Meguiars Ultimate Compound Vs. M105 (Compared)

meguiars ultimate compound vs m105

There is no better fix for removing scratches and defects on your car other than using a compounding agent. Car paint is very prone to scratching no matter how careful you drive or park your vehicle. And instead of getting a paint job which can be quite expensive, compounding your car levels uneven paint and … Read more

Does Clay Bar Remove Wax? Things You Need To Know

does clay bar remove wax

The reason why we wash our cars is to remove surface contaminants such as dirt, grime, grease, and pollen. Clay bars on the other hand take things a notch higher. Claying removes bonded contaminants from your car surface. This includes bugs, tree sap, or light paint overspray. And even though wax is not a contaminant, … Read more