Does Armor All Damage Leather? Things You Need To Know

For years, Armor All has been the go-to protectant for car surfaces. It does an excellent job of cleaning dirt, debris, and dust while preventing cracking, premature aging, and discoloration of your car’s interior.

Car owners have however been misusing this product by applying it on leather. According to the manufacturer of Armor All, it is recommended for use on plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces.

On the above list, leather is not included. And that’s why I find it funny how car owners can risk applying such a product to their leather seats.

Armor All does make protectants and conditioners for leather because their regular Armor All isn’t formulated for such surfaces.

Using regular Armor All degrades leather. It blocks the pores on leather, thus making it unable to breathe. If leather can’t breathe, then it becomes more susceptible to rot and mold.

Also, using Armor All on leather seating is dangerous. This product often leaves behind a slippery mess. As a result, you and your passengers will always be slipping off your seat when the driver hits the brakes.

If you want to prolong the look and feel of your leather seats, avoid Armor All and use specially formulated leather conditioners.

does armor all damage leather
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What are the Intended Uses of Armor All?

If you have been using Armor All on all your car surfaces, even leather seats, then it’s high time you know how to use this product correctly.

Because our cars are regularly exposed to dirt, contaminants, oxidation, and UV rays. A protectant comes in very handy in safeguarding these surfaces from damage to the above elements. Armor All ensures your car looks great at all times.

Despite being one of the best protectants for your car out there, the manufacturer warns against the use of this product on vehicle controls such as steering wheels and pedals as it can be very slippery.

Seats that are made of leather shouldn’t also be protected with Armor All as it will make them slippery. If you love products made by Armor Oil, you can buy their leather seat conditioner and use it on your seats.

Is Armor All Safe for Leather?

Except for the conditioners, all products from Armor All shouldn’t be used on leather. As mentioned earlier, regular Armor All products are designed for plastic, dashboard, carpet, and vinyl surfaces.

It would be a big mistake if you get such a product on your leather. Because you will be risking lowering its quality.

Before using Armor All product on your leather, read the label and make sure it is safe for use on such materials. What I love most about Armor All products is how professional they are with their packaging.

Not unless you like to ignore things, the package of Armor All product will describe how to use it and the surfaces the ingredients can be used on.

Are There Armor All Products that Can be Used on Leather?

Yes, there are a few products from Armor All that can be used on leather. This includes some cleaners and conditioners. Before you use the product you should go through the list of ingredients and see if it’s completely safe for use on leather.

Using Armor All on leather requires an extra level of precision and carefulness so that you don’t damage your leather upholstery. On the packaging, Armor All will offer guidance and tips on how to use the product.

If Armor All is stored in a spray can always hold it 6 inches away from your leather upholstery to avoid pouring excessive amounts of the product on your leather surface.

A pro tip when using Armor All on leather is that you should always wipe off the product with a damp cloth once you are done applying it.

This is very important as it minimizes streaking and wet spots being left behind when you are done with the project. Always avoid scrubbing leather with rough clothes because this material is quite soft and delicate.

Also, don’t use a lot of elbow grease when wiping away dirt and grime. With a product such as Armor All, you don’t have to worry about dirt refusing to come off your leather seats.

How Good is the Armor All Leather Protectant?

Now that you know it’s wrong to use Armor All on leather upholstery, what other options do you have? Armor All does make a leather protectant. This product not only prolongs the life of your leather seats but it protects them from cracking or losing their touch.

Armor All leather protectant is a superior product that is made from water-based silicone. This ingredient is very safe on leather because it is free from distillates and alcohols that can eat through the leather.

This leather protectant from Armor All will keep your leather safe from harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, and grime. It has lots of great reviews online, so you need not worry about its effectiveness.

Armor All Original Protectant

Can Armor All Be of Any Help to Already Damaged Leather?

For car owners whose leather seats are already damaged, can Armor All restore your leather? Unfortunately, it can’t. Armor All is formulated to protect the leather and not to restore it when damaged.

No matter how small the damage is, Armor All will condition, clean, and protect the leather but won’t return its original luster.

If the leather on your car seats is damaged, Armor All won’t help you out. The only solution you have got is to take your car to a professional for expert leather repair.

Armor All leather gel can’t do much for leather that is already damaged. If your car’s leather is still in top shape, to ensure it stays that way, keep off the regular Armor All protectant.

Invest in their leather conditioner instead. With this product, your car’s interior will always look superb. And even after years of continuous use, your leather seats will always look as good as new.

Should I Avoid Using Armor All on Leather?

Do you want your car’s leather upholstery to retain its aesthetic appeal for the longest time? Well, you should avoid using Armor All completely.

It may clean your leather seats and protect them from dirt, but it’s doing more harm than good. Even though it works on other surfaces in your car’s interior, it doesn’t do such a great job on leather.

It deteriorates the quality of your leather while making it unsafe for you to drive.

There are so many alternatives out there that you can use on your leather seats. You don’t have to confine yourself to a product such as Armor All which can damage your leather.

Just do more research and you will be presented with a plethora of products that you can use on your leather seats.

Is Meguiar’s Leather Care Better than Armor All?

Even though car care products always narrow down to preference and budget, Meguiar’s leather care products bypass Armor All by far.

Meguiar’s isn’t just more popular than Armor All, but its products are more effective and offer lasting results compared to their counterparts.

So, if you are looking for a car brand to take care of your leather seats, you should opt for Meguiar’s as it is safer and more beneficial.

Is Armor All a Bad Product?

Just because Armor All isn’t safe for use on leather, that doesn’t make it a bad product. Thousands of car owners use Armor All and can swear by its effectiveness.

If you too like the way Armor All works in protecting your car’s dashboard and plastic from UV rays, you can go ahead and use it. However, keep it off your leather seats as it will restrict its breathability.

Is It Mandatory for Me to Use a Leather Clean?

Yes, it is a must. If you were using Armor All and now you can’t anymore because of the reasons listed above. That doesn’t mean your leather seats should be left to fend for themselves.

The moment you bought a car with leather seats, you signed up to offer premium care and maintenance to your vehicle’s interior.

Just because Armor All isn’t the safest product to use on leather seats, that doesn’t mean your leather seats should be left alone. There are so many leather care products out there.

We have already talked about Meguiar’s. And there are so many more brands for you to choose from. You will just have to do some digging and find the best leather care products for your seats and car upholstery.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Using Armor All on My Leather?

If you have some free time on your hands, the first thing you should do is clean off this product from your car seats if you have recently applied it.

Armor All will prevent your leather from breathing thus making it rot. To avoid that, clean Armor All from your car and stop using it on leather right away.

Depending on how long you have been using this product, the effects may or may have not affected the quality of your leather. The good news is, if you switch to a superior leather care product, you can restore the touch and look of your leather in time.

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