Raptor Liner Vs. Rhino Liner (Compared)

If you have found your way to this review, by now, you are already aware of the benefits of coating a bed liner. Rhino and Raptor are both excellent bed liner products.

With either, you are assured of enhanced aesthetics as well as protection from the abuse truck beds are exposed to, UV, rust, and many other things. However, they are not built the same and that’s what this review is going to cover.

aptor liner vs rhino liner

What is Raptor Liner?

U-Pol Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner 8 Quart Kit and Custom Coat Spray Gun with Regulator
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You have probably heard of Raptor Liner. This is one of the best-selling spray bed liners. It’s popular amongst truck owners because of its amazing capabilities.

Raptor liner is a tough and durable paint-on protective coating. When sprayed on a surface, it creates a barrier that is strong enough to withstand physical abuse and weather elements.

It is available in a kit that comes packed with everything you may need to protect your bed liner.

After being sprayed on the truck bed, raptor liner cures into a tough layer of coat which is capable of protecting metal from rust, scratches, chips, and other things that may damage or wear it out.

The biggest difference between raptor liner and other coating products is the look and feel it offers. Aesthetically wise, it looks amazing and is available in several colors.

So you can choose one that blends with the paint of your truck. It’s also important to mention that the formula can be mixed with dyes and pigments.

With the raptor liner, getting the perfect color match should be the least of your concerns. Regarding the feel, it’s smooth but yet very tough.

Another unique feature of the raptor liner is that it’s stored in a spray can. This makes application very easy, even for individuals who don’t have any prior experience in applying coatings to truck beds.

As a coating, you can spray the bed liner on the contours of your truck to ensure every space is covered and protected. It leaves no room for an air gap, therefore no space is lost in the coating process.

You can also use a paint roller, but we wouldn’t recommend this especially to newbies as it is difficult for you to get consistent results.

Other than truck beds, this spray-on bed liner can be used on a wide range of surfaces. You can use raptor liner on any metal, as long as your goal is to protect it from wear, rust, and abuse.

Some of the applications raptor liners can be used on include; heavy equipment, agricultural and marine tools. If you intend to use raptor liner on something you aren’t sure of, you can always contact their customer reps for advice.

The other thing that we love about the raptor liner is that it doesn’t need any sort of maintenance. You just have to spray it on your bed liner, forget about it and enjoy the benefits.

There are plenty of unique features of raptor liner and if we started listing them, we would go on and on forever. Before we move on, there is one final aspect of this product that is worth knowing.

It forms a thick protective layer that is capable of dispersing pressure. Truck beds get to experience very harsh conditions.

For instance, when loading cargo some of us just keep on throwing objects to the bed. If the object is heavy and strongly built, when it lands on metal with force, it can scratch, dent, or damage the bed.

With a liner such as a raptor liner that can disperse pressure, it will only bounce on the surface and your bed will remain intact.

What is Rhino Liner?

This is another bed liner for your truck and other than improving aesthetics as well as providing protection, it has got its own distinctive features.

Rhino is known to have a softer texture that is very gentle on your hands and knees whenever you are accessing the bed. Secondly, it is very durable and can last for years even when exposed to the hardest conditions.

A feature most truck owners appreciate with this bed liner is the anti-slip function. Slipping when loading cargo is quite risky especially if the bed is wet.

However, with Rhino Liner’s anti-slip feature, you will be safe. The level of anti-slip resistance depends on the finish that you choose.

A matte-like finish offers more grip than a glossy finish. You have to evaluate whether you will go for aesthetics or slip resistance. Moving on, the Rhino liner is quite thick. This has its advantages as well.

A thicker bed liner can disperse more pressure, dampens sound more effectively than a thinner one, and ensures the truck bed is safeguarded from damage, rust, and impact.

Unlike Raptor Liner, for this product to work perfectly, it must be applied by a professional Rhino Linings Dealer.

Even though you can apply it by yourself, these dealers use special equipment to ensure the formula bonds on the bed.

What are the Differences between Raptor and Rhino Liner?

1) Rhino liner is more popular than raptor liner. If you go through reviews on auto forums, you will find out that Rhino is more popular than Raptor. As a result, most people go for the latter. This however doesn’t mean that Raptor liner is in any way inferior.


2) The other main difference is that Raptor liner can be applied by the buyer, but the rhino liner must be applied by a professional rhino lining dealer.

With rhino liner, if you apply it yourself, it may not bond so well because the dealers use special tools, and you may not qualify for the warranties.

With raptor liner, the product is designed for DIY application. The kit comes with all the tools you may need for the application.


3) From various user comments and reviews, rhino liner offers more grip than its counterpart. Therefore, if you are loading cargo and you are worried about slipping, the rhino offers an anti-slip feature.

How Are They Similar?

The choice between rhino and raptor liner is more a matter of preference. As you will see in the similarities, these products have similar features. Here are some of the ways raptor and rhino liners are the same. Both;

1) Offer protection against weather elements and physical abuse. Whether you go with rhino or raptor liner, you can be assured of enjoying ultimate protection from all the elements.


2) Are available in various colors. The two protective linings can be sprayed in nearly all colors that you want. This is great because you can match perfectly the color of the bed liner to that of the truck.


3) Protective coatings are very thick. As a result, whether you go with raptor or rhino liner you will enjoy sound dampening capabilities from the bed liner.


4) Can disperse pressure evenly. The coatings create a layer of liner that when hit with a heavy object, causes them to bounce and not damage the truck bed.


5) Each bottle of rhino and raptor liner is more than a gallon and this is enough to coat even a large truck.

What’s Better about Raptor Liner?

There are plenty of good things about this superior coating. It cures into a thick and consistent layer of special coating. The formula conforms to all the corners and contours on the truck bed.

It is thick enough to deaden noises that come from the back of your truck. Raptor liner is UV resistant and even when you go with the color options, it won’t fade when exposed to excess sun.

This coating also bonds with the metal strongly and is resistant to both physical abuse and weather elements. To ensure it lasts longer, it should be applied correctly.

Other than protecting truck beds, raptor liner can be used to cover all metals such as construction tools, gates, pump lifts, and farm equipment.

What’s Better about Rhino Liner?

The soft-touch of Rhino liner has a great feeling when it makes contact with your skin that is hands and knees.

So, if you are often loading cargo on your truck, the gentle surface of this bed liner will be friendly to your skin. The other thing is the anti-slip feature.

This keeps you safe when you are on top of the bed liner. Rhino liner when installed by a professional, you get a lifetime warranty.

This product is non-flammable, waterproof, and UV resistant. Its thickness does a great job of lessening the impact and dampening sound.

Who Should Get Raptor Liner and Why?

We recommend raptor liner for DIY enthusiasts that are interested in a protective coating capable of safeguarding the bed of their trucks as well as other metals in general.

Raptor liner is available in a full kit that contains all the tools you may need to apply a spray-on bed liner. Raptor liner is also perfect for truck owners that are interested in a robust protective coating.

Who Should Get Rhino Liner and Why?

Rhino liner on the other hand is ideal for truck owners that are interested in a great-looking protective coating for their trucks.

This elastomeric polyurethane material has an excellent finish that will look exceptionally well on your truck. It will also offer protection against weather elements, physical abuse, and scratches.