort, it’s always a good idea that you check the measurements and pattern first.

Does General Motors Use the Same Bolt Pattern?

As you may already know, these two car models come from the same company, which is General Motors. And that’s why some of the designs look similar.

Regarding the bolt pattern, for a while now, GM has used the 6 lug bolt pattern in both Chevrolet and GMC trucks.

This is the reason why the rims from either brand can be used interchangeably. Though they may have a similar design, one thing worth checking is the brake clearance.

Even though this hasn’t been a common issue, depending on the model of your Chevy, it may have larger calipers that can’t be accommodated by GMC rims.

Are All 6 Lug Wheels the Same?

Just because a set of rims are all 6 lug wheels, that doesn’t mean they are the same. This is something most car owners overlook and if you are not keen, you may put your brake system at risk of being bonded by the contour of a different 6 lug wheel.

One of the things that may be similar about 6 lug wheels is that the diameter is the same. And secondly, the obvious thing is the pattern of the wheels.

If you are buying used GMC rims, ensure that they are the same 6 lug wheels as the ones you currently have on your Chevy. You will avoid a lot of trouble by confirming the size.

How Do Newer OEM GMC Wheels Compare to Used Ones?

New rims will always be better than used ones because of many reasons. A used GMC wheel will definitely have some signs of wear and tear.

The only difference is that used wheels are always more affordable. And if you have a good budget, you can always buy new ones.

Finding a perfect fit for a used wheel is always a challenge because in this case, you are dealing with individual sellers.

But, if you are shopping for a new GMC rim, visiting your nearest auto dealer will present you with many types of rims not just for GMC’s but for even your Chevy.

You can always ask about trade-ins because these can also help you save a little more money.

What are 6 Lug Bolt Patterns?

These are usually made for trucks, SUVs, and vans. Out of the many bolt patterns that exist, 6 lug bolt patterns are the most common ones.

As a result, they are very easy to come across. When you are shopping for GMC rims that have a 6 lug bolt pattern, you must know about the different types which exist in the market.

There are about seven 6 lug bolt patterns that differ in millimeters. If you are struggling with identifying these patterns and which one is perfect for your car, always get expert assistance from an auto professional. It’s wrong to use bigger tires that may limit clearance.

And before we can move on from 6 lug bolt wheels, there is something else you should know about this pattern and how it compares to the 5 lug bolt wheels.

You will find 6 lugs in 4 wheel drive cars. And you will find 5 lugs in two-wheel drives. This information can help you identify the bolt pattern on your Chevy or GMC just by looking at the number of wheels that power the car.

Please be informed that 5 lugs provide a different suspension than their counterparts. And with 5 lugs, you get better fuel economy and are more affordable because they are used alongside smaller tires.

The majority of the car owners don’t mind the stock wheels that come with either the Chevy or GMC.

However, auto enthusiasts often go the extra mile of switching to larger wheels. This is something that needs a lot of thought and it’s a great idea if you are well-versed with wheel technology.

How to Upsize Rims Like a Pro?

In case that you find out the GMC rims, you are interested in installing to your Chevy are bigger, here is how you should go about it.

Bigger rims especially on trucks look better. However, you should be careful not to upsize to a heavier wheel. This can lower fuel economy and affect the acceleration of the vehicle.

Experts recommend that you upsize to a rim that is slightly bigger than the factory rim. The reason for this is to avoid consuming more space that would have otherwise been used up by the wheel.

Is GMC the Same as the Chevy?

These companies fall under the same brand that is General Motors. And even though some of their cars look almost the same, the designs and level of performance amongst the two are quite different.

The fact that they belong to one company is the reason why you often see similarities such as rim compatibility. The parts of some Chevy and GMC models are also compatible and can be used interchangeably.