Can You Paint Over Herculiner? (Explained)

Yes, you can paint over Herculiner. But wouldn’t it be best that you buy Herculiner in a color that you prefer to have on your vehicle?

This way you won’t waste any time or effort in painting the bedliner and you won’t have to experience some of the drawbacks of painting over Herculiner.

Even though the paint can hold on to Herculiner for a while, when applied correctly, it is not recommended. When you paint over Herculiner, there is a big chance that the paint will crack and later on peel off.

This is because the Herculiner surface isn’t designed to bond with paint for long, no matter how well you prep it. Therefore, after some time, you are likely to spot spider webs on the surface.

The above isn’t the only drawback of painting over Herculiner. When you do so, you minimize Herculiner’s slip resistance capabilities. Your chances of falling and slipping will be high.

If for whatever reason, you need to paint over Herculiner, you should opt for polyurethane-based paint.

To ensure the paint lasts for longer, use Trisodium Phosphate known as TSP to peel some of the top layers of the Herculiner to ensure the paint bonds better.

Rinse it off and let it dry for a while then start painting over the Herculiner. When you paint over the bedliner, do not expect to get the typical finish you would on a car surface.

You must take note of this so that you aren’t surprised when you don’t get a pleasant outcome.

can you paint over Herculiner
ArmorThane, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

What Other Options Are There Other than Painting Over Herculiner?

The idea of painting over Herculiner isn’t recommendable. This is despite this bedliner being paintable. There is another great alternative that you may want to consider.

You could buy Herculiner in the color you prefer and install it right away. Alternatively, you could buy bed liner paint which can be tinted. This way, you will apply a colored Herculiner and won’t have to paint it afterward.

Will Paint Hold onto Herculiner?

How well and long paint holds onto Herculiner depends on the amount of prep work done.

Provided you cuff and prep the bedliner properly, then the paint should hold firmly onto the Herculiner. Also, applying several coats ensures that the paint looks better and doesn’t fade easily.

How Soon Can I Paint Over Bedliner Once It’s Installed?

Most people think that bedliners need to be left to cure fully before they can be painted over. However, the exact opposite is what works perfectly.

A bedliner such as Herculiner should be applied within 24 hours of application. Because in this case, the bedliner is still wet and therefore the paint will be able to soak deeper into the bedliner.

Is It Possible to Tint Herculiner?

Though possible, the team at Herculiner is against this practice as they claim that it interferes with the formula of their product and this can make it less effective.

What you can do is apply the Herculiner, give it some time to cure, and then apply a polyurethane-based paint on top of it. That would work perfectly.

A Quick Guide on How to Paint over Herculiner

Painting over Herculiner is a fairly easy process that shouldn’t take a lot of time. Below is a quick guide on how you can go about this process.

  • You will start by preparing the surface. This entails cleaning of the Herculiner and removal of impurities on the surface that may affect how paint bonds onto the bedliner.


  • The second step is to mask the liner surface. This is done to prevent paint from spreading onto other surfaces.


The process of painting over the bedliner should be done in an enclosed area so that dirt doesn’t settle on the freshly painted surface. If you have a garage then that is the perfect place where you should carry out this project.

Will Painted Herculiner have All the Features of a Bedliner?

Because the paint is only applied to the surface, then yes, you will enjoy all the benefits of a bedliner. However, on the surface, the paint will fade when exposed to UV rays.

Depending on how busy and the level of abuse your Herculiner is going to face in the next few months, the paint may wear out faster than when applied on other car surfaces.

The reason why we are recommending getting a colored Herculiner is that the paint pigments are already integrated into the formula.

As a result, you will enjoy ultimate UV and rust protection without worrying about wear. During the course of owning your truck, you will have to touch up the painted Herculiner from time to time.

Because paint is very vulnerable. Also, when it gets dented, the original color of the bedliner will show. But this is something that can be easily fixed by spray paint.

Is There Really a Need to Paint Over Herculiner?

Most people who paint over bedliners do this for aesthetic purposes.

They could have gotten the Herculiner in the original black color. And after a while, you may want something that blends with the color of your truck.

If this is the case, then this is a valid reason why one may have to paint over Herculiner.

However, if you are doing it for other reasons then there is no need. Herculiner, by itself it’s a very strong bedliner that protects the truck bed from abuse, wear, and rust.

If installed correctly, it can last for years and the final finish looks great. Herculiner is slip-resistant and this is a feature that gets lost when it is painted over.

If you are yet to paint over Herculiner, we would advise you to get it in a different color. Instead of applying the bedliner and painting over it.

Also, should you have no experience with painting, then the above option is also more ideal.

Can Paint Damage Herculiner?

There haven’t been many reports of paint affecting the effectiveness of Herculiner. However, that doesn’t mean painting doesn’t change the overall structure of this bedliner.

We have already mentioned how painting over Herculiner reduces the anti-slip features. Secondly, when paint cures onto Herculiner and it starts to crack or peel off, these effects are transferred to the Herculiner as well.

Therefore, the bedliner may also crack and when the paint peels off, it will come out with some bedliner as well. The effects of paint on Herculiner might not occur right away, but that doesn’t mean they won’t occur at all.

Is Painted Herculiner UV Resistant?

Paint is not UV resistant and that’s why car manufacturers add a layer of clear coat and car owners are advised to wax their vehicles regularly.

Herculiner on the other hand is slightly UV resistant. When you paint Herculiner, the paint might not be able to hold up against the scorching effects of the sun’s rays.

But the Herculiner will. So, you will always find yourself repainting over the Herculiner after a while when the paint fades.

Other than UV resistance, the Herculiner beneath the paint will continue to offer rust protection capabilities. It will also protect the bed against impact. And all the benefits that Herculiner promises will still be available to you.

Should I Hire a Professional to Paint over Herculiner?

It depends on whether you are familiar with painting and how much free time you have on your hands. When you take your car to an auto body shop, a professional detailer can paint over Herculiner for you.

There are many benefits of hiring a professional detailer because they will prep the Herculiner and apply the paint over it carefully.

You will however have to part with a couple of dollars. You can always paint it yourself. It is a fairly simple process that you can carry out for a couple of hours.

Can I Spray Another Bedliner over Herculiner?

Over time, the Herculiner will start to show signs of wear. During such instances, you may want to apply another bedliner.

Spraying another bedliner over Herculiner is an excellent way of fixing any cracks or dents on your old bedliner as well as enhancing its cosmetic appearance. It takes many years for Herculiner to get damaged or worn out.

As long as you perform touch-ups, then you don’t have to worry about spraying another one or removing it altogether. As the latter can be very tedious and complicated.

What Colors are Herculiner Available in?

You can get Herculiner in white, red, gray, and black. If you were interested in another color other than the ones listed, you just have to paint it.

But if you are comfortable with these colors, buy the Herculiner in the color that you want and install it without any fuss.

What Else Should I Know about Painting Herculiner?

Whether painted or not, Herculiner will protect your bed from damage, abuse, and rust. Herculiner is paintable however the finish isn’t as smooth as that of paint applied on metal. And when you paint over Herculiner, expect it to peel after some time.