Will A Raptor Grill Fit An F150? (Solved)

The Ford F150 and Raptor have a lot of similarities. They both feature the same rugged design and are equally reliable.

It is these similarities that may lead you to think that they also share the same parts. After all, aren’t they made by the same company? In our article today, we are going to look at whether the Raptor Grill will fit the F150.

It is quite unfortunate that a Raptor grill will not fit an F150. The difference in size design is responsible for this. Therefore, not unless you modify the Raptor grill, there is no way it will fit an F150.

In case the grill on your F150 is damaged or worn out and you were considering replacing it, we would advise you to look for other options and forget about the Raptor grill.

If you want the Raptor grill on your Ford 150, you can get a Raptoid grill from Boost Bars. It resembles the Ford Raptor grill and it’s fairly easy to install.

This will fit your F150 without any fuss and it looks nice. You can order this grill directly from Boost Bars.

will a Raptor grill fit a F 150

What’s So Unique about the Raptor Grill?

After years of driving your F150, chances are you have seen similar models with the same old grill design. A Raptor-style grill can spice up the dull look on the face of your F150.

This is the main reason why a lot of people look for Raptor grills to replace the ones on their F150. It is quite unfortunate that the original Raptor grill can’t fit an F150.

But that’s where aftermarket options come in handy. Car parts and accessories manufacturers are aware of the demand for Raptor grills.

This is why in the market, you can find Raptor-style grills for your F150. It’s not just Boost Bars who make them. You can get this grill design from other renowned car manufacturers examples including Truck-Accessory-Guy.

You can order from whichever manufacturer you are comfortable with and enjoy driving around with the unique Raptor grill at the front of your car.

Can I Modify a Raptor Grill to Fit an F150?

One of the perks of modification is that it makes the impossible possible. You definitely can modify an original Raptor grill to fit the F150. There are however downsides to doing that.

One, modifying a Raptor grill will need special skills and equipment, which the ordinary truck owner may not have. You will therefore have to incur extra expenses in paying someone to do it for you.

Secondly, modifying a grill is most likely going to affect the strength of the grill. This is because the Raptor grill was specifically made to fit the Raptor. Trying to fix it elsewhere will only result in weakening the grill.

The guys at your nearest body shop can help you with the modification. Depending on how skilled they are, it can be the perfect fit. The problem however is that it will cost you and the procedure may affect the strength of the grill.

This takes us back to the option we have mentioned above – opting for an OEM Raptor-style grill made specifically to fit F150s. Or if the latter doesn’t seem suitable, you can always stick to your stock F150 grill.

Is It Worth Upgrading My F150 with a Raptor Grill?

It is worth it. A lot of people don’t realize how important a car’s grill is. This is the face of your vehicle. Whenever it is parked or on the road, the first thing that draws people’s attention is the grill.

If your grill looks basic, then it can affect the overall look of your car. Truck owners are an interesting lot. They love to customize their vehicles and if you fall under this category then a Raptor grill is the ideal upgrade for your F150.

Raptor grills are very common in the F150s. Therefore, you need to know that you are not alone in this. With this grill on the front of your car, it will look unique and will stand out from the rest of the F150s.

The only challenge in making this upgrade is finding an original Raptor grill that will fit your F150. As we have mentioned earlier, this is almost impossible because Raptor grills were strictly made for these cars.

The good news however is that there are a bunch of OEM F150 grills that feature the Raptor style. These are the best options you have got.

Raptor grill

Can I Modify a Raptor Grill or Should I Leave This to the Experts?

Let’s say you are determined to use the original Raptor grill on your F150. However, you have just discovered that it can’t fit.

The only option here is to modify it and there are two ways you can go about this. The first option is to do it yourself or hire an expert to do it for you.

Modifying a Raptor grill to fit an F150 requires a lot of work. You will need special tools as well.

If you don’t even know how to uninstall a grill from a car, do not attempt this procedure by yourself as you will be heavily disappointed by the outcomes.

When modifying a Raptor grill, you need to make it look identical to the F150. This means that any openings on the grill should be located in the same place.

And the size also ought to be the same. A lot of cutting will be