Meguiars Ultimate Compound Vs. M105 (Compared)

There is no better fix for removing scratches and defects on your car other than using a compounding agent. Car paint is very prone to scratching no matter how careful you drive or park your vehicle.

And instead of getting a paint job which can be quite expensive, compounding your car levels uneven paint and thus gets rid of any defects that are on the surface of the paint.

If you have been researching the best car compounding agents, you have definitely come across Meguiars ultimate compound and Meguiars M105 ultra cut compound.

Despite both being from Meguiars, a leading auto care products manufacturer, the two have different capabilities when it comes to removing defects on car paint. Before settling on one, here is a comparison of both.

meguiars ultimate compound vs m105

Let’s Start with Meguiars Ultimate Compound – What Is It?

Meguiar's G17220 Ultimate Compound, Color & Clarity Restorer, Scratch & Swirl Remover, 20 Fl oz
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Meguiars ultimate compound first hit the market in 2009. One of the key features that distinguish it from the rest of the rubbing compounds in the market is that it’s the most aggressive compound from this auto care brand.

Comprising of scratch-X, Swirl-X, and ultimate polish, this compounding agent was formulated specifically for amateur detailers that have no access to orbital polishers.

It is the top choice for most car owners because it is not only aggressive at getting rid of scratches, but can remove swirl marks as well as moderate to heavy oxidation.

Compared to other compounds, very few can come close to Meguiar’s ultimate compound in terms of polishing scratches and swirl marks on car surfaces.

This compounding agent from Meguiars has and continues to receive mixed reviews from buyers. Others praise it for its overall effectiveness, whereas others claim it doesn’t really work.

As an interested consumer, you may be confused by the contrasting reviews and left wondering, should you buy the Meguiars Ultimate Compound? Let’s see what they have to say about their product.

According to Meguiars, this ultimate compound removes light to moderate oxidation on car paint. It also gets rid of scratches and swirl marks.

If you also have stubborn water spots, Meguiars ultimate compound will deal with that right away. In this rubbing compound, you will find micro-abrasive particles that are gentle on car paint.

The manufacturers also claim that it contains a pre-waxing solution that blends with all car paints.

From this polishing compound, you can also get an enhanced level of gloss on your car paint even without polishing it. You can also be assured of restoring your car paint coating.

Meguiar's G17220 Ultimate Compound, Color & Clarity Restorer, Scratch & Swirl Remover, 20 Fl oz
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What is M105?

Meguiar's M10532 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound, 32 Fluid Ounces, 1 Pack
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Are you tired of seeing those ugly defects on your car paint? Well, Meguiars M10532 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound can help you with that and so much more.

This compound boasts a rich formula that can remove defects, scratches, acid rain spots, and severe holograms on your car paint.

With the M105, you also get a superior finish, this is thanks to the superior abrasive technology. This feature also ensures ultra-fast compounding as the compound can remove 1200 grit sanding marks.

Other than being so aggressive, it is fascinating how gentle this compound is on the car’s clear coat and paint.

It is very convenient to use because you don’t need a rotary buffer or polisher. You can apply it by hand. And this is an impressive feature that makes it popular amongst amateur detailers.

Meguiars also claim that their M105 makes compounding fast and easy, unlike other compounding agents in the market.

It helps you achieve this via its ultra-hard and non-diminishing abrasives that retain their size and shape as you rub it on your car.

The M105 compounding agent abrasive particles don’t just cut hard and fast, but they remain consistent from the beginning of the project to the end.

As a result, you get to correct defects faster and easily. It’s worth mentioning that this compounding agent works wonders on etching spots on your car.

Before we can look at some of the differences between Meguiars Ultimate Compound and M105, you should know that the latter promises exceptional results whether you use a rotary polisher, an orbital polisher, or even an orange pad.

You don’t need to have a polishing machine for you to remove defects with the m105, and this is a feature that many amateur detailers love about this rubbing compound. Please note that with the M105, using a polishing machine offers more professional results.

