Lake Country Vs. Hex-Logic Pads (Compared)

It’s no surprise that you have narrowed down your research of the best buffing pads to Lake Country and Chemical Guys Hex-Logic pads.

These two happen to be among the best on the market with each boasting of its own unique features.

Even though both Hex-Logic and lake country polishing pads serve the same purpose that is to restore your car’s shine and remove defects on the paint.

They have their differences and that’s why these two appeal to different people. In the review below, we are going to compare Lake Country versus Chemical Guys Hex-Logic pads to help you make an informed purchase.

lake country vs hex-logic pads

What is a Lake Country Pad?

Lake Country HDO Blue, Orange, and Black Cutting and Finishing Kit, 5.5 Inches x 1.0 Inch (3-Pack)
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In the polisher accessories industry, Lake Country is not a new brand. They have been around since 1977, and for the past 4 decades, they have been helping car owners remove oxidation from their cars and improve shine with their quality polishing pads.

Their pads aren’t just made from quality materials but are creatively designed to do a commendable buffing or polishing job.

The foaming pads used by Lake Country are imported from Germany, a country with a successful surface enhancement industry.

The reason why Lake Country goes to extra lengths of sourcing the pads from an area that uses advanced technology in surface enhancements is to avoid some of the common polishing pad problems like gauging, burning, and separation.

When machine polishers were introduced, pads were unable to withstand the excessive force and they used to cut easily.

However, when many polishing pad brands were left in that era, Lake Country stepped up its game and that’s why their polishing pads are so popular.

One of the most impressive features of the Lake Country polishing pads is the VELCRO brand fasteners. The role of these is to enable the pad to retain its form even when exposed to the high pressure of polishing machines.

Also, this brand’s foams have a higher density that reduces friction and heat emanating from the backing plate of the polisher to the paint.

What is a Hex-Logic Buffing Pad?

Chemical Guys BUFX701 Hex-Logic Quantum Best of the Best Buffing and Polishing Pad Kit, 16 fl. oz (8 Items) (6.5 Inch Fits 6 Inch Backing Plate)
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In a market filled with polishing accessories brands, Chemical Guys have outdone themselves.

Because of the quality detailing products that they make, Chemical Guys is a name that is familiar to nearly every motorist on the road.

Whether you are a professional detailer or an amateur who is looking for the right tools they can use to remove defects from their car paint and improve the aesthetic appeal, these Hex-Logic Buffing pads are designed to offer you that and much more.

The first thing that may draw your attention to these pads is the design.

The Hex-Logic shape was created by the team at Chemical guys and it helps with spreading the polishing compound evenly on the surface.

Unlike other designs, the one offered by Chemical Guys helps you buff a car faster and get an impressive finish thanks to their ability to hold more product.

And the team at CG did not stop there. They went ahead to make Hex-Logic pads in different colors. The colors aren’t decorations.

Each color represents the different abilities that they have. As of now, Chemical guys buffing pads are available in 7 colors.

The following are the different color pads made by Chemical Guys and what to expect from each;

  • Red – this gives off that ultra-fine finishing.


  • Black – it is mostly used as a finishing pad.


  • Blue – used as a glaze and cleaner foam pad.


  • White – if you are interested in giving your vehicle a medium or light polishing, this is the color you should use.


  • Green – for cars with heavy oxidation or defects, green is a heavy polishing pad that can handle paint with lots of scratches.


  • Orange – it is a medium-heavy cutting pad.


  • Yellow – if you are looking for something stronger than orange, this is heavy cutting pad will work wonders for your car paint.

If you are just getting started with polishing don’t let the above list scare you into buying another polishing pad. It is very easy to narrow down on which color you should use from the above list.

All you need to know is the condition of your car paint. On their official website, you can learn more about these different Hex-Logic buffing pads and when to use each.

How Are They Different?

Hex-Logic pads have more polishing and cutting options than Lake Country. One of the reasons why Hex-Logic pads are popular among professional detailers more than ordinary car owners is the fact that they are available in various colors.

As mentioned earlier, these colors showcase the different strengths possessed by the pads. Depending on the vehicle in question, you may have to use more than one pad.

This is a feature that Lake Country has also incorporated. However, they don’t have as many options as Hex-Logic.

There have been numerous reports of fake Hex-Logic pads being sold in the mainstream market. These fake pads are not made by Chemical Guys and they tend to gum up and tear easily. There are no reports of counterfeit Lake Country pads.

Make sure that you buy original pads and if the price is too good to be true, always countercheck.

Lake Country pads have been around for longer, as a result, the company has made numerous improvements with their foaming pads.

Hex-Logic pads aren’t as old as those made by lake country. This however doesn’t mean that they are unreliable.

Some users have reported that Hex-Logic pads last longer than Lake Country, but this is a debatable matter. At the end of the day, how thoroughly you clean and store your pads depend on how long they will last.

How Are They Similar?

  • Both Hex-Logic and Lake Country pads are available in 5.5-inch sizes.

This is the standard size in buffing pads and it is perfect for holding enough product.

  • Both are very popular.

These two are on the same level when it comes to popularity. Even though some people may argue that Chemical Guys is a more popular brand, when it comes to foaming pads, the two are very popular amongst car owners and detailers.

  • You can be assured of an impressive polishing job with either brand.

If it’s a perfect finish that is free from scratches and oxidation is what you are after, then you can’t go wrong with either.

To get the most out of either of these two buffing pads, ensure that you use a color that meets the polishing needs of your vehicle.

Don’t forget that the various colors of Hex-Logic and lake country buffing pads represent the cutting and polishing abilities.

What’s Better about Lake Country Buffing Pads?

This type of polishing pad utilizes Closed Cell Structures technology which makes the pockets of the pads to be of closed foam.

The main benefit of this technology is that pads don’t soak in much product. Therefore, there is no waste of the polishing compound. Everything will go into your car paint. This design significantly reduces your working time.

Secondly, Lake Country has pads available in various sizes ranging from 3.5 inches to 8.5 inches.

Their polishing pads are available in five different cuts. You have the freedom to choose from light to heavy cutting pads.

The backing plates comprise industrial-grade Velcro that is indestructible and can withstand heavy use.

This company is popularly known for its premium wool pads that are suitable for cars that need aggressive paint correction.

What’s Better about Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Buffing Pads?

The first and perhaps the main reason why Hex-Logic pads are so popular is the various cutting abilities you can get from their pads.

Whether you are interested in removing severe oxidation or light polishing and removal of minor dents, the Hex-Logic pad has got you covered. With seven Hex-Logic pads to choose from, you can get any level of finish that you want from a car.

Other than having many cutting options to choose from, Chemical Guys invest heavily in the construction of their buffing pads.

The design of these pads is meant to hold more product and distribute it evenly over a surface. As a result, you can be guaranteed a more superior finish.

The superior structure of these pads had made Hex-Logic a go-to option for many detailers.

Who Should Get Lake Country Pads and Why?

Lake Country pads were made for both amateurs and professional detailers. Ever since they hit the market, these pads have helped many users correct paint, fix scratches and remove oxidation.

These pads are made with quality materials and don’t gum easily. If cleaned properly, Lake Country buffing pads can serve you for more than three years.

Who Should Get Hex-Logic Pads and Why?

These pads were built for professional detailers and detailing enthusiasts. Thanks to their unique design and various cutting abilities, there is no polishing job they can’t handle.

The Hex-Logic kit provides you with everything you may need for any detailing job.

Made with premium materials these pads are not only reliable but are very easy to use. To get value for your money, always clean and store these pads in a cool and dry place.