Can You Use Fluid Film On Paint? (Explained)

Fluid Film

Fluid Film is internationally recognized as one of the best corrosion preventive and lubricant products on the market. It stops rust on contact, and thanks to its penetrative capabilities, Fluid Film can find its way to hard-to-reach areas on your vehicle. In the automotive industry, Fluid Film has a wide range of applications. But can … Read more

How Much Fluid Film To Undercoat Truck? (Solved)

how much fluid film to undercoat truck

If you live in an area that snows a lot. Or, you happen to reside in the dreaded salt belt. You have to be very careful about protecting your truck’s undercarriage from corrosion. Fluid Film is one of the products that can help protect your vehicle from corrosion. Fluid Film is an excellent undercoat that … Read more

Epoxy Primer Vs. Urethane Primer (Compared)

epoxy primer vs urethane primer

We all know that primer plays a critical role in promoting paint adhesion. It does so by creating a binding layer to which the paint will adhere. Epoxy and urethane primers are two of the most popular types of primers. Even though both serve the same purpose, they are used in different situations. A good … Read more

Does Primer Sealer Need To Be Sanded? (Explained)

does primer sealer need to be sanded

There are a lot of painting techniques out there. Some people sand over sealer, and others don’t. If you plan to start a painting project, coming across such contradicting information can leave you confused. We are here to clarify whether the primer sealer needs to be sanded or not. Let’s Start by Looking at What … Read more

Can You Use Self Etching Primer On Plastic? (Explained)

can you use self etching primer on plastic

If you know a thing or two about painting, you understand the role primer plays. Primer ensures you get a quality finish by creating an undercoat for the paint to stick to. The primer itself is paint that promotes the adhesion of various topcoats. In every professional painting job, primer always comes second after sanding. … Read more

Undercoating Vs. Bedliner (Compared)

undercoating vs bedliner

Your car’s undercarriage faces the worst conditions on the road. Because of its location, the underside of your vehicle is continuously exposed to dirt, grime, snow, debris, and anything else that you will find on the roads. Unlike the body of the car, the undercarriage isn’t the most visible part. As a result, it’s often … Read more

8 Ziebart Undercoating Problems (Explained)

Ziebart undercoating problems

For the past seven decades, Ziebart has been the leading undercoating service provider to thousands of car owners. With hundreds of service centers located in various parts of the world, Ziebart continues to apply thick and abrasive-resistant undercoating in cars thus protecting the undercarriage from salt, dirt, moisture, and rust. If you live in a … Read more