You may think that just because this compounding agent can be applied by hand that the results won’t be impressive. Well, you will be surprised.

The M105 is capable of a thorough paint correction no matter how many defects are on your car. Even if you apply it via hand, you can be assured of a higher level of gloss and shine. Plus, it takes very little time.

Meguiar's M10532 Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound, 32 Fluid Ounces, 1 Pack
As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from made through this link.

How Are They Different?

1. In matters related to aggressiveness, M105 can cut through paint more than Meguiars ultimate compound. So, if you have more defects in your car that need a very aggressive compound, M105 should be your main choice.

2. Even though both can be used without rotary or orbital polishers, Meguiars Ultimate Compound was mainly made for amateur detailers that don’t have these machines and want a compound they can rub by hand.

On the other hand, the M105 was formulated to work better with the above machines.

3. Because of the above difference, the Meguiars Ultimate Compound is more ideal for amateur detailers, whereas the M105 is perfect for professional detailers and detailing enthusiasts.

How Are They Similar?

1. With both Meguiars Ultimate Compound and M105, you don’t need an orbital or rotary polisher to apply the compound to your vehicle.

This feature makes it a top choice for many car owners because it’s only detailers and detailing enthusiasts that own these machines.

Most car owners rarely have such equipment and there being compounding agents that can be applied by hand makes it very convenient for them to remove defects on their car.

2. The M105 and Meguiars Ultimate Compound are very easy to use and offer ultra-fast cut compounding. Meaning that whichever product you decide to go with, you can be assured of applying fast and easily.

You don’t have to waste a lot of time applying the compounding agents to your vehicle.

3. This may be the most obvious similarity, but it is important that we mention it. The Ultimate Compound and the M105 are all Meguiar’s products.

If you know a thing or two about car care brands, then Meguiars shouldn’t be a familiar name. This is a company that has been there for decades and they make some of the best car care products.

4. With both, you can be assured of an impressive finish on your car paint.

What’s Better about Meguiars Ultimate Compound?

Fast and effortless paint correction. Removing scratches and oxidation from car surfaces was always any car owner’s nightmare.

However, when Meguiars Ultimate Compound was introduced, everything changed. Thanks to this compound’s micro-abrasive cutting technology, it breaks down easily and cuts through oxidation fast without having to use a lot of effort.

Unlike other compounds, Meguiars ultimate compound can be applied by hand, and it doesn’t even need you to apply lots of pressure.

To get the most out of hand application, choose a foam applicator. If you happen to own an orbital polisher or know where you can borrow one, you will be able to apply the compound faster.

Even though it may require several applications, the Meguiars ultimate compound gets rid of all the oxidation on your car and smoothens scratches. It also removes swirl marks.

What’s Better about M105?

Very few compounding agents can do what the M105 can. Comprising of ultra-small abrasives, this compounding agent can remove all defects on your car paint and leave a classy finish.

It is body shop safe and can help you save a lot of time and effort thanks to its easy application. The M105 can be used on all types of paint as well as clear coats, even those that are scratch-resistant.

One of the key features of this product is how fast it works. And we are talking about when you apply it via hand.

If you have an orbital polisher, applying the M105 compound to your car should be a breeze.

It is very effective and you don’t have to go over the same spot a couple of times to get the desired finish.

Who Should Get Meguiars Ultimate Compound and Why?

This compounding product is perfect for car owners that want to get defects such as scratches off their car.

It is effective, fast, easy to use and you don’t need a polishing machine to use it on your vehicle.

The Meguiars Ultimate Compound has been there for a while and over the years, it has received worldwide recognition as one of the best rubbing compounds in the market.

Who Should Get the M105 and Why?

Because of how aggressive and fast it is to apply, the M105 was formulated for professional detailers.

Unlike a car owner who has the time to work on compounding their cars, most detailers usually have a long line-up of cars that need detailing.

As a result, the features of the M105 tend to favor professional detailers more than ordinary car owners.