Can You Spray Bedliner On Aluminum Diamond Plate? (Solved)

Aluminum diamond plate has got many applications in the auto industry. This industrial-grade aluminum often features a dull mill finish that can be used on the floors of ambulances and fire trucks to make them less slippery.

In most cars and trucks especially, aluminum diamond plate is the material used to make the toolbox. This material has some decent properties, such as being corrosion resistant and able to withstand the harshest elements.

However, despite being such a useful material, there are instances when you may need to spray a bedliner over it.

Since the aluminum diamond plate isn’t the typical steel metal found in cars, you may doubt whether the bedliner will adhere to it. That’s exactly what we will address.

aluminum diamond plate
“Diamond-Plate Aluminum Truck Bed Cover” by DiamondBack Covers, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Will Spray Bedliner Stick to Aluminum Diamond Plate?

Yes, you can spray the bedliner over an aluminum diamond plate and make it stick. However, there are a couple of things that have to be done for this project to work.

To emphasize what we have mentioned earlier, an aluminum diamond plate isn’t the preferred substrate for a bedliner to stick to. All bedliners are formulated to adhere to the steel.

Therefore, if you spray the bedliner directly on an aluminum diamond plate, it will fall off when it starts to cure. However, there is a way to make a bedliner stick to an aluminum diamond plate which takes us to the next subtopic.

How to Spray Bedliner on Aluminum Diamond Plate?

Now that you know the bedliner will stick to the aluminum diamond plate, it’s time to learn how to do it correctly.

Step 1 – Gather Essential Materials

You will need three main things; fine grit sandpaper, a quality self-etching primer, and your bedliner of choice.

Step 2 – Surface Preparation

Using fine-grit sandpaper, you should begin by scuffing the surface of the aluminum diamond plate. This is the most tedious part because you will have to sand thoroughly.

Sanding is crucial since it creates a textured finish for the bedliner to adhere to. If you are working on a small area such as the toolbox, you won’t waste much time.

However, if the aluminum diamond plate covers a bigger area, such as the truck bed, it may take some time.

Step 3 – Apply the Self-Etching Primer

You may be wondering, if you have already sanded the surface, is self-etching primer necessary? It is. Self-etching primer corrodes the surface allowing the bedliner to stick much better.

Remember, the aluminum diamond plate isn’t the ideal surface for the bedliner to adhere to. To ensure it sticks, the surface has to be etched using a quality self-etching primer.

It can be tempting to skip this step, but the self-etching primer ensures the longevity of the spray bedliner on the aluminum diamond plate.

Step 4 – Spray Your Bedliner

By sanding and applying self-etching primer to the aluminum diamond plate, it should be ready for some bedliner.

Carefully spray the bedliner and let it cure before exposing the newly coated surface to the outdoor elements. It should look great and hold up for longer.

Why Should You Spray Bedliner on Aluminum Diamond Plate?

You can get many benefits from spraying a bedliner on an aluminum diamond plate. These benefits include;

Improved aesthetics. Let’s assume you are spraying a bedliner to your truck bed. If you live the toolboxes with their aluminum diamond finish, the two finishes won’t blend. You should also spray the aluminum diamond plate for a more uniform finish.

Unlike aluminum diamond plate, which is complex to repair scratches and dents, it’s very easy to repair bedliner. In one way, you will be prolonging the life of the aluminum diamond plate by shielding it.

Aluminum diamond plate is resistant to corrosion. But it is vulnerable to impact. Coating it with a bedliner adds a layer of cushioning that will absorb impact from cargo or the tools it stores.

A spray-on bedliner can also insulate the aluminum diamond plate and prevent noises from coming inside it. For those whose toolboxes are always making funny noises as tools hit one another when driving, a bedliner can cushion that.

Isn’t It Better to Remove the Aluminum Diamond Plate and Spray Bedliner?

Instead of sanding and applying self-etching primer, removing the aluminum diamond plate and spraying the bedliner may seem like a much quicker solution.

However, it’s not always practical. First, you need to identify where and how the aluminum diamond plate has been used in your car. If it’s the material that has been used to make your toolbox or storage area, you can’t remove it.

