Ziebart Vs. Krown: Top Rustproofing Solutions Compared

Every car owner knows that rust is the silent predator of the automotive world, eating away at your vehicle’s health and resale value. It’s not just an aesthetic issue; rust can significantly undermine the structural integrity of your car over time.

That’s where rust proofing and undercoating come into play, essential services for prolonging the life of your vehicle and maintaining its performance and value.

Regarding rust protection, Ziebart and Krown are two names that stand out in the industry. Each offers unique solutions to shield your vehicle from corrosion and the ravages of road salt, moisture, and other damaging elements.

By comparing these two giants, we aim to help you decide which rust protection service best suits your needs and preferences. Let’s peel back the layers and see what each of these competitors brings to the table in the battle against rust.


Services Offered

Rust Proofing

• Ziebart’s Technology and Approach

Ziebart takes a proactive stance against rust with its trademarked rust protection process. This method involves a detailed application of a proprietary rust-inhibiting solution, which is thoroughly—Sprayed into every nook and cranny of your vehicle’s undercarriage and other rust-prone areas.

Ziebart’s formula creates a barrier that moisture and road salts can’t penetrate, effectively stopping rust before it starts.

Their process is not just about applying the solution; it’s also about preparation, ensuring that the vehicle’s surfaces are primed and ready to bond with the rust protectant for maximum effectiveness.

• Krown’s Technology and Approach

Krown, on the other hand, emphasizes its environmentally friendly, petroleum-based rust inhibitor. This formula is designed to creep into the tightest spaces, displacing existing moisture and forming a protective layer that prevents rust and repels water and salt.

Krown’s approach is heavily centered on the product’s ability to “self-heal,” meaning it can seep into hard-to-reach areas over time, maintaining its protective coating even in spots that were initially missed or have become exposed due to wear and tear.


• Application Methods

The application methods of Ziebart and Krown diverge significantly when it comes to undercoating.

Ziebart’s undercoating service is an extension of their rust-proofing process, which applies a thicker, more durable layer of protection designed to absorb road noise and prevent rust. This undercoating is typically a one-time application intended to last the vehicle’s lifetime.

Krown, while not offering traditional undercoating, focuses on the versatility of its rust inhibitor. The Krown treatment is applied annually, with the theory that a fresh application adapts better to changes in the vehicle’s condition and environment.

• Longevity and Maintenance

Ziebart’s undercoating promises a long-lasting barrier against corrosion, requiring minimal maintenance. The durability of their undercoating means that once it’s applied, you can forget about it, barring any significant damage to the treated areas.

By contrast, Krown’s annual treatment plan requires more commitment from the vehicle owner. However, this regular maintenance ensures that the protection evolves with your vehicle, addressing any new or emerging risk areas as they develop.

Additional Services

• Protective and Maintenance Services by Ziebart

Beyond rust-proofing and undercoating, Ziebart offers a wide range of vehicle preservation and aesthetics services. These include paint protection, interior detailing, and window tinting, each designed to keep your car looking and performing its best.

• Krown’s Extended Automotive Services

Krown’s service offerings also extend into general car care, with options such as lubricants for moving parts and cleaners for electrical systems.

Their holistic approach to vehicle maintenance emphasizes not only rust protection but also the overall operational efficiency and longevity of the vehicle.


Strengths and Weaknesses


• Strengths

Ziebart stands out for its comprehensive rust prevention strategy that targets the vehicle’s most vulnerable areas. Using a proprietary chemical formula designed to penetrate deeply into metal surfaces offers a robust barrier against rust.

This, combined with their drilling method to ensure thorough coverage, means that Ziebart can provide long-term protection, reducing the need for frequent reapplications.

Also, Ziebart’s automotive protection services extend beyond just rust-proofing, offering customers a one-stop shop for vehicle maintenance.

• Weaknesses

However, while effective for distributing rust protection, the drilling method may be considered invasive by some vehicle owners concerned about potential alterations to their car’s factory state.

Furthermore, the initial cost for Ziebart’s rust-proofing service may be higher than that of some competitors, reflecting the comprehensive nature of its application process and its long-lasting protection.


• Strengths

Krown’s main advantage lies in its no-drill application process, which preserves the vehicle’s original condition while providing extensive coverage.

Their environmentally friendly rust inhibitor protects against rust and actively displaces moisture, addressing the root cause of rust.

Krown’s annual treatment plan ensures that vehicles remain protected year-round, adapting to new or existing challenges in the vehicle’s environment.

This approach makes Krown attractive for those seeking a non-invasive yet effective rust protection solution.

• Weaknesses

The need for annual reapplication with Krown may be seen as a drawback for some, as it requires a commitment to regular maintenance. While this ensures ongoing protection, it can add cost over the vehicle’s lifespan.

Additionally, while the high-pressure spray technique effectively covers hard-to-reach areas, it might not consistently achieve the same level of deep penetration and lasting protection some invasive methods offer.

Ziebart and Krown present compelling options in the rust protection market, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing between them depends on the vehicle owner’s priorities, whether they value a one-time comprehensive treatment or prefer an annual maintenance approach that keeps the vehicle in its original state.

Cost Comparison

The cost of rust protection services can vary significantly between Ziebart and Krown, mainly due to the differences in their application processes and the longevity of their treatments.

Ziebart typically charges a higher initial fee for its rust-proofing service. This cost reflects the comprehensive nature of their application, which includes the drilling method to ensure the rust inhibitor penetrates deeply and covers the entire vehicle.

