Do You Tip Windshield Installers? (Explained)

It is courteous to always tip people who come to your residence or business to do a certain job. Well, not unless that job is to arrest you.

For years, tipping has been a mode of showing appreciation to service providers and delivery guys. However, it is not everyone who deserves a tip. And it’s not in everyone’s nature to tip.

Windshield installation is a very crucial service. Driving around in a broken windshield isn’t only illegal but it is very dangerous. It can easily collapse especially when driving at high speeds.

Therefore, replacing it as soon as possible is highly recommended. If you have hired a mechanic or your insurance guys have sent a professional to install a windshield on your car, you may be wondering, should I tip the installers?

As simple as the above question may sound, tipping is a very complex response. It may be triggered by emotions and at times it occurs spontaneously.

Below, I am going to discuss why you should or shouldn’t tip your windshield installers. As well as look more into the process of windshield installation and whether it is a service that deserves to be tipped.

do you tip windshield installers

Let’s start with; How Many People Tip Windshield Installers?

Knowing the statistics can help you determine whether you should or shouldn’t tip windshield installers. Because, if other people are doing it, why shouldn’t you?

Tipping, though voluntary, it has grown to become a norm. Today, more than 40% of adults tip service providers.

Out of this number, at least 6% leave a tip of more than 25% of the service they have received. This is according to a report from

See how generous people are? So, if you are not tipping, chances are, even though you may not be alone, you need to reconsider your ways.

There isn’t a lot of information regarding the number of people who tip windshield installers. But from the general statistics, we can conclude that a lot of people show gratuity to these service providers by tipping them.

Is Windshield Installation a Service that Needs to be Tipped?

All services deserve tips even food deliveries. Even though technicians may not show it, the process of installing a windshield is difficult and takes up a lot of time.

If you were to be in the shoes of these technicians, you will be very happy when clients appreciate your efforts.

Windshield installation is a complicated process that requires a lot of skill, from the moment you request the service.

To help you understand why you should tip your windshield installers, it’s best that I share with you what these technicians go through.

When you request to have your windshield installed, a technician is assigned that duty. They gather details about your car model and which windshield would fit it perfectly. They then schedule a date to perform the installation.

On that date, the technicians carry the windshield safely to your home. They remove the old one carefully so as not to increase the extent of the damage.

They then use advanced adhesives and primers to install the new windshield. The window is then well-fitted and cleaned. The entire process can take up to an hour to be completed, depending on your model.

From the above process, you can see that windshield installation is not a walk in the park. If you can tip your uber eats delivery guy, don’t you think that your windshield installer also deserves an extra token of appreciation?

But, Windshield Installers Do Get Paid for the Service; Why Should I Tip?

This is a very reasonable question. Whether you pay from your pocket or your insurance caters for the cost of windshield installation, at the end of the day, the installers do get paid.

And therefore, why would I give money twice? If you think of it that way, then that’s well and good. Windshield installers are aware of this and probably won’t ask for a single coin.

However, as an empathetic human being. Here is a technician who has focused heavily on the task of installing your windshield.

He/she is very careful during the entire process and does the work to perfection. The installer involved you in the process of installation from the beginning to the end. And they never hesitated in answering your questions.

Once they are done, they warm-heartedly give you tips on how to take care of your new windshield and bid you goodbye.

What is the right thing to do? Probably give them a tip so that they can enjoy lunch on their way back to the office.

As mentioned earlier, tipping is not in everyone’s nature. Moreover, there are financial situations that don’t allow you to give tips. Therefore, you should never feel forced into giving tips.

The best tips are those given out of the goodness of a person’s heart. Do you feel contented with the installer’s service then give them a tip and vice versa.

Why Should I Tip Windshield Installers?

There are many reasons why you should tip windshield installers. Please give them something extra;

  • If they were extremely friendly before, during, and after the installation


  • Because most windshield installers don’t get paid enough money to sustain their livelihoods. Your generous tips go a long way in making up for their low pay.


  • A lot of installers rely on these tips for their everyday livelihood before getting paid at the end of the month.


  • If your installer ran into a lot of difficulties when fitting your windshield.


  • If the installer does an excellent job at installing the windshield.


  • If it feels right by you. Giving tips comes down to your feelings as a person.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Tip Windshield Installers

As much as everyone is always in favor of windshield installers being tipped, it’s not always recommended. There are certain scenarios that don’t require giving tips.

Here are some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t tip a windshield installer;

  • If they were very rude or uncooperative.


  • If you don’t have the funds to tip them.


  • If the service delivery is below average.


  • If you are not satisfied with the results.


  • If they refuse the tip. Though rare, some windshield installers have a strong opinion against receiving tips.

How Much Should I Tip Window Installers?

Allow me to make one thing clear. You don’t have to tip window installers. It’s not compulsory for you to tip after receiving every service.

Even the installers themselves don’t expect to be tipped always. Therefore, there is no such thing as how much should I tip?

The amount you should tip a window installer heavily depends on the overall cost of the service provided.

It should also depend on the factors or reasons why have listed above. A good tip is usually more than $20. With the least being a dollar.

Please don’t tip anything less than that because in today’s economy, what do you expect someone to do with a dollar.

As you tip the windshield guy, you should be mindful of the level of service they have offered. If it was top tier, $5 and below will be highly inappropriate.

While we talk about the least amount one should tip a windshield installer, we should also address the maximum amount one can tip an installer.

A tip shouldn’t exceed more than 20% of the overall fees.

Anything above that is payment for more services. However, if you are a millionaire and have a giving heart, nothing should prevent you from putting a smile on your windshield installer’s face.

Are There Any Benefits of Tipping Windshield Installers?

Most people, when giving tips, they always don’t expect anything in return. It is usually a sign of appreciation.

However, little do people know that tips have many benefits to both you and the person receiving them, in this case, the windshield installer.

As the giver, you will feel more contented knowing that you have expressed your appreciation for a job well done.

It is a way of saying thanks but with more action.

What Mode of Payment Should I Use When Tipping?

Any that you and the installer are comfortable with. The thing about tips is that they aren’t as formal as payments. You can give the installer cash or use e-wallets.

The latter has become more popular because they are convenient compared to cash transactions. Whichever mode you choose doesn’t matter. Provided the funds reach the installer on time.

What’s Going to Happen If I Don’t Tip a Window Installer?

Nothing is going to happen. Tips are not a must. A windshield installer is required to perform the installation properly whether they are being tipped or not.

Their service delivery is always expected to be top-notch. And as a client, you have the right to complain if a service offered is poor.

The installers won’t ask for tips. It is only because of your moral obligation that you may consider tipping. So, if for whatever reason, you don’t feel like tipping don’t do it.

Let the installer do his/her job and when they are done, thank them for a job well done.