Can You Use Shoe Polish On Car Windows? Things You Should Know

There are many reasons why you may want to use shoe polish on your windows. In most cases, shoe polish is used to make writing on the windows.

You could be advertising your vehicle or perhaps want to pass a certain message such as ‘just married’. Irrespective of the reason why you may want to use shoe polish, it is crucial that you do it right and don’t damage your car’s window.

Shoe polish, especially the white one has been the go-to choice for many people interested in writing something on their car’s windows.

There are good reasons for this. Shoe polish is easily available. Unlike soap, it doesn’t rub off easily.

However, despite all these advantages, shoe polish isn’t the best choice when it comes to using it to write something on your car windows.

When it stays on the window for a long and is hardened by heat from the sun, shoe polish can be challenging to remove.

You may have to use unorthodox cleaners to get the stain off. This is an unnecessary inconvenience that can be easily avoided by using the right products to write on your car window.

can you use shoe polish on car windows

Why Shouldn’t I Use Shoe Polish On Car Windows?

When you look up the most recommended thing to use when writing on car windows, most forums will direct you to shoe polish.

It’s popular because it is easy to get your hands on. Nearly all households have and use shoe polish. As mentioned earlier, the above reason however doesn’t make it the best choice.

Shoe polish wasn’t formulated to be used on windows. And that’s why it’s called a ‘shoe’ polish, not a multi-purpose polish.

Yes, it will stick on the window and help you pass your message. But it may end up costing you more time, effort, and money in the future.

Once you no longer need the writing on your window, you will attempt to remove the polish. And this is where all hell will break loose.

Dry shoe polish is impossible to wash off. You have a better chance if you scrape it off with a sharp object. As you do this, remember the surface you are scratching is made of glass. You risk breaking the glass when scrapping stuck shoe polish.

The longer the shoe polish sticks to the window, the harder it is to remove. Even if you use Windex, it won’t come off in the first or second attempt.

You will have to repeat the process severally. Before we move on to the next subtopic I will be discussing things that you can use on car windows.

You should know that shaving cream also has a similar effect to that of shoe polish. Once it hardens, there is no coming off. It will always leave a film behind that will come off after several washes.

So, What Can I Use on Car Windows?

Now that shoe polish is out of the equation if you are in urgent need to write something on your car window; what can I use without worrying about it sticking to my windows permanently?

Thanks to science, technology, and everything modern, there are products you can use to write on car windows. And here’s what’s better, they can easily come off. Here is what you can use on car windows;

  Chalk markers

These are the best products to use when writing on car windows. What I love about chalk markers is that they don’t stick to glass and are odorless.

You can write the biggest letters or drawings on your window. Once the event is over, grab some water, soap and a microfiber cloth then clean it off. No marks or residue will be left behind.

  A bar of soap

If you are very keen, most car wash operators use soap to indicate the type of wash that should be given to a vehicle. A bar of soap is a great product to use to write on windows.

It is very gentle on windows, will help pass your message, and comes off easily. Because it’s made of soap, even if it’s left there for weeks, whenever it will come into contact with water. The soap will dissolve and wash off.

The downside of a bar of soap to write on your car is that if it rains, writing will disappear right away.

  Glass soap pencils

If you are always writing stuff on car windows then you will need to get the right tools for this, as you can’t always rely on DIY options.

I don’t know if you have ever come across glass soap pencils commonly used by event organizers to mark or write on cars.

These look like crayons but they are made of soap. These markers are easy to use and come off easily. They are perfect for short-term use.

  Markers made with solidified paint

These are commonly used in dealerships to write details about cars, especially in the front and rear windows. Solid markers are made with solidified paint that can’t be easily rubbed off with natural elements like rain.

It can however be removed with soap, water, and some gentle scrubbing. This is a great product to use especially if you want the writings to last for a while and to be removed easily when not needed.

How to Remove Shoe Polish on Car Windows?

Let’s say that you innocently didn’t know how stubborn shoe polish can be when used on windows. And you think it’s high time to wipe off those writings from your windows.

Probably, you have already tried using a damp cloth but the marks are still there. Here are some of the ways you can use to remove shoe polish from car windows.

  Using hot water, soap, and a clean towel

This method is recommended for a shoe polish that hasn’t been on the window for more than two or three days.

It will work to remove shoe polish that hasn’t completely dried on your windows.

The purpose of the hot water is to loosen the polish. Glass is delicate and can break if exposed to heat. Ensure that the water isn’t boiling.

Dab some hot water on the shoe polish and let it soak. Using the soap, create some foam on the window and scrub gently with a microfiber towel.

Rub until all the shoe polish disappears. Rinse it off with water. If this procedure doesn’t bear fruit, move on to the next one.

  Clean with Windex or your glass cleaner of choice

If hot water and soap don’t remove shoe polish from your window, it’s time to bring in the big guns. Glass cleaners are formulated to remove dirt and stains.

In this case, the stain will be shoe polish. I have listed Windex as it’s not only the most popular glass cleaner but is one of the strongest. Dab the Windex on a dry cloth and rub it off on the shoe polish stain.

It should come off easily. However, for a polish that has completely dried on glass, the Windex may not be a match for it. Don’t worry, there is another solution.

  Bring in some acetone

Acetone is the strongest dissolving agent out there. You should only use it when all the above options fail. This ingredient has been used for years to remove the most stubborn stains. You too can use it to remove shoe polish on your windows.

Please be informed that acetone ruins paint. Therefore, don’t let a single drop touch the paint beneath or alongside the window. Using acetone to clean shoe polish is easy.

Dab some on a dry cloth and squeeze it on the window. Let the polish soak that acetone and leave it for two or three minutes. It should come off right away.

  The last and least recommended option is using a razor to scrape off the polish

There is a reason why I have listed this as the last option. It is not recommended for you to scratch glass. It can leave scratch marks, cracks, or even worse – break the glass. To be on the safe side, use this as the last option when everything else fails.

Before scrapping the polish with a razor, apply some water so that the polish can be soaked. It will be easier to remove. Gently scrape the area with the polish avoiding other parts of the window, till it is removed.

Using a razor to remove shoe polish from your car’s window requires precision. Therefore, ensure this is something you are ready to do carefully.

What to Do If Shoe Polish Touches Car Paint?

If you accidentally got some shoe polish on your car paint when using it on your windows, you must act fast. Fortunately, shoe polish takes time to dry on car paint.

Unless you let that happen, this shouldn’t worry you very much. Immediately shoe polish drops on the paint, take a clean cloth, and wipe it off.

Wash the area with some car shampoo and rinse it with water. If it happens to dry on car paint, you will need a stronger stain remover such as mineral spirits.

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