Can You Paint Over LINE-X? (Explained)

LINE-X, even though it is commonly used as a spray-on bed liner, can be sprayed on nearly any automotive surface to enhance protection.

Other than trucks, LINE-X can be sprayed on cars, boats, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles. The coatings created by LINE-X are strong enough to protect your vehicle from harsh elements that may wear out or corrode the metal surface.

Because LINE-X can be used to offer a protective coating on vehicles, one may be wondering, is it possible to paint over LINE-X?

You may want to paint over it because you don’t like the finish it leaves behind. Perhaps the LINE-X has started fading. Or, you may be a car enthusiast who is simply interested in customizing their car.

can you paint over linex
“Spray-on bedliner” by Mitch Barrie, Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


So, Can I Paint Over LINE-X?

Yes, you can paint over LINE-X. But irrespective of your reasons why you want to paint over it, the only way for you to get pleasant results, is to use quality paint.

LINE-X, unlike other protective coatings, is formulated to bond with the paint. And that’s why you can easily paint over it.

Quite often, you won’t need any special materials to paint over LINE-X. You however have to prepare the surface as the paint can peel or flake easily if applied on an unprepared surface.

Considering that LINE-X is a special coating, we understand why you would think it is difficult for you to paint over it. But, you will be surprised when you find out how paintable line-x is.

A lot of truck owners paint over their LINE-X. If you read through various forums, you will realize that this is a very common practice.

And you can be assured of getting great results, provided you use quality urethane paint and clean the area thoroughly before painting it.

And even after painting over line-x, later on, you can still touch up some of the areas that the paint may be chipped off.

Definitely, if you drive a truck that has been line-x’d, it is vulnerable to taking a lot of abuse. Therefore, even if you have painted over the line-x, you can drive confidently knowing that you can always touch up dings with some paint and let the line-x beneath continue providing protection.

Now that we have seen it is possible to paint over line-x, let’s walk you through a quick guide on how to paint over LINE-X.

Before we get to that, you need to know that it is not recommended for you to use a primer on LINE-X, especially if it has just been done.

And to reiterate what we discussed earlier, the best paint that can be used over LINE-X is urethane.

How to Paint Over LINE-X?

If you have been thinking about painting over LINE-X, you can relax knowing that you are not alone. This is a thought that creeps up in the minds of most car owners, especially those who have a LINE-X bed liner.

In most cases, the reason behind this is to match the color of their bed liner to that of their truck. If this is the case, you can always opt for a line-x spray-on bed liner in your color of choice.

For those who didn’t know, LINE-X has got spray-on bed liners in various colors. Anyway, we will talk in detail about that later on. For now, let us share with you how you can paint over LINE-X.

1st step – Gather Essential Materials Needed for this Task

Earlier, we mentioned how you don’t need special products or tools to paint over LINE-X. For you to carry on this procedure successfully, you will need some sandpaper, a spray paint gun, painter’s tape, a multipurpose cleaner, and a soft cloth. The most important material needed for this job is quality paint.

2nd Step – Prep the LINE-X surface

Not unless the line-x has been freshly done, it will have some imperfections. And these will interfere with the painting process. To avoid that, using sandpaper, level the LINE-X surface until it looks fine and smooth.

3rd Step – Clean the area

Even after prepping the surface, it still needs to be cleaned and dried before the paint can be applied. Grab the multipurpose cleaner and washcloth and start cleaning the area.

Once cleaned, rinse it off with water from a hose. And give the bed liner time to dry. Or you can dry it with a microfiber cloth if you are in a hurry.

4th Step – Mask surfaces that you don’t want paint on

It is important to mask tape the surrounding areas as one can easily spray or spill paint on a surface that you don’t want to get paint on.

Such mistakes can be time-consuming and tiring. And can be easily avoided by using masking tape.

5th Step – Get to painting

There are two ways on how you can go about painting over LINE-X and they include using a brush or a spray gun. The latter is easier to use and is the go-to choice for most car owners.

The choice is yours and irrespective of which method you decide to go with, ensure it suits the type of paint you intend to use. And always start at one end and slowly proceed to the other side.

Also, it would be great if you have enough paint so that you can apply several coats. The more coats of paint you have on your car, the better it bonds to the LINE-X and the chances of flaking or peeling will be rare.

In between coats, you should give the paint time to dry. And you should work in an enclosed area to prevent dirt from settling on the car when you are still painting. Protective gear is a must.

Final Step – Finish up the painting process

Having applied several coats of paint over LINE-X, you can finish up the painting process. This entails the removal of masking tape. Be very gentle to avoid chipping paint in the process.

Before dropping your tools, inspect the final results. There could be chips that need to be filled in. And, for those who used brushes, you need to confirm if the paint has got a uniform look.

The above process is fairly easy and can be completed during your free time. However if your schedule doesn’t allow it, you can always take your car to an auto body shop and have the detailers paint over the LINE-X coating for you.

Should I Spray Bed liner Before or After a Paint Job?

Are you interested in both a spray-on bed liner and a paint job? You may be confused wondering which should come first.

For cars that are getting painted and LINE-X’d at a paint shop, the guys there will definitely tell you to paint first and then apply line-x.

In most cases, especially trunks that are being LINE-X’d, this comes as an aftermarket accessory to an already painted vehicle.

It is, therefore, easier to apply LINE-X to a painted car than, spray on the LINE-X and then paint the vehicle after.

It is a matter of preference on what should come first. So, if you are doing both by yourself, evaluate which will make your work easier.

And if you have hired detailers to do both for you, they will give you their opinion as to why they are starting with one and not the other.

Painting Over Line-X vs Getting the Line-X Color Options

One of the main reasons why people paint over LINE-X is to match the color of their bed liners to that of their trucks.

This is understandable after all, the black LINE-X can get boring and it is too common. Instead of painting over LINE-X and going through all the trouble of either painting or paying someone to do it, why don’t you consider LINE-X color customization?

This option is more ideal if you are yet to spray LINE-X on your car. Because instead of spraying the black LINE-X on the bed liner, you could always get a customized color and skip the painting process altogether.

The team of experts at LINE-X can create a pigment of your choice. Whether you want an exact match of your truck’s color or are interested in something else entirely, LINE-X can help you with that.

With the customized LINE-X, you don’t just get a color of your choice but it is equally stronger and durable. It can take up abuse in any manner.

Secondly, the customized LINE-X features UV protection. The color won’t fade easily. And according to LINE-X, the customized coating has a higher gloss retention capability. It will look great and protect your car’s surface from rust and harsh elements.

From different reviews, color-matched LINE-X looks better than the ordinary one. And when you compare the cost of getting it to that of painting, there is just but a slight difference between the two.

Instead of going through all the hustle of painting over LINE-X, you could always get the color-matched option that is durable, stronger and looks better.

If you have already installed LINE-X, then you have no other choice but to paint it. This option only applies to car owners who are yet to spray LINE-X or yours is already worn out.