5 Common MGP Caliper Covers Problems (Explained)

When they first came out, most people thought that brake caliper covers were just a fad. However, years later, this trend is still popular amongst car owners.

Brake caliper covers are an inexpensive and simple way for you to upgrade the look of your car, more so the brake calipers.

After some time, your brake calipers can lose their finish and begin to look terrible. The good thing about these covers is that they hide the ugliness of old brake calipers, thus enhancing the overall look of your car.

Despite being such a useful accessory, brake calipers do have some drawbacks. Below, we have compiled the most commonly reported brake caliper issues so that before you buy a set, you are well aware of these issues.

Our article will lean mostly toward MGP caliper covers since they are the most popular option in the market.

MGP caliper covers problems

Common MGP Caliper Cover Issues

1. They Accumulate Snow During Winter

You may not have any problem with MGP caliper covers throughout the year. However, when winter approaches, that’s when all hell breaks loose.

During heavy winters, snow does accumulate on the covers. If you don’t clean the snow off your wheels and MGP caliper covers, you may experience breaking issues, which is quite risky.

Even though this isn’t the manufacturer’s fault, it isn’t very pleasant. And it’s one of the most commonly reported problems.

If you invest in a set of MGP caliper covers, clean them before making any trip during winter. Yes, this might sound hectic. But that’s the only way to prevent snow buildup from damaging your brake calipers.

Another way you can avoid this issue is by removing them during winter and putting them back on during other seasons.

2. MGP Caliper Covers Can Loosen Up With Time

Being an artificial accessory, it is bound to become ineffective after some time. Without a doubt, MGP caliper covers are quite durable. Compared to others in the market, very few are as durable as the ones made by MGP.

The problem is that when they loosen up, this can pose a huge threat since they will scrape the breaks.

As you examine other parts of your car, it’s essential to take your time and inspect MGP caliper covers. If the structure looks fragile, uninstall and replace them with new ones as soon as possible.

Your driving habits can also cause the MGP calipers to loosen up. If you drive roughly on bumpy roads, then there is a big chance that the fastening mechanism will wear out faster.

3. Installation Difficulties

When you look at the description of these caliper covers by MGP, they claim that they are very easy to install. That is quite true because many car owners install these covers by themselves.

But, there are tons of reviews online regarding how problematic installing these calipers is. In most of these complaints, the issue usually is that the calipers do not tighten as they should.

Like other accessories, installation isn’t always a walk in the park. Some people get it right, and others don’t. At the end of the day, if you have used your money to buy brake calipers, you should install them.

There are plenty of tutorials online about how to install MGP caliper covers. These can come in quite handy if you are stuck. The other option is to hire a professional mechanic to install them for you. Using their experience, they should get the job done faster.

If the MGP caliper covers prove challenging to install, they could be faulty and should be returned to the manufacturer.

At times, sending the MGP caliper covers back to the manufacturer may involve much work and time. Feel free to make any modifications that can help with installation.

4. Covers Rubbing with the Brake Calipers

Due to improper installation or if you get the wrong size, the covers can rub on the brake calipers. This can affect the braking system, and it’s not safe.

This is a problem that you should diagnose quickly. Because if the cover is rubbing the brake calipers, you should hear some noise when driving.

If you are dealing with such an issue, we would advise you to either get the right size brake calipers or install the covers correctly.

In most cases, it is because of improper installation. Taking the cover to an auto body or wheel expert should fix this problem right away.

5. Too Many Counterfeits in the Market

As mentioned earlier, MGP is one of the bigger names in the caliper cover industry. The other common issue with these calipers is that there are tons of fake in the market.

It’s not news for you to come across a caliper labeled MGP, only for you to discover it’s a fake. The problem with knock-offs is that their quality is lower, and you can forget about durability.

Counterfeit MGP calipers cost way less than the original ones.

And you may think that you are saving some money. But in the long run, it won’t serve you the same way an original would.

To avoid getting counterfeits, we recommend that you source the cover directly from MGP. If you are buying it from Amazon, get the cover from its official seller.

Please note that MGP doesn’t associate itself with these counterfeit companies. They are struggling so hard to weed out these knock-offs from the market.

Do Covers Interfere with the Braking System?

There are many reasons why people prefer caliper covers. They are a cheaper alternative, don’t involve much work compared to painting, and if you get the original MGP covers, they should last for a long.

If you are wondering whether brake caliper covers contribute to improving the braking system in any manner. Well, you should know that there is no added benefit other than an improvement in aesthetics.

MGP caliper covers look incredibly good. These days, they are available in bright colors, and they can upgrade the look of your wheels.

If your stock brake calipers look old and worn out, this is enough reason why you should install a cover. But before you do so, you need to evaluate the negative impact it will have on the braking system.

The first thing that it will do is reduce heat dissipation. And this will affect the overall performance of the brake calipers.

These covers often don’t have a warranty covering damages made to the braking system. So, if something goes wrong, you are on your own.

The bottom line is, before installing any accessory on your car, ensure that you evaluate the pros and cons.

What are the Best Alternatives for MGP Caliper Covers?

Even though MGP is one of the top brands in the caliper cover industry, there are other alternatives worth considering, especially after seeing the above problems.

Before we list these alternatives, you should know that some of these MGP problems also occur in other brands.

For instance, irrespective of which brand you buy, it will still accumulate snow during winter. You also can’t prevent MGP calipers from loosening up when they wear.

Some of the popular caliper cover brands include;

  • Walmeck


  • Brake


  • Set


  • Festnight


  • 4PCS

These brands have stood out in the market as makers of durable and aesthetically-pleasing caliper covers.

How Long Does MGP Caliper Cover Last?

If taken proper care of, caliper covers can last for more than five years. If you thought these were just a temporary solution for covering worn-out brake calipers, you are wrong.

MGP caliper covers are made using durable aerospace-grade aluminum materials. As a result, they can withstand all the elements and retain their beautiful finish.

The above lifespan is for covers that are driven in almost perfect conditions. We all know that there is no such thing.

The average lifespan of MGP caliper covers is from 6 months to three years. Some people even remove them before they become loose because of the reasons mentioned above.

With MGP calipers, car accessories are best judged through personal experience. Those who have had them in their cars can tell you whether they would install them again or not.

If you have always been fascinated by the dashing colors of these covers, do not hesitate to give them a try. Remember, not all car owners have had bad experiences with brake caliper covers. Some swear by these covers.

Should You Buy MGP Caliper Covers?

Other than the above issues, MGP caliper covers are a great car accessory. Compared to painting over worn-out calipers, covers hide the calipers beneath, unlike paint which only adds a coat of color.

MGP calipers will upgrade the look of your car and are very easy to install. Another advantage of these calipers is that they keep the brakes clean from dust and other elements that may settle on them.

Also, if you buy these caliper covers directly from MGP, you will get free shipping, replacement clips, and live tech support. The latter comes in very handy during installation.

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