4 Common Problems With Tamco Paint (Explained)

Even though Tamco paint may not be the most popular in the market, their paint is very easy to apply, it’s affordable, and is outstandingly durable.

However, similar to all other paints, Tamco paints are not exempted from problems. If you do your research well, you will realize that several people have run into issues with this paint.

If you are considering using Tamco paint, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with these issues so that you can know how to avoid them.

And in the long run, save up on money and efforts in repairs or re-sprays. Before we list some of the common Tamco paint problems it’s important to note that this paint isn’t always problematic. Most of these problems arise because of human errors.

tamco paint problems

Common Problems Associated with Tamco Paint

  • Orange Peel

This is a problem that’s not unique to Tamco but all paints in general. An orange peel in auto paint is the textured imperfection that appears after every paint job.

Depending on the color of your vehicle, the orange peel can create a wavy appearance. When exposed to light, the orange peel may reflect it from different angles.

The orange peel is easily diagnosable because instead of the shiny finish that cars have after a paint job, yours will have an orange texture.

There are several causes for an orange peel when you use Tamco paint. The main reason is usually the use of incorrect spray pressure.

Other causes include using the wrong solvents, applying the paint at wrong temperatures, and not setting up your spray gun correctly.

To get the right glossy finish from your Tamco paint, ensure that you use the recommended spray pressure, apply the paint at the right pressure and to get the right consistency, use the required solvents.

  • Solvent Pop

This is another common issue associated with Tamco paint especially if you use the wrong spray pressure. Solvent pops are blisters that develop in the paint surface after it dries.

When the solvent is trapped in the film after you paint your car. There is a big chance of the solvent popping during drying or when it is exposed to the sun.

Solvent pops can make a car look ugly even with a new paint job. To avoid such issues with Tamco paint, ensure that you stick to the right viscosity or spray requirements.

It is also crucial that you regulate temperatures as this may also lead to solvent pop.

  • Color Variations

One of the problems that most people experience with Tamco paints is color variations. This problem usually arises because of the painter’s inability to distinguish the color of their vehicle.

As you may already know, there are different color shades. And even though some colors may look the same to the naked eye, there can be different variations.

It is important that you know the color of a vehicle before ordering it. This ensures that it is uniform and your vehicle doesn’t look odd.

Also, during the application, if you are not careful with viscosity and temperature control, you may end up with an inconsistent color especially if you are only spraying certain parts of your car.

  • Clouding

Also known as mottling, this isn’t a common problem experienced with Tamco paint because it is of high quality. However, we saw it fit to list it as an issue so that you can know how to avoid it.

Clouding occurs when your paint job has a hazy finish. This is mostly caused by using an incorrect spray booth temperature as well as viscosity. To prevent clouding, you should also use the proper gun setup.

From the above, you can see that most Tamco paint problems arise from incorrect use or application of the paint. Painting your car isn’t the same as painting your house. The latter requires little know-how and technique.

Spray painting a car requires an in-depth understanding of the paint as well as how to set up your gun.

Nonetheless, it is crucial that you know the problems that can arise from using Tamco paint. This information will help you avoid these problems and save money on repairs.

What are People Saying about Tamco Paint?

Despite having some problems, Tamco paint is really loved by bot detailers and DIY car sprayers. On the company’s social media pages, most comments there speak positively of the paint and praise its durability.

This is also the case with reviews on popular detailing forums. There are a couple of negative comments about the paint but they cannot surpass the positive comments.

From these reviews, it also did come to our attention that Tamco has excellent custo0mer service. If you have any problems with their paint, they are always willing to hear and help you out.

Key Features of Tamco Paint

To gauge how good Tamco paint is, it is crucial that we also look into some of the key features of their paint. Tamco Paint is;

  • Very easy to apply on metallic colors. This is perfect for car owners that crave a glossy finish.


  • Tamco paint has been known to give cars an impressive glossy finish.


  • The paint is very economical to use.


  • You can be guaranteed excellent gloss and color retention.


  • Tamco paint is very durable and has the ability to withstand the harshest elements.


  • The paint has a superior outflow and leveling.

How to Prepare Your Car’s Surface for Tamco Paint Application?

If you ask any professional car painter, they will tell you that it is very important to prepare a surface before applying paint.

And by preparation, we mean washing and cleaning the car. Paint, if applied to a dirty surface, won’t have a smooth finish.

Dirt may stick on the surface and leave a bumpy feeling. To prevent that, here is how you should prepare the surface;

  • Remove grease and wax from the car surface.


  • Thoroughly sand the surface where you intend to apply the paint. This will remove rust.


  • Apply a urethane primer.


  • Using wet sandpaper, block the primed bodywork.


  • Seal and get to painting.

The above is how you should prepare a bare metal surface. Because cars often feature a pre-painted surface, you should start by washing the area thoroughly with soap and water.

During that process, remove wax and grease from your car. Sand rusty areas, seal them and let it dry in a controlled environment.

The latter helps with preventing dirt from bonding to the car surface. Regarding the application of Tamco paints, the packaging usually includes directions on how to go about that.

Make sure that you follow those instructions strictly.

Why You Should Choose Tamco Paint

As mentioned earlier, Tamco paint is amongst the best paints you can use on your car. And despite it having a few problems.

Overall, it has many great features. After going through the problems associated with this paint, you are definitely wondering, why should I buy it?

Tamco makes quality paint. It doesn’t matter whether you are a DIY car owner or are a professional detailer, using such quality paint guarantees the best paint job for your vehicle.

This is a company that has been around since 1989. Therefore, you can expect nothing but the best from these guys.

The company is keen on customer satisfaction and that’s why their customer support is always around to hear your complaints and help solve them.

Their paint is very durable and can withstand abuse from the weather and other elements such as tree sap, bugs, dirt, and grease. No matter how unique the color of your car is, at Tamco paint, you can get it.

In the formulation of paint, Tamco does not use any shortcuts. All their products are created under the best conditions to ensure you get pure quality.

It’s also important to note that Tamco is a certified paint manufacturer.

They may not be at the same level as the big names but their paint is very reliable. Using the finest raw materials and advanced technology, you can get nothing but the best paint from them.

And as if that’s not enough, their paint is available at affordable rates. You don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets for you to get some high-quality paint.

Most people also love how friendly the team at Tamco is. Did you know that you can talk directly to Tammy Miller, Bob and Tammy’s oldest daughter?

Yes, Tamco makes it possible for customers to reach the management directly and express their concerns.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Car Painted by a Professional?

Not to discourage DIY car painters, but having your car painted by a professional can help you avoid all the above problems. Most of the time people blame the paint, however, most issues arise because of the painter’s mistake.

Not unless it is a small paint job on your car, it is best that you leave car painting to professionals. They not only have the right equipment but have the experience and knowledge needed to paint cars.

Car paint is very sensitive and if you don’t know how to go about with the application you may end up with orange peels or solvent pops.