3 Best Interior Colors For White Car (Explained)

White cars tend to blend well with a wide range of interior colors. Even though the ideal color combination for your car’s interior and exterior is based on personal preferences.

Some interior colors look exceptional when used on a white car. If you are buying a white car and wondering what color to choose for your interior, this guide can help you make the best decision.

best interior color for white car
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1. Black – The Best Interior Color for a White Car

Black and white have always been the best color combination. Not just in cars but a wide range of things such as home paint, furniture, and even clothing.

The reason why black looks exceptional on a white car is that it contrasts the exterior. If you go with a white interior on a white car. This will look weird and a bit awkward.

However, black has always been the conventional interior color for white cars. Not to mention black looks fantastic on the leather seats and dashboard.

Despite being such a great choice for a white car, a black interior can get pretty hot during summer. This is something that you should prepare yourself for.

2. Red

The second color that would look great on a white car is red. Many people are afraid of red interiors because it’s too bold or, as they say, ‘shouting’. If that’s your personality, then go for black interiors. They are more subtle.

Red interiors are made for people who are tired of the conventional color combinations. We can all admit that society is full of different people. To some, the shouting red interiors are exciting and evoke that feeling of aggression.

If your personality is characterized by action and energy, don’t hesitate to go with red as your interior color. Red blends seamlessly with white.

It will be highly noticeable. You can decide to tint your windows or leave them clear so that your car can reflect your true personality. Red-colored interiors don’t get as hot as black ones.

3. Tan

Finally, if you are the kind of car owner who craves a luxurious look, you should go with the tan. Unlike black and red, tan interiors are associated with luxury.

In most high-end cars, you will find tan interiors. This is how things have always been in the auto world, and some perceptions can’t be changed.

Tan doesn’t blend so well with white cars, as is the case with black and red. That, however, doesn’t mean it will look hideous. A tan interior on a white car will look just fine.

If you are worried about too much concentration, you can opt for a tan trim that features strips of black on the dash or seats.

What Interior Color is the Best for Men Driving White Cars?

Masculinity and femininity play a critical role in choosing interior colors as personal preferences do. No matter how hard people try to generalize colors, there will always be some that appeal more to women than men.

If you are a man who drives a white car or planning to buy one, a black or tan interior can appeal to your masculinity.

Men prefer darker colors.

That being said, some love bright colors, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, general opinion dictates that tan and black are the go-to interior colors for men who drive white cars.

For those who want a more sporty feeling, you can go with red. However, black will always be the safest choice for a car interior.

What about Ladies?

On the other hand, women have been known to love flashy things. In this case, a woman can best be suited by a red or white interior on a white car. The bright red or white interiors showcase your femininity, and they look fantastic.

Contrary to popular opinion, red isn’t too Hollywood for a car interior color. Even if it were, wouldn’t you love cruising around looking like a celebrity?

Ladies who prefer more subtle colors can try black or tan. These options are a bit more laid back, and they are the conventional colors found in most interiors.

Why Does Car Interior Color Matter?

There are many reasons you should be keen on choosing the best car interior color. They include;

  • Aesthetics and appreciation

Our perception of beauty is very different. The color you pick for your car’s interior can either make you fall in love with the car or hate it. If you want to appreciate your vehicle’s aesthetics, go for a color that you will love.

  • Resale value

Did you know that car interior color matters a lot when selling? Understandably, you may go for a particular color so that you look unique.

But, if you don’t go with a color that most people appreciate, you will have a hard time selling that vehicle.

Colors such as red are rare, and not most people will be willing to buy a car with such an interior. If it were black, finding a buyer wouldn’t take so long.

Therefore, as you choose an interior color, ensure you consider the duration you plan to own the vehicle. If it’s long-term, you can choose the color of your choice.

How to Pick the Best Car Interior Color

Here are factors you should consider when choosing an interior color for your vehicle.

1. Exterior Color

In this case, where we are talking about a white exterior, three primary colors blend well with it: black, red, and tan. As you choose an interior color, the first thing you need to consider is the car’s color. It should blend easily.

2. Personal Preferences

As the saying goes, beauty will always be in the eyes of the beholder. We all have favorite colors. Cars are personal belongings. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with choosing a color that reflects your taste.

If you love red or black, feel free to go with your color of choice. By choosing what you love, you will always enjoy being inside your vehicle.

3. Gender

If you prefer a more masculine color, go for black and tan on the interior of a white car. Women will most likely opt for red, white, and black.

4. Climate

The climate of the area you live in also dictates the interior color you should have on a car. Black is an excellent choice.

It blends perfectly well with white cars. The problem is that it gets pretty hot. It is a better choice if you don’t live in a hot area.

5. Purpose of the Vehicle

This is one thing that many car owners don’t consider when choosing an interior color. What you intend to use the vehicle for determines the ideal color to choose.

For instance, family and business cars shouldn’t have a bright interior as they can easily get dirty. Commercial and family vehicles look better with black interiors as these don’t stain.

However, if you buy a car for personal use, you can choose bright colors and not worry about keeping them clean.

Will a Blue Interior Look Good on a White Car?

We didn’t mention blue as one of the best interior colors for white cars because it’s a rare interior color. How many cars have you seen with a blue interior?

Probably, a few. Anyway, blue would look great on a white car. Similar to black, it will offer some form of contrast. The only difference is that a blue interior won’t only look great, but it will be unique.

If you are the kind of person who prefers a sophisticated look, you should go for blue interiors. Depending on the car you are buying, getting a blue interior may involve a lot of research this is because it’s not common.

You can always contact the manufacturer with the help of your dealer and see if you can get a blue interior on a white vehicle.

What about Grey?

Grey often doesn’t look so good in a white car. Grey may be a safe color since it’s between light and dark, plus it’s good at hiding dirt and stains.

However, beauty-wise, it’s not a great choice. Grey is a dull color. It will make your interior look basic. If you want a safe color for your interior, go with tan or black.

Not that we are discouraging a white exterior and grey interior combination. But, you must understand how these colors will impact the aesthetics of your car.

How Do I Know Which Interior Color is Right for a White Car?

The best way to judge which color suits your car is through a physical examination. If your dealer has several white cars with varying interior colors, you can look at all of them and then choose which looks best.

It shouldn’t be hard to choose once you see the different interior colors. If you are ordering the vehicle, you can look at pictures online and compare.

Choosing an interior color doesn’t have to be a source of headaches. Listen to your gut and pick the interior color that you like.

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