Are White Cars Girly? (Explained)

Whether you are about to buy a car, or you already own one, you have probably heard about the conflicting opinions regarding various car paint colors.

Today, we are going to focus on one of the most common car paint colors – white. Some people consider white cars as girlish. Reason being, girls love bright colors and men prefer darker shades such as gray or black.

This is, however, not true. White is a gender-neutral color. A white car will appeal to any man or woman who appreciates elegance and simplicity.

To prove to you that white is a gender-neutral color, as you run your errands today, pay attention to all-white cars and see which gender drives these cars most.

At the end of the day, you will realize that both men and women equally prefer white cars because of how aesthetically pleasing it is.

are white cars girly

If you are a lady or a man planning to buy a white car, don’t listen to other people’s opinions. Provided you love white, then nothing should prevent you from driving a car with white paint.

The thing is, anyone can drive in a car of any color. As long as you are confident, bold, and appreciate your car color, no one should make you feel like you are driving a car associated with another gender.

Let’s put white aside for a moment. Red is considered a girly color, right? But, you have seen men drive red cars? Did you stop them and advise them to switch to another color? Probably not!

So, if you want white, don’t hesitate to get a car with such color. What matters most is your opinion. After all, a car is a personal item and should meet only your preferences.

What Do People Think about White Cars?

Perhaps your male colleagues at work may have laughed at you when you told them you want to buy a white car. Or, your lady friends may have hinted that white cars are girly?

Upon hearing such, you may have been left wondering, is this what everyone thinks. Well, you can rest assured that this isn’t a general opinion shared by everyone.

We looked at different forums and compiled the opinions of most car owners in relation to white cars being girly. A good number of people agree that white is a gender-neutral color.

No matter which part of the world you are from, white cars are a top choice for both men and women equally.

In most forums, some people were even hearing this opinion for the first time. Because all their lives they have grown up knowing that white is a gender-neutral color.

White looks good on all cars. And manufactures can testify that white is a top choice for nearly all of their car models.

So, as you shop or drive a white car, don’t let the thought of white being a girl’s color affect your confidence. Not unless the guys who told you that white cars are girly are going to pay for your car, their opinion is irrelevant.

Is a White Car Masculine or Feminine?

We can’t emphasize enough how much white is a gender-neutral color. Whether in cars or clothes, white remains to appeal to all genders as it is one of the most popular colors.

Therefore, white is both a masculine and feminine color. Whether you are a man or woman, nobody is going to look at you funny just because you are in a white car.

As a matter of fact, if you have maintained your white car properly by polishing and waxing it regularly, the white reflection and shine will always leave heads turning wherever you go.

What Car Color is Attractive to a Girl?

Now that you know white is a gender-neutral color, are you interested in a color that is more attractive to a girl? There are many choices for you to choose from.

If you have a bold personality, you can go with pink. This is the ‘girliest’ color you can ever have on a car. Because not everyone is that bold, other girly car colors worth considering include red and silver.

Red is very popular amongst most ladies and it is also the most expensive car color.

What Does a White Car Say About You?

Not most people know this but your car color does say a lot about you. When buying a car and deciding to stick to a certain color, you may think that it has to do more with your preferences. However, it also showcases your personality.

If you drive a white car, the world perceives you like a fresh, young, and modern individual who has a simple yet elegant taste. White as a color is associated with purity and honesty.

These are some of the virtues that such a color portrays. Other than personality, most people who live in hot areas prefer white cars as they are more capable of reflecting light and heat, unlike their counterparts which have dark shades.

Having described what a white car says about you, it’s important that we touch on other car colors that people consider as girly. They include;

  • Silver

Ladies have always had a keen eye for shiny stuff. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that most women would prefer a silver car to a black one. This color portrays class.

Quite often, you will find most men or women driving silver cars have a higher status in society. Other than being a laidback car color, silver is also as good as white when it comes to reflecting heat.

  • Red

This color was made for go-getters and that’s why most sports cars come in red. For women, red shows fun and confidence. However, for men, a red car is an indication that you want to flex your muscles on the road.

Because of such a perception, a red car for a man needs to be powerful and luxurious. So that as you draw attention, people have something to look at.

  • Blue

This is a very subtle color. And most cars that have blue paint are often minivans owned by moms that want to portray a peaceful and stable family. The color blue is known for being a happy color.

  • Yellow

This is the rarest car color you can find on the road. Despite being so rare, yellow cars portray you as a happy and fun driver. Most people will be easily attracted to you.

And as your car’s bright yellow colors make turns on the road, you will be spreading positivity and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Reasons Why You Should Buy a White Car?

You already know that white is a popular color and it’s not girly. That aside, what are other reasons why you should buy a white car?

  • Nearly all cars look great in white

During production, car manufacturers make a good number of their cars in white. The reason for this is that most cars look amazing in white.

Be it a Rolls Royce or a Toyota, as long as it is white, it would appeal to many people. Therefore, if you want a good-looking car, white is one of the best colors to choose.

  • White cars have a higher resale value

Compared to yellow, red, and gray, white cars have a higher resale value. You may be wondering how is that possible.

It’s because white appeals to a broad range of buyers, both men and women. When it’s time to trade your white car, dealers will be very enthusiastic to take it back because of its high resale value.

  • White cars are cooler

Unlike black or dark color shades that absorb heat, white cars reflect the heat. No matter how long your white car stays under the sun, when you enter it, it will always be cool.

As you can see there are many advantages of buying a white car. As you proceed to do so, you should know that it is a very popular color.

Brace yourself to have a hard time looking for it at the parking lot, especially if you buy a popular model as well. Also, white cars require a lot of effort in keeping the paint clean.

Because of how easily visible dirt and mud is on a white car, you will have to spend a lot of time in car washes if you want it to look great.

Is White a Good Color for a Car?

It’s definitely one of the best colors for a car. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter which car model you want to buy, provided it’s white, it will look great. White cars have a great resale value and don’t easily show scratches or dents.

It’s a gender-neutral color, so any member of your family can drive it comfortably without having to roll up their windows in fear of being judged for driving a girly car.

Currently, white is the most popular car color after displacing silver in 2011. Black follows in second place and then we have silver.

Blue is also becoming a top choice, especially amongst ladies. But it will take some time before it reaches the level of the three.