Is PPF On Headlights Worth It? (Explained)

After some time, headlights often turn yellow due to degradation caused by UV and exposure to other elements. Installing paint protection film on the headlights is known to prevent this.

PPF installation costs are usually below $200. If your dealer or friends have recommended installing PPF to your headlights, you need to determine if it’s a worthy investment before parting with your money.

That’s what we will address in this article and look into other details related to installing PPF on your headlights.

Worker hands installs car paint protection film wrap auto headlight

What are the Benefits of Adding PPF to Your Headlights?

Many things can degrade the lens on your headlight. The first culprit is often UV rays. It’s then followed by elements such as snow, rain, and road salt.

Factors such as debris, bugs, sand, and dirt can also contribute to the degradation of your headlights.

Even though most cars these days come with a UV coating to protect the headlight from the above. These coatings wear out after some time. That’s where PPF comes in handy.

PPF protects the headlights from all the above elements. PPF acts as a barrier between your headlights and dirt, grime, road salt, and the elements responsible for leading to damage to your headlights.

With PPF on your headlights, they should remain bright and clear for the longest time possible. These films often have self-healing properties.

That’s an added advantage because they will easily heal and continue protecting the headlights should they get scratched.

When looking for PPF installation, you should consider options that have self-healing capabilities. It’s also advisable to go for options that come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

The warranty will give you peace of mind knowing that your headlights are protected for a very long time.

Isn’t the Cost of PPF Headlight Installation High?

Paying around $200 for PPF installation on the headlights upfront may seem like a lot of money. However, you need to think about it from the following financial standpoint.

There are two other alternatives to PPF headlight installation. You can get the yearly headlight polish whenever you are servicing the vehicle.

That often costs $50 to $100 if you opt for a professional headlight polishing service. The second alternative is buying another headlight when your current submits to the effects of UV rays and wear caused by dirt, road salt, and debris.

This option will set you back several hundred dollars. Even though you won’t replace the headlights every year, without proper protection, it’s something that may occur after two or three years.

Out of all these options, PPF is the cheapest, especially if you get one with a warranty. For PPF headlight installation, you only have to pay a one-time fee of less than $200.

Since it’s warranted, you can always take it to the manufacturer for replacement should the film get damaged.

Also, with PPF, whenever you want to sell your car. You can remove the film and reveal a clear and bright headlight. This will boost the car’s resale value.

Most used vehicles usually have the worst-looking headlights. Having a clear one will significantly increase the resale rate.

Does PPF Add Orange Peel to the Headlights?

Before spending money on PPF installation on headlights, you must learn as much as you can about the product. Paint protection film creates an orange peel effect when used on paint.

However, when installed on headlights, there is no orange peel. You may not even notice the paint protection film if you are not keen.

The possibility of orange peel being caused by PPF also depends on the technicians doing the installation. Poor installation of PPF can make the finish have an orange peel effect.

As you weigh out options on who are the best PPF installers in your area, you need to consider experience. Reviews and recommendations can direct you to a suitable installer.

Will PPF Prevent Yellowing of Headlights?

Yellow headlights are not the prettiest thing to have on a car. They often lower the vehicle’s aesthetics.

Headlights are located at the front of the vehicle. They are the eyes of your car. If they haze or turn yellow, your car will look old.

The good news is that paint protection film can prevent the yellowing of headlights.

Please note that PPF prevents hazing. It does not restore or fix hazing. If your headlights have already yellowed, you need to fix them before adding a protective film.

Your headlights turn yellow or start to haze when the clear coat on top of it is sandblasted by rock chips, dirt, and other contaminants your car picks up on the road.

A layer of PPF will protect the clear coat on the headlights from being stripped off by these elements, thus preventing hazing or yellowing.

If you are interested in preventing hazing of the headlights. You should opt for a paint protection film that features self-healing capabilities.

This feature is essential since it ensures your headlights will still be protected even when rock chips scratch the PPF. If your PPF headlights are already yellow, they will need to be sanded first before you can install PPF.

What is PPF?

We have talked a great deal about PPF. However, not everyone may be aware of what it is. For those of you who are not familiar with PPF, here is a brief overview.

It’s a transparent plastic material that is applied to vehicles. Just from what the name suggests, PPF is meant to protect the paint. However, it is also commonly used to protect headlights.

PPF acts as a barrier between UV rays, road debris, and headlights. This film is sold by several brands, including popular ones such as 3M. PPF is available in various finishes. There are tinted and clear PPFs.

It’s also worth mentioning that PPF also has varying features. Some of the most common features include self-healing and UV protection.

PPF can be installed by experts, and you can also do it yourself. With PPF on your headlights, it will ensure they look new for the longest time.

Is It Worth Applying PPF on Headlights?

So far, you have already learned a great deal about what PPF is and what it can do for your headlights. So, is it worth spending money on PPF?

From a professional point of view, it is worth investing in paint protection film for the headlights. Your car’s headlights are one of the most critical parts.

Besides helping you see at night or in heavy snow and rain, headlights are responsible for your car’s aesthetics.

If you have yellow or hazy headlights, you won’t see clearly at night, and that’s quite risky. Secondly, cloudy headlights make your car look old, lowering its resale.

For less than $200, PPF installation will ensure your headlights look new for a very long time. They will prevent the effects of road debris and UV degradation.

Headlights are also an expensive car component. PPF will ensure they serve you for the longest time without the need for replacement.

Should I Install PPF By Myself or Have It Done by a Professional?

Installing PPF on your headlights is often cheaper than paying someone to do it. However, when you evaluate the pros and cons of each, it’s better to have it installed the professional way.

A PPF kit will come with everything you will need. You have to attach the adhesive side to the headlights and spray the fitting solution before applying pressure on the film to remove any air bubbles. It’s a procedure that shouldn’t take very long to complete.

On the other hand, a professional PPF installation on the headlights will cost more. However, there are several perks associated with this option. First, the film will be applied correctly. Therefore, there will be no room for error.

Also, if the application is being done by a dealer, you will get a warranty. As with most coatings, you only qualify for a warranty if an authorized expert applies the film.

Between these two options, it’s much better to go with a professional installation since it has many benefits.

How Long Does PPF Last on Headlights?

PPF on the headlights can last for three to five years. Some factors contribute to the lifespan of the PPF, such as the weather conditions in your area of residence and how frequently you drive your car.

For motorists who drive in terrible weather, the PPF film can last for a shorter duration, such as a year or two.

Besides that, there are many PPF brands in the market. Some are known to last longer than others because of the quality of the material. Before making a purchase, you ought to research which brand has better reviews.

However, even if the PPF lasts for a year, that would extend the lifespan of your headlights and ensure they are bright and look good. Whenever the film on headlights wears out, you can always replace it with new ones.

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