MagneRide Shocks Leaking Problem (Explained)

magneride shock

MagneRide is acknowledged as amongst the best suspension technologies in the auto industry. However, like other shocks, they have their fair share of problems. For the MagneRide, leakages are one of the most common problems that affect these shocks. If you intend to buy or already own MagneRide shocks, it’s important to familiarize yourself with … Read more

Can You Use White Lithium Grease On Leaf Springs? (Explained)

Leaf spring of car truck,Extra thick

Leaf springs play an essential role in your car’s suspension system. Therefore, they should be maintained regularly so that they can function optimally. One way you can maintain leaf springs is through lubrication. Lubricating a leaf spring minimizes the friction that can lead to wear. Also, lubrication prevents the squeaking of leaf springs. Many lubricants … Read more

Can You Put 2500 Leaf Springs On A 1500 Chevy? (Answered)

chevy 2500 leaf springs on 1500

The main reason you may be interested in swapping 1500 leaf springs with 2500 is to upgrade the rear of your truck. Perhaps you could be anticipating carrying a more significant load on your car in the coming days and don’t think your old 1500 leaf springs are up for the task. Or it’s something … Read more

Can You Paint Suspension Parts? (Explained)

car suspension

Suspension parts can be painted. Even though most car owners don’t often paint their vehicles’ suspension, anyone can do it safely without damaging any components. The main reason why people paint suspension parts is for aesthetic purposes. However, people also do it to prevent rust. Irrespective of your reasons for painting suspension parts, this article … Read more

3 Most Common Chrysler 300 Front Suspension Problems (Explained)

Chrysler 300 front suspension problems

With a 3.6L engine and a luxury interior, the Chrysler 300 is one of the most powerful and comfortable full-size sedans. Besides its elegance and spacious cabin, the Chrysler 300 is known to provide decent gas mileage and overall reliability. However, we are yet to come across a car that can be considered flawless so … Read more

Koni Vs. Bilstein (Compared)

Big off road car coil spring. Yellow shock absorber on the car

If you are in the market for new shocks, Koni and Bilstein are some of the popular brands you will find. Both are reputable and reliable brands that make decent shocks for a wide range of cars. However, they do have their differences, which makes them appealing to different drivers and cars. Here is a … Read more

6 Tacoma Leveling Kit Problems (Explained)

Tacoma leveling kit problems

A leveling kit is one of the easiest and simplest modifications that can help you lift your Toyota Tacoma. By installing a leveling kit, you can conquer the off-roads without worrying about damaging the components on the undercarriage. Additionally, leveling kits can give your vehicle a mean-looking stance whenever you leave it in the parking … Read more

Lowering Leaf Springs Vs. Flip Kit (Compared)

Leaf springs of a truck ; chassis part

It’s not strange to come across a truck with a lowered suspension system. Most of the time, it’s done to give the vehicle a sportier look. For trucks used as custom show vehicles, the suspension can be extremely lowered, bringing the frame very close to the ground. You must do it right regardless of why … Read more

Will A Tahoe Rear End Fit A Silverado? (Explained)

will a Tahoe rear end fit a Silverado

If the rear end of your Tahoe is dead, your colleagues may recommend replacing it with that of a Silverado. In models made in 2015 and beyond, the Silverado and the Tahoe share many parts. This has been very beneficial for both car owners because they can easily interchange various parts. However, when it comes … Read more

Why Would You Use Offset Ball Joints? (Explained)

why use offset ball joints

If you are upgrading your car’s performance, you may be interested in changing the wheel alignment to enjoy better handling and grip on the road. One of the things your mechanic or experts may recommend is switching to offset ball joints. Also, if your car has been experiencing steering and suspension issues, offset ball joints … Read more