Does 303 Make Tires Last Longer? (Explained)

It’s very common to find the 303 tire balm and protectant in detailing shops and car garages. Both car owners and professional detailers love how the sling-free formula leaves a lasting shine on your tires.

Other than improving aesthetics, the manufacturers of the 303 tire balm claim that it can also make tires last longer? Keep on reading to find out whether this is true or it’s just a marketing gimmick.

does 303 make tires last longer

What is the 303 Tire Balm and Protectant?

303 Tire Balm and Protectant - Sling Free Formula - for A Long Lasting Adjustable Shine - Natural OR Satin Finish - Prevents Dry Rot, 12 fl. oz. (30387)
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As a car owner, you need to be very keen on ensuring all parts of your vehicle are in perfect condition. The tires play an essential role because they are the parts that touch the ground.

The 303 tire balm and protectant contains a sling-free formula that promises to give your tires a lasting shine and protection.

According to the manufacturer, the 303 prevents fading which is accelerated by UV light and also ensures the tires don’t crack easily.

The protectant also boasts of a rich formula that doesn’t just protect the tires, it also conditions them to last longer. This is what we are going to focus on today.

You may have heard your colleagues at work praising 303 on how it can double the mileage of your tires. But is that realistic?

Before we dig deeper into that, let us continue with our overview of the 303 tire balm and protectant, so that you can be well informed about the product.

If you are on the hunt for a great tire balm and protectant, the 303 is an excellent choice. Compared to its competitors, the 303 creates multiple layers on your tire.

When spraying it on your car, apply three coats, the first one will create a matte finish and the other two leave a shine that will last for weeks.

When you look at the ingredients, you will see that the 303 contains a sling-free formula. This means that the tire balm and protectant will stick to your tires and won’t leave a mess as you drive around.

Other than being one of the best tire protectants in the market, the 303 tire balm is very easy to apply and its protection lasts longer.

But, Can It Double the Mileage of My Tires?

The truth is, 303 is a great product. However, it is not going to double the mileage of your tires.

Thanks to the formula’s ability to condition and protect the tires from the harsh environment they are exposed to, 303 tire balm can only extend the life of your tires for a slightly longer duration.

Tire replacement should always occur after every 50,000 miles. This may happen sooner depending on the conditions of the roads you drive on.

The much 303 can do is ensure you get the most value out of your tires by ensuring that at 45,000 miles, they are in great condition and you can use them slightly past the 50,000 miles mark.

Why Do People Say that 303 can Make Your Tires Last 150,000 Miles?

This is impossible. No product can make your tires last that long, and if there is you should be very cautious about using it.

For rubber to last longer, it must be hardened. If your tires are hardened, they won’t have enough grip on the road and this is very risky. A tire’s grip is very essential especially when driving on a slippery road.

What we know about 303 is that this is a reliable company, and they wouldn’t make a product that would endanger the lives of its consumers.

So, if you have heard people say that 303 can make your tires last 150,000, then that is an outright lie.

Even though the 3030 tire balm is water-based, it penetrates your tires to condition and improve their UV resistance capabilities. It does not in any way tamper with the hardness or softness of the rubber in your tires.

The 303 tire balm and protectant prevents damage that may occur in the form of cracking due to over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

If you are concerned about prolonging the life of some of the rubber parts in your vehicle, use it on the wiper blades. The 303 works magic on wiper blades. It helps prevent the wearing out of wiper blades.

The bottom line is, 303 is perfect for preserving tire appearance. It makes your tires look great while preventing the rubber from drying out or cracking.

How long your tire lasts will depend on your driving habits, the conditions of your roads, how often you rotate the tires, and whether you maintain the correct tire pressure.

How Does the 303 Benefit Tires?

Now that we have ruled out the 303 tire balm and protectant ability to double the mileage of your tires, you may be wondering what its uses are.

Before listing the uses of the 303, there is one important thing you need to take note of. As mentioned earlier, no product is going to make your tires last longer.

Whether you like it or not, at the end of every 50,000 miles mark, you should change your tires. Should you find a product that can harden the rubber, please keep off it as it will lessen the grip your car will have on the road.

303 tire balm and protectant provides your tires with several advantages. It conditions and protects the rubber on your tires.

It also does the same for leather, plastic, and vinyl. It is therefore a versatile protectant that you can use on your tires and other parts of your car.

This product when applied to the tires, it blocks water and UV rays from penetrating the rubber by creating a multi-layer coating. These coats also give your tires a deep matte finish.

The effects of 303 tire balm and protectant can last for more than 6 weeks on your tires.

This is a surprisingly long period considering the conditions car tires are exposed to.

If you have never really used 303 and you are wondering whether it actually works or it’s just a product that has been over-hyped. Well, it is very effective. You can use it to give your cars a non-greasy and low sheen. Plus it smells great.

303 Tire Balm and Protectant - Sling Free Formula - for A Long Lasting Adjustable Shine - Natural OR Satin Finish - Prevents Dry Rot, 12 fl. oz. (30387)
As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from made through this link.

What Do People Think of 303 Tire Balm and Protectant?

In most reviews of this tire protectant, its users are aware that it doesn’t prolong the mileage of tires. However, they love it because of the many benefits it offers the tires.

The first thing that most car owners like about the 303 is the matte and low sheen finish it leaves on your car. With this product in your garage, after washing the vehicle, spray some of it. Your tires will always look new.

And despite the impressive job it does at enhancing the appearance of your tires, this balm and protectant are very easy to apply. It spreads evenly on the tires. And once it settles, the liquid doesn’t run off to the rim.

Users who have tried the 303 tire protectant and balm complement this product for its ability to protect the tires from UV rays.

If you are tired of the sun causing your tires to crack, this balm will prevent that from happening.

It is also worth mentioning that most car owners admit that it takes several applications for you to achieve a glossy appearance on your tires.

How Can I Make My Tires Last Longer?

Now that you fully understand what the 303 can do for your tires, you need to explore other methods on how you can make your tires last longer.

We have already seen that the much 303 can do is improve appearance as well as prevent UV damage on rubber. Below, are other methods that when combined with the use of 303, can ensure your tires serve you well.

  • Frequently check the tire pressure

Driving around in a car with low tire pressure makes your tires wear out faster. It also forces your vehicle to consume more fuel. To prevent such from happening, always check the tire pressure as frequently as possible.

  • After every 5,000 miles, rotate your tires

The front and rear tires do different jobs. As a result, the level of wear won’t be the same. To prevent one tire from wearing out sooner than the rest, rotate them frequently.

  • Ensure your wheels are properly aligned

Wrong wheel alignment often leads to uneven tire wear. Therefore, it pays to have the wheel alignment inspected during every service.

  • Keep off curbs

Every time you drive over a curb, you damage the sidewalls of your tires.

  • It’s important to watch your driving habits

If you drive too fast or you are always hitting potholes and braking too soon, your wheels won’t last for long.

How Can I Prevent My Tires from Cracking?

The main cause of cracking in tires is the sun. The longer you expose your tires to the sun, the sooner they are going to crack. Always find a good shade when parking your vehicle.

Also, for the spare tires in your garage, store them away from direct sunlight. Tire balms such as the 303 can condition your tires and prevent them from UV rays that cause cracking.