The initial investment aims to provide long-term protection, potentially reducing the need for frequent reapplications.

Krown, with its annual treatment plan, offers a lower initial cost for each application. However, since Krown recommends yearly reapplications to maintain the effectiveness of rust protection, the overall price can accumulate over time.

The affordability of each yearly treatment makes Krown an attractive option for those who prefer to spread out their vehicle maintenance expenses.

Customer Satisfaction

Warranty and Guarantee Policies

Their customer-centric warranty and guarantee policies reflect Ziebart and Krown’s confidence in their rust protection services.

Ziebart offers a comprehensive warranty that covers any rust-through issues for vehicles treated with their rust protection service.

This warranty is a testament to their confidence in the durability and effectiveness of their rust-proofing solution. It provides peace of mind to customers, knowing that their investment is protected against future rust damage.

Krown, on the other hand, also provides a warranty against rust-through for vehicles that undergo their annual rust protection treatment.

Krown’s warranty emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance, ensuring that customers who adhere to their yearly treatment schedule are protected under their guarantee policy.

This approach encourages ongoing care for the vehicle, aligning with Krown’s philosophy of regular, preventative maintenance to combat rust.

Service Accessibility and Convenience

When it comes to accessing rust protection services, both Ziebart and Krown have established networks of service centers, making it relatively easy for customers to find a location near them. However, the convenience of scheduling and receiving service can vary.

Ziebart has a wide presence with numerous locations offering services beyond rust protection, including detailing and window tinting.

Getting multiple vehicle maintenance needs met in one place can save customers time and hassle, making Ziebart an attractive option for comprehensive vehicle care.

Krown focuses exclusively on rust protection and related services, with a streamlined process allowing quick and efficient service appointments.

Their emphasis on accessibility and convenience is evident in their scheduling system, designed to minimize wait times and ensure that customers can easily fit the annual rust protection treatment into their busy lives.

Customer Experiences and Testimonials

Customers who have chosen Ziebart for their vehicle’s rust protection often highlight the thoroughness and durability of the service.

Many testimonials show appreciation for Ziebart’s detailed application process, noting that cars treated years ago continue to show minimal signs of rust, even in harsh climates known for accelerating corrosion.

Also, customers commend Ziebart for their professionalism and the comprehensive nature of their warranties, which add an extra layer of assurance to the service provided.

Krown’s customers frequently praise the effectiveness of the annual rust protection treatments in keeping their vehicles rust-free over time.

The ease of the reapplication process and the noticeable difference it makes in preventing rust and corrosion are common themes in customer feedback.

Krown’s commitment to customer service is also a recurring point of satisfaction, with many noting the friendly and informative nature of the staff at their service centers.

The environmental friendliness of Krown’s products is another aspect that resonates well with their clientele, aligning with the values of customers who prioritize eco-friendly solutions.


When To Choose Ziebart

Opting for Ziebart’s rust protection services is particularly advantageous in the following scenarios:

• Long-Term Vehicle Ownership: If you plan to keep your vehicle for many years, Ziebart’s long-lasting rust protection can be a cost-effective choice, potentially reducing the need for frequent reapplications.

• Harsh Climates: Vehicles exposed to severe weather conditions, including heavy snowfall and salt usage on roads, can benefit significantly from Ziebart’s comprehensive rust-proofing solution, designed to withstand harsh environments.

• Comprehensive Vehicle Care: For those seeking a one-stop shop for vehicle maintenance, Ziebart’s array of services beyond rust proofing, such as detailing and window tinting, offers convenience and quality under one roof.

When To Choose Krown

Krown’s rust protection services are ideal in situations like:

• Annual Maintenance Preference: If you prefer the idea of regular, yearly maintenance to ensure your vehicle’s protection is always at its peak, Krown’s model fits this preference perfectly.

• Environmental Concerns: For environmentally conscious vehicle owners, Krown’s use of eco-friendly rust protection products offers a way to maintain your vehicle responsibly without compromising quality.

• Flexibility and Convenience: Vehicle owners who value ease of access to services and the ability to maintain flexibility in their vehicle care routine will find Krown’s efficient and customer-friendly approach appealing.

In choosing between Ziebart and Krown, consider their rust protection services’ immediate cost and effectiveness and how their offerings align with your long-term vehicle maintenance goals, environmental values, and lifestyle needs.

Both companies offer solutions that can significantly extend the lifespan and appearance of your vehicle, making either a worthy investment in your vehicle’s future.

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  1. One thing developed by Ziebart in recent years is various grades of rust proofing at different costs. As some may know, Ziebart requires an annual inspection to keep their warranty active. Annual inspection and re-sprays can cost around $150 per year making it somewhat expensive. Their higher plan “Gold Shield” can cost $1000 up front but includes annual inspections at no cost. This is the best plan for long term auto keepers. I generally keep my cars about 20 years and have used Ziebart since 1972 when I bought my 1st new car. 4 new cars since, has brought me to Ziebart for the last 52 years. My new 2017 Hybrid Accord I took to Ziebart of Miamisburg, Ohio. I took it back the next day because it didn’t meet my inspection. The plastic inner fenders will not rust, but the metal lip that they sit on most definitely will. The space between the metal fender lip and the inner plastic fender had NO Protection at all. I asked them to apply the Rust Proof sealant in the gap which they did at all 4 wheels. I also asked them to spray the spare tire well in the trunk. They also applied it there and I put down large sheets of aluminum foil to protect the spare. So far, everything looks great!

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