Aquapel Vs. Rain-X: Helpful Comparison Guide

Driving when it’s raining can be quite challenging for the average motorist. Even if your wipers are brand new and you have set them at top speed, heavy rainfall can still lower your visibility. You all know how dangerous it can be when a driver’s visibility is affected.

On such occasions, a driver can park on the side of the road and wait for the rain to stop. Or better, you can invest in a rain repellent product that will treat your windshield by repelling rain droplets as you drive.

Today, there are hundreds of rain repellents for your windshield in the market. All these products claim that they are the best and will ensure your visibility when driving in the rain is improved.

As a car owner, you should never make the mistake of falling for marketing gimmicks. With products such as rain repellent, you should go for the ones that have been tried and tested.

Aquapel and Rain-X are amongst the most commonly used rain repellents by most drivers. In your quest to find the best rain repellents, are you stuck between choosing Rain-X or Aquapel?

Here is a head-to-head comparison of both so that you can make an informed purchase.

aquapel vs rain x

What is Aquapel?

Aquapel Glass Treatment by PGW 6 Single Use Applicators PPG
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Compared to its competitors, the hundreds of positive reviews that Aquapel has make it stand out as a popular brand.

This rain windshield treatment comes in a package of 6 single-use applicators. Aquapel is easy to use. You just have to remove one applicator and squeeze the plastic wings on it then wipe it on your windshield.

The amount of Aquapel in each applicator is enough to treat your entire windscreen. And you can still have some left behind which can be used to treat other windows especially the two front ones.

Similar to other rain repellents, before application, the windshield should be thoroughly cleaned.

Before we look at how Aquapel works to repel rain droplets, car owners interested in buying this product must understand the importance of proper application.

The thing about Aquapel is that if you apply it wrongly, then you won’t be pleased with the results. Instead of repelling water, the solution will cause beading on your windshield thus worsening your visibility.

So, follow the directions on how to apply the product keenly. Aquapel comes with a manual that is easy to follow. In case you get lost, there are a lot of resources online that can guide you with the application process.

Here are some pro tips you should follow when using this product; start by thoroughly cleaning the windshield. Apply the Aquapel, take a clean cloth, and use it to buff excess treatment. For the latter process, you can also use a paper towel.

Regarding performance, you can be assured of pleasant results. The first time I used Aquapel, I was amazed by the magical effects of this rain repellent product.

Once you treat your windshield with this product, it will be very clear no matter how hard it is raining. The product sheds water faster than any wiper I have seen. It also lasts for a considerably long duration.

What is Rain-X?

Rain-X Original Windshield Treatment Glass Water Repellent (2)
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If this was a popularity contest then Rain-X would be the undisputed champion. Rain-X isn’t a new name in the auto industry.

Nearly every car owner has used or heard about Rain-X. It is available in nearly all auto shops and has been in the market for years. All thanks to the companies great marketing efforts. Anyway, popularity aside, what is Rain-X?

This is a rain repellent treatment for your windshield that is easy to apply and does an excellent job at repelling rain from your screen.

Rain-X comes in a spray bottle and to apply it, you just have to spray the mixture and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

To apply it correctly on your windshield, you should clean it thoroughly. Using the spray bottle, build an even coat of the product on your windshield, and buff it on the surface.

For the product to settle in, you will have to use a little bit of strength. So make sure you do the application when you are feeling energetic.

With Rain-X, ultimate performance is guaranteed. Rain droplets will immediately glide off the surface of your windscreen whenever they come in contact. A lot of motorists love Rain-X because of its superior abilities.

The only downside of this product is that it doesn’t last long. Therefore, if you settle on Rain-X, prepare yourself for regular applications.

How Are They Different?

Despite both being rain repellents for windshields, they do have their differences. The first and perhaps biggest difference is the duration each product will last.

Rain-X will wear out faster than Aquapel. For motorists that don’t have time for regular applications, this difference highly determines which choice you should go with.

The other difference is that Aquapel bonds with glass whereas Rain-X sits on the surface. This shows you why Rain-X wears out faster. This difference also determines how these two products wear out.

When either Rain-X or Aquapel wears out, you will hear squeaking whenever the wipers are turned on. With some soap, you can remove Rain-X residue. Or, you can re-apply and continue using it.

Aquapel on the other hand bonds with the windshield. So it can’t be removed. Being aware of this is very important because once you start with Aquapel, there is no going back.

Rain-X allows you to try other rain repellents as long as you remove it from the surface of your windshield.

How Are They Similar?

There is only one similarity between these two products. Aquapel and Rain-X are both hydrophobic compounds. That is they repel water from a surface. And in the case of cars, as you drive against the wind, these droplets are whisked away.

And that’s where the similarity ends. These two products are made by different brands. The method of application is different. And so is the duration either the two repellents will serve you.

What’s Better about Aquapel?

Having a rain repellent such as Aquapel on your car’s windscreen has lots of advantages. You will never have to worry about visibility when driving in the rain anymore. Aquapel lasts for a considerable amount of time.

It can serve you for 6 months. This is a duration that no other rain repellent can offer a motorist.

Another advantage of using Aquapel is that you don’t have to be very careful when washing your windscreen. This product bonds with glass, so it won’t come off no matter which products you use or how strongly you scrub the windscreen.

Compared to Rain-X, Aquapel’s main advantages are; it lasts longer and doesn’t come off easily.

The only problem that I have got with Aquapel is its rain repellent performance. When it rains, Aquapel will repel large water droplets without any fuss.

However, small droplets take a long time to glide off the windscreen. I really don’t know why this happens. But in my experience, Aquapel has a harder time repelling small raindrops.

What’s Better about Rain-X?

When it comes to rain repellent, Rain-X is considered the go-to product. For a motorist who is just getting started with such products, I highly recommend Rain-X. it is easy to apply, does a marvelous job at repelling raindrops, and is affordable.

There is also the fact that it can be removed from your windshield should you not be pleased with the product’s effects. About Rain-X, I love how it doesn’t blotch up as is the case with Aquapel and other rain repellents.

Raindrops magically fly off a windscreen that has been treated with Rain-X. the technology behind this brand’s product is impressive. And this is the main reason why Rain-X is so popular.

As great as Rain-X is, it does have its disadvantages. The biggest one is how it only lasts for a short duration. Within the first two weeks after the Rain-X application, no amount of rainfall will be a match for your windscreen.

However, as it wears out, it stops working so efficiently. Not that it will bead up but you will have to switch to your wipers more regularly.

Who Should Get Aquapel and Why?

Do you have a busy schedule? Or do you hate playing with your car every day? Aquapel is the best rain repellent for your windscreen.

The same way this product will repel raindrops on the first day of application is what will occur 6 weeks later. In a year, you may have to apply it twice or thrice if the weather in your area is terrible.

Who Should Get Rain-X and Why?

Are you tired of driving around with poor visibility because of rain? Also, are you the kind of car owner who is always in his/her garage detailing and pampering your vehicle?

You will love Rain-X even though it requires regular application, Rain-X is one of the best rain repellents for windscreens in the market. It works better than Aquapel and other products within its price range.