Can You Paint Suspension Parts? (Explained)

car suspension

Suspension parts can be painted. Even though most car owners don’t often paint their vehicles’ suspension, anyone can do it safely without damaging any components. The main reason why people paint suspension parts is for aesthetic purposes. However, people also do it to prevent rust. Irrespective of your reasons for painting suspension parts, this article … Read more

Can You Bondo Over POR 15? (Explained)

Bondo over POR 15

Yes, you can use Bondo body filler over POR 15. The manufacturer of POR 15 mentions that it’s okay to do so in their FAQ section. There is a specific procedure that needs to be followed when dealing with rusted areas. The first step is to apply POR 15 on the rusted area. Once the … Read more

Can You Spray Epoxy Primer Over POR 15? (Explained)

Car fender repair. Mudguard painted with epoxy primer.

The POR 15 Rust Preventive formula is an effective coating that can be used directly on prepped rusted or seasoned metal surfaces to stop rust, and unlike other types of paints, it works effectively even when moisture is present. As much as it is a typical painting product, some people often ask about spraying epoxy … Read more

POR 15 Vs. Zero Rust (Compared)

Car door with rust and metal corrosion. Need repairs, road salt damage.

There is one common enemy all car owners have, and its name is rust. Oxidation can render your vehicle useless, especially if it’s not diagnosed in the early stages. Rust is a silent killer. It thrives in areas that aren’t visible such as the undercarriage, and it spreads to other parts of the car. For … Read more