5 Common Lomax Tonneau Cover Problems (Explained)

A Lomax Tonneau Cover can offer you many benefits. Other than preventing your cargo from being damaged or stolen, this cover protects the bedding of your truck from damage.

If you compare a truck with a Lomax Tonneau Cover and one that doesn’t, the latter has got a lower resale value and that’s because an exposed bed is more vulnerable to damage and wear.

Because of these benefits, many truck owners rush to get a Lomax Tonneau Cover without analyzing some of the issues associated with it.

By understanding some of the most common Lomax Tonneau Cover problems, you can provide better care for the bed of your truck. And in the long run, your vehicle will have a higher resale value.

lomax tonneau cover problems

What is a Lomax Tonneau Cover?

Before we list some of the issues associated with a Lomax Tonneau Cover, let us give a brief explanation of what it actually is. A Lomax Tonneau Cover is an ultra-low profile covering that seats above your truck’s bed.

As a cover, its role is to protect cargo from being stolen as well as from the weather elements. Even though there are different types of Lomax Tonneau Covers, most are very easy to install and operate.

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What are the Most Common Lomax Tonneau Cover Problems?

1. A Faulty Latch

The most common issue with Lomax Tonneau Covers is that the latch stops working after a while. That is, it stops fastening and this makes it hard to close the cover.

The main cause of a faulty latch in a Tonneau cover is usually a big gap between the tension plate and latch head. Though problematic, fixing a faulty latch is very easy.

All you need to do is adjust the tension plate so that you can get a tighter grip. Also, when locking the latch, always ensure that you hear a clicking sound. As that is the only indication that the latch has been fully locked.

2. A Cover with a Loose Grip

If you have the habit of closing the tailgate before fastening the cover, you are more likely to loosen the grip of your cover.

This is often caused by the shifting of the side rails that hold the cover in place. A cover with a loose grip can be a huge source of headache for truck owners.

This is because your truck bed won’t be getting adequate protection from the Lomax Tonneau Cover.

The quickest fix to this issue is realigning the side rails. This will significantly improve latch grip. If you were the one who installed the cover, then realigning the side rails should be easy.

However, if it was installed for you, the best solution is to take it to a professional mechanic who will realign it for you.

It is very easy for you to damage the side rails especially if you aren’t familiar with the mechanisms of the Lomax Tonneau Cover.

3. A Latch that Pops Out When the Car is Moving

This is a very serious condition as you can easily lose cargo when driving on a bumpy road.

After a while, the side clamps of your Lomax Tonneau Cover lose their grip and pop out when the car is moving or when the cover is blown by the wind. And if not fixed as soon as possible, the latch can be loosened completely.

The solution for this remedy is to readjust the side clamps so that they can fit perfectly. This should solve the problem permanently, however, there are cases when the spring responsible for the latches grip gets worn out.

You will have to replace that spring so that it can regain its grip.

4. A Leaking Cover

If there is one thing Tonneau covers are known for, it’s how notorious they are to leaks. And nearly every owner of a Lomax Tonneau Cover has had to struggle with leaks at one point in their lives.

And by that, we don’t mean that these covers are weak only that after a while, they wear out and start to leak.

Though leaks can be a menace, fixing them shouldn’t be a big problem. All you have to do is identify the source of the leak and seal it.

Before we can provide you with some of the ways on how you can fix a leaking cover, let us share with you tips on how to prevent leaks.

One of the best ways of avoiding leaks is by installing water pipe insulations on the cover. When it rains, water must accumulate on top of the cover.

Without drainage, this water weighs in on the cover and if it finds a vulnerable spot, it may start leaking.

With water pipes installed on the cover, you can drain excess water from the surface and avoid leaks.

Once you have fixed the water accumulation issue, what’s next is identifying leaks. With the cover on, pour some water and mark the areas where the water is leaking on the bed.

At your nearest hardware store or auto shop, you can get some quality seals. Always ensure the seals resemble the color of the cover so that it still retains its aesthetic appeal.

After installing the seals, test whether the leaks are fixed. You can have a friend get inside the truck’s bed and check for leaks.

If there are some, you can re-apply a seal. And if there are none, you can carry cargo comfortably knowing that it’s safe from water damage.

5. Squeaky Noises

This isn’t a problem that affects new Lomax Tonneau Covers. It is more common in older covers or those that weren’t installed correctly.

The biggest cause of squeaky noises coming from the cover usually originates from the mounting clamps.

Therefore, if you do come across such noises when driving, it’s a good idea to tighten the mounting clamps and ensure they are perfectly secured.

Are Lomax Tonneau Covers Waterproof?

These covers are designed to keep most of the water off your truck bed if you install it correctly. We can’t say for sure that Lomax Tonneau Covers are 100% waterproof.

But the thing is, they will safeguard your bed and the cargo it’s carrying from water damage.

It’s also worth mentioning that the different types of Lomax Tonneau cover determine the level of waterproofing capabilities.

A painted one-piece cover is usually the most water-tight Lomax Tonneau cover out there.

So, if you live in an area that experiences a lot of rainfall, this may be an ideal choice.

The other types that are perfect for water resistance are the hard-folding, hard roll-up, retractable models. These will offer you top-notch water resistance.

If you are looking for moderate water resistance, you should consider the soft roll-up and the soft folding.

How to Prevent Lomax Tonneau Cover Problems

Some but not all of these problems can be easily fixed by taking certain preventative measures. The way you handle and care for your Lomax Tonneau Cover heavily determines how long it will serve you.

Even from the way you open or close the cover, this determines how better the Lomax Tonneau Cover will be able to retain its perfect condition.

The Importance of Properly Removing Your Lomax Tonneau Cover

There are times when you may need to remove a Lomax Tonneau Cover. This includes when you plan on carrying a lot of cargo.

Or when you want to install certain accessories to your truck bed. And even when your cover gets old and worn out. Carefully removing the Lomax Tonneau Cover ensures that the cover isn’t damaged during the process.

Removing a Lomax Tonneau Cover isn’t difficult, however, the ease depends on the type of cover you have got on your truck bed.

Soft covers don’t often pose much of a challenge when you are removing them. Hinged fiberglass models are harder to remove.

The easiest way to go about removing the Lomax Tonneau Cover is by removing the textile cover and leaving the side rails in place.

If you are familiar with the installation of a Lomax Tonneau Cover, removing it shouldn’t be very hard. And with the right set of tools, you can do it by yourself.

In most cases, you will need protective goggles, a screwdriver, and a wrench. The process of removing a Lomax Tonneau Cover is the same irrespective of the kind of truck you are driving.

A Quick Guide to Shopping for the Best Lomax Tonneau Cover

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As you have seen from above, there are different types of Lomax Tonneau Covers. And knowing the factors to consider when looking for one can ensure you get a cover that suits your truck the best.

A good Lomax Tonneau Cover should be easy to use, provide security to your cargo as well as carry different types of cargo. Don’t also forget about durability and warranty.

The latter is very essential because you have already seen that Lomax Tonneau Covers aren’t perfect.

They do have their fair share of problems and with a warranty, your provider can offer repair services when you incur any of the above issues. It also pays off if you can read several reviews on the best Lomax Tonneau covers.