Can You Plasti Dip Lug Nuts? (Solved)

Lug nuts

Plasti dip is undeniably the most popular temporary car coating. It can be used on wheels and bumpers. Don’t be surprised when you come across an entire car finished with plasti dip. It’s a sprayable formula that dries into rubber. Plasti dip is available in many colors and is easy to install/uninstall. If you are … Read more

Can You Powder Coat Lug Nuts? (Solved)

lug nuts

We are all aware of the benefits of powder coating. Most of us have powder-coated wheels, roll bars, struts, and other chassis parts. Powder coating is more durable than paint and serves you longer. Are you considering powder coating your lug nuts? If you are interested in getting a professional opinion about powder coating lug … Read more

Are Aluminum Lug Nuts Safe? (Explained)

aluminum lug nuts

Car owners are mainly concerned with their car’s central parts, such as the engine or transmission. They forget that the smaller components also matter. A good example is the lug nuts. The purpose of a lug nut is to fasten the wheel to the axle. Though small, lug nuts ensure the vehicle’s safety by securing … Read more

Will Goo Gone Remove Plasti Dip? (Solved)

will Goo Gone remove plasti dip

If you applied plasti dip correctly, you shouldn’t have to use anything when removing it. One of the perks of using plasti dip is that it’s designed to peel off smoothly. Most people who struggle with peeling plasti dip usually don’t use the correct application methods. For instance, they may have sprayed only light coats. … Read more

Will Silverado Wheels Fit Trailblazer? (Explained)

will silverado wheels fit trailblazer

Even though one is an SUV and the other a truck, the Trailblazer and Silverado share many other similarities other than just being made by the same brand. If you have come across a set of Silverado wheels or you always admire how they look and you were wondering whether you can fit them on … Read more

Will Toyota 5 Lug Wheels Fit Chevy? (Explained)

will Toyota 5 lug wheels fit Chevy

A Toyota 5-lug wheel may or may not fit a Chevy depending on a couple of factors. The most common factor is the bolt pattern, and other aspects determine whether a Toyota 5-lug wheel will fit a Chevy. When it comes to fitting a set of wheels from another car brand, there is often a … Read more

Can You Paint Lug Nuts? (Solved)

can you paint lug nuts

Lug nuts contribute to making your wheels look better. And if you have just got yourself a new set of rims, or you have painted them, you may be wondering, can I paint the lug nuts as well? Sure you can. Lug nuts can be easily painted. However, you should let them dry first before … Read more