Are Hella Horns Worth It? (Explained)

Hella horns are 100% worth it, especially if you are tired of dealing with crappy drivers. They are great for aesthetics and about twice as loud as the stock horns. Your car needs to be loud in emergencies, and Hella horns are the best in such scenarios.

Most people, put Hella horns in their vehicles to draw the attention of other cars on the road. It has a combination of low and high tones to project a powerful sound.

You might be asking yourself whether these loud horns are legal and if they are approved in every state. They are and can be found on Amazon and most auto spare parts stores.

This article will explain whether Hella Horns are worth spending money on.

are Hella horns worth it
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What are Hella Horns?

These are horns designed to attract attention either on highways or on the street. They have a bold and somewhat annoying sound that is easily noticeable.

Some people think they look ugly, especially on motorbikes, while others think they look industrial and mean. In most cases, they are an ideal replacement once the original horn is broken than any other type of horn.

They are some of the loudest car horns you can find, and they deliver a high volume of about 111 decibels.

What do Car Owners think Of Hella Horns?

Most reviews that come from car owners with Hella horns are that they are pretty awesome. They cannot be compared to other horns.

Of course, they are much louder such that you can hear them from a mile away since the sound is high-pitched.

The fact that they are easy to install since it takes about half an hour makes drivers want them because the louder the horn, the more you are guaranteed safety.

In cases of burglars trying to hijack your car while you are inside, they buzz off loudly when you press on them—scaring the thieves away.

Hella horns are highly recommended, especially if you want to be heard, and also for visual appeal because they look good too.

What Are Some of The Best Hella Horns?

1. Hella Sharptone Car Horn Kit

This is an exceptional type of horn. It is the best overall over the others. Despite looking great, this horn is coated with a shielding metal surrounded by a yellow shield and is very loud. Its key features include;

Has a low 350 Hz frequency and a 415 Hz high tone frequency.

It is sold alongside a relay as well as mounting hardware.

Capable of reaching 115 decibels.

2. Hella Black 12V Horn Kit

These horns are of decent quality and available at a very low price. The Hella Black can be used on a wide range of cars, are durable, and include a high tone and low tone ranging from 420 Hz to 350 Hz respectively. Some of its features include:

It produces more sound than the average stock horn.

Fairly simple to install.

Without deafening people, it grabs the attention of other motorists easily.

3. Hella 003399801 Supertone 12V

They look and sound like nothing else on the road. These super horns are loud and powerful. It is safe to say that the Hella Supertone 12V is perfect for every situation. Features include:

Designed with maximum functionality.

It comes with a level horn mount.

The Hella Kit contains everything you may need for a successful installation. Make sure that you follow the instructions provided during installation.

Do Hella Horns Need a Relay?

The horn relay is the electronic component that is a part of the vehicle’s horn circuit. The primary function is that it serves as the relay that controls power to the vehicle’s horn.

When installing a Hella horn, confirm with the instructions whether you will need to set up the relay. If you aren’t sure about the installation process, you can always seek the services of a professional mechanic.

It may cost more to hire someone to install a Hella horn for you. But you will be assured of a proper installation. Understandably, not all of us are gifted DIY experts.

Should I Buy Hella Horns?

From a professional point of view, Hella horns are the best compared to other horns. They have an excellent visual appeal.

We recommend it not only for drawing people’s attention but also for safety purposes, in traffic jams and if burglars try to hijack a car in the street.

Hella horns are very helpful for daily driving, are of excellent quality, and are easy to install. Since all of them have a shade of red, you can repaint them so that they can match the color of your car.

If compared to train horns, the amount of sound produced is slightly the same. They both range between 110 – 130 decibels, which is loud.

Its ability to be louder and have a longer lifetime than other horns is one of its advantages. They are trendy and worth putting money into.

Are Loud Car Horns Such as Hella Legal?

If they meet the requirements, they are officially approved for use in a car. As long as it does not endanger/distract other drivers, they are considered legal.

Actually, in many states, drivers are fined if their cars are found to be lacking horns. But according to state laws, it is wrong to make loud noises using horns or any other warning devices for absolutely no reason.

If found guilty, you may be fined by the authorities. The only vehicles allowed to have such loud horns or warnings are heavy and big carriers. To summarise, it is perfectly legal to use them in traffic situations.

Are Hella Horns Easy to Install?

It takes about 30-60 minutes to install a Hella horn. Here is a simple procedure on how to install Hella horns;

You begin by testing the initial horn to make sure everything is functioning properly

Removing the front bumper so that you can have access to the horn station

Once the bumper is already removed, then the stock horns follow. This is because the Hella horns have to replace the stock horns

Proceed to mount the Hella horns to the latch support.

Install the horn and make adjustments to ensure it does not lose its grip when on the road.

Install the bumper back again.

You then finalize by testing the horn while 3 meters away. It would be best if you did not put your ears next to the horn.

Where Can I Buy Hella Horns?

Hella horns are available in Amazon, Walmart, and other Auto spare parts shops. They can still be shipped from Germany and India. These are the only two countries that make original Hella horns.

It is mainly manufactured in India and has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. You can also get the best deals on Hella car horns on eBay.

The best Hella horn on the market is the Hella Supertone 12V High Tone/Low Tone Twin Horn Kit. It is very loud, captures the required attention, and is budget-friendly.

Are There Fake Hella Horns in the Market?

There have been many cases of people receiving fake or unauthentic Hella horns. According to resources, there are many fake ones in the market already.

Before purchasing, one should check to buy genuine Hella products to be assured of the quality and premium sound levels. Think twice before purchasing a kit that isn’t packaged or wrapped.

Most of these are second-hand horns. To avoid being tricked, the horn should have the Hella symbol. Fake Hella horns might work as well, but they won’t last long. The best advice would be to buy the real ones.

The pick for the best car horn is the Hella Supertone 12V High Tone / low tone twin Horn Kit. It is also budget-friendly and has a high tone and a low tone.

Are Hella Horns Plug and Play?

Of course, they are. When wiring the Hella horns they ought to be installed in your vehicle. There is no need to start from zero when you can be offered an already assembled aftermarket quality harness that will enable you to plug and play in seconds.

What are Some Problems that People Have Had with Hella Horns?

Grease on the terminals. But this can quickly be dealt with by using dielectric grease on the terminals to keep out moisture, dirt, and salt.

If you press on the steering wheel and your Hella horn is not functioning, the first thing to do is confirm whether any of the wires going to the horn has come loose. Especially in new cars.

Any sound that is above 85 decibels is harmful to the human ear. Can cause hearing loss and other hearing-related problems. So, it is best advised for Hella horns that go above 100 decibels to be used on roads, especially highways.

If you often use it in the neighborhood, noise complaints might arise, and you might be sued. Most states have a policy against noise disturbance.

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