However, if it has been layered over the truck bed, it’s possible to strip it off and apply the bedliner directly. Before attempting to remove the aluminum diamond plate, evaluate whether it’s possible.

How Does Bedliner Compare to Aluminum Diamond Plate?

When we were listing the benefits of spraying the bedliner on the aluminum diamond plate, the first advantage was improved aesthetics. It’s also the main reason why people do this.

Most trucks have a toolbox made out of the aluminum diamond plate. When spraying the bedliner, you can’t leave the aluminum finish on the truck box.

The back of your truck won’t look uniform. Many car owners prefer to apply a bedliner over everything in the truck bed to ensure everything blends together.

In terms of performance, the bedliner is no match for the aluminum diamond plate. It’s much softer and is easy to repair, but it will often deteriorate eventually.

Aluminum diamond plate can take up a lot of abuse. It’s corrosion-resistant and can withstand UV rays and exposure to all elements.

The only thing you have to do to keep the aluminum diamond plate looking new is to wash it regularly. Besides improving aesthetics, don’t expect it to be more durable than the aluminum diamond plate. Remember that it’s just a coating.

The Brand of Bedliner Sprayed on Also Matters

As you may already know, there are many types of spray on bedliners. Not all are built equally. You must choose a quality bedliner to spray on an aluminum diamond plate.

Otherwise, you may end up with unsatisfactory results. Therefore, before embarking on such a project, you must engage in thorough research and identify bedliner brands that are known to be durable.

Good examples include Raptor, Herculiner, and Line-X. Bedliners can either be sprayed or rolled on. Each option has its advantages.

It’s also important to choose the mode of application that suits your preferences. Alternatively, you can hire an expert to spray the bedliner on the aluminum diamond plate. This option will cost you money.

Will Spray Bedliner Chip or Peel When Used on Aluminum Diamond Plate?

A spray bedliner correctly applied on a well-prepared aluminum diamond plate surface should last for years. Occasionally, it may need to be touched up, but it shouldn’t peel or chip.

If you didn’t sand the aluminum and applied self-etching primer, you can expect it to peel off after a short duration. Another factor that can cause chipping also depends on where the aluminum diamond plate is positioned.

Let’s assume you have aluminum mud flaps coated by a bedliner and spend most of the time off-road. You should expect chipping to occur much sooner than on aluminum coated with a bedliner located on the truck bed.

Should I Hire Someone to Spray Bedliner on Aluminum Diamond Plate?

It’s not very hard for you to carry out this project by yourself. However, hiring an expert to spray the bedliner on the aluminum diamond plate can be beneficial. A local detailer near you will use the process we have shared above.

Their experience and knowledge will also play a key role in determining the longevity of the bedliner on the aluminum diamond plate.

The only drawback is that you will have to pay for the services. The rates can vary depending on the size of the aluminum diamond plate coated with the bedliner.

Will Bedliner Make Aluminum Diamond Plate Heavier?

Spraying the bedliner will add some weight to the aluminum diamond plate. The weight gains will be minimal, however. It’s not like your toolbox will weigh 30 pounds extra. The thicker the bedliner, the heavier the aluminum diamond plate will be.

Will the Aluminum Diamond Plate Bumps Be Visible After Bedliner is Sprayed?

Aluminum diamond plate often contains raised bumps on the surface. A spray bedliner can either leave these bumps visible or cover them entirely.

This will depend on the thickness of the bedliner sprayed. If you spray thick amounts of bedliner, these bumps can be covered.

Thin amounts of bedliner will still show the raised bumps of the aluminum diamond plate. Whether you want the bumps to be visible or completely covered is a matter of preference.

Will Spray Bedliner Make Aluminum Diamond Plate Look Better?

It will improve the overall finish of the truck bed. If you are spraying a bedliner, spraying the toolbox made out of an aluminum diamond plate is also a good idea.

When you spray both, you get a pleasant uniform finish that will hold up for years if done correctly. Considering that the spray bedliner can be touched up regularly, you never have to worry about a crappy-looking finish.