How Much Fluid Film To Undercoat Truck? (Solved)

If you live in an area that snows a lot. Or, you happen to reside in the dreaded salt belt. You have to be very careful about protecting your truck’s undercarriage from corrosion.

Fluid Film is one of the products that can help protect your vehicle from corrosion. Fluid Film is an excellent undercoat that will shield your undercarriage from rusting. It offers one-year protection of the undercarriage.

For those considering using Fluid Film to keep their cars safe from the dangers of road salt and other elements, you may be wondering how much of this product I need to undercoat my entire truck?

The size of the car plays a critical role in determining the amount of Fluid Film needed. Nonetheless, the manufacturer of Fluid Film mentions that a gallon should be enough to cover one car.

Fortunately, Fluid Film packages its undercoat in one-gallon cans. There are also five-gallon drums if you intend to undercoat several cars at once.

Since this is something you will be doing yearly, we recommend getting the 5-gallon drum and avoiding endless trips to the store.

Fluid Film has an indefinite shelf life. It doesn’t go bad. So, when you buy the 5-gallon drum, it can serve you for much longer. It’s all a matter of preferences.

how much fluid film to undercoat truck
“Ford F-150 Raptor Underside” by Tony Webster, Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How Much Spray Cans Will I Need to Undercoat a Truck?

The fluid Film also comes packaged in spray cans. For those of you who prefer spray cans over using a spray paint gun, you will need around 5 to 6 cans.

The contents in the Fluid Film spray cans are the same ones in the gallon and 5-gallon drums. Fluid Film uses different sized packages because not all clients will need the same amount of the product.

Therefore, it’s up to you whether you go with the 5-gallon drum or spray cans. If you must use the spray cans, make sure you buy six of them. That should cover your entire car.

If you never want to run out of Fluid Film, you can buy the five-gallon drum. This way, you will never have to worry about the thickness of your undercoat.

What Happens If I Use Too Little Fluid Film?

Using too little Fluid Film to undercoat your car isn’t advisable. For the undercoat to work, every inch of the undercarriage should be covered with Fluid Film.

In case some parts are left naked, you will be inviting corrosion. The open areas can get corroded, and it can spread even to the surfaces sealed by Fluid Film.

Failure to use adequate Fluid Film can cause the coating to become brittle and develop cracks. When cracks form, they gradually peel off, leaving the undercarriage unprotected. It’s better and safer for your car if you use more Fluid Film than very little.

Since we are only working with estimates, make sure that you have more than a gallon of Fluid Film. Or six cans of Fluid Film spray.

If you run out of this material during the application, don’t hesitate to order more so that your entire undercarriage can be fully coated.

How Much Fluid Film Do I Need to Undercoat Two Cars?

If your spouse owns a car, you will also have to undercoat their vehicle. If you are undercoating two cars, you will need two gallons of Fluid Film. To ensure that you have enough, you should purchase their five-gallon drum.

This will ensure the thickness achieved is adequate to offer adequate protection. Remember, the more cars you have to undercoat, the more Fluid Film you will need.

If you happen to be a detailer offering undercoating services, make sure that you get several drums which will be enough for your customers.

What is Fluid Film, and Does It Work?

Corrosion is a threat truck owners have to face every day. The threat is even more severe if you reside along the rust belt or live in an area that snows a lot.

Out of the many parts in your truck, the undercarriage is most vulnerable to rust. Most undercarriages comprise bare metal. When exposed to road salt, snow, rain, and dirt, the undercarriage components can begin to rust.

That’s where Fluid Film comes in handy. Its purpose is to create a protective layer that shields the ingredients of corrosion from making contact with the undercarriage.

Fluid Film comprises unrefined wool wax, which is blended with corrosion inhibitors. According to the manufacturer, Fluid Film creates a self-healing barrier that won’t crack or peel as long as you use adequate amounts.

Besides protecting the undercarriage from rust, Fluid Film works to lubricate moving parts. This is very beneficial since it ensures all mechanical components are working optimally.

From most user reviews, Fluid Film is an excellent undercoat. It works to prevent corrosion. The waxy film created adheres firmly to the undercarriage and doesn’t come off even when exposed to road salt, snow, and other elements.

Users have also praised how easy it is to use. If you were contemplating spraying Fluid Film on your car undercarriage, you could try it. Make sure that you use the correct amount.

Does the Amount of Fluid Film Used Determine Its Lifespan on the Undercarriage?

Yes, it does. If you spray an adequate amount of Fluid Film, that should create a thick layer that will last for about a year. However, a thin layer of Fluid Film won’t last for more than six months.

It’s advisable to be generous when applying Fluid Film. You also need to frequently check the condition of your undercarriage and see how the Fluid Film is holding up.

The reason we are advising you to buy it in large quantities is that whenever you see it wearing out, you can always supplement with more.

How Do I Apply Fluid Film to My Truck’s Undercarriage?

Having identified how much Fluid Film is needed to undercoat a car, the next step is applying it to your vehicle. Spraying Fluid Film is relatively straightforward.

However, it is hectic. Ensure that you have set aside adequate time to engage in such a project.

Step 1 – Gather Essential Tools and Equipment

If you are working on one car, you will need a gallon of Fluid Film or five to six cans. You will need an air compressor, a spray paint gun, a brush to clean dirt, a pressure washer, and a degreaser.

Step 2 – Remove the Tires and Suspend the Car a Bit Higher

Though not necessary, this step can make applying the Fluid Film undercoat very easy. When you remove the tires, you get more access to the frame of your undercarriage.

Also, when you suspend it a bit higher, it becomes much easier to reach all the areas in your undercarriage.

Step 3 – Clean the Undercarriage

Because of its location, the undercarriage is the dirtiest part of your car. Before applying any protective undercoat, the undercarriage needs to be thoroughly cleaned. You will need a pressure washer and a brush to clean off stubborn dirt.

Step 4 – Apply a Degreaser

The undercoat must be applied on a

moisture and contaminant-free surface. Therefore, spray some degreaser and agitate it with a brush. The degreaser will strip off any grease that may have refused to come off when you were cleaning.

Step 5 – Spray the Fluid Film on Your Truck’s Undercarriage

It’s time to get the Fluid Film on the undercarriage. First, the undercarriage needs to be dry. Give it some time to dry up. If you have bought the Fluid Film drum, you will need to connect the spray gun to the air compressor.

Setting up your equipment should take less time when you are using cans. When everything is set up, you can spray away, ensuring that every surface is coated.

The Fluid Film kit often comes with a special tube connected to the spray gun. This tub is for applying Fluid Film to holes and tiny areas of the undercarriage.

Even though the undercarriage can be complicated, make sure you spray all around the undercarriage.

All you need to do is let the Fluid Film dry when you are done. Give it about a day or two before taking your truck out for a drive. When it dries up, your Fluid Film should begin protecting the vehicle from rust and corrosion.

Where Can I Get Fluid Film?

On their website, Fluid Film has listed some locations where you can buy some of their product. Examples include; John Deere, Grainger, Napa, O’Reilly, and The Rust Store. You can check out their recommendations and find a shop near you that sells Fluid Film.

Is It Advisable to Buy More Fluid Film than I Need?

It’s always a good idea to buy as much Fluid Film as possible. Having a backup case of Fluid Film ensures that it doesn’t run out when spraying it on your undercarriage.

It’s even more important to buy more Fluid Film if you have never used it in the past. For those who use it frequently, it’s easier to estimate how much Fluid Film you can use on a car.

Keeping in mind the dangers rust poses to car’s undercarriages, you shouldn’t hesitate to use as much Fluid Film as required. This will guarantee your entire undercarriage is protected from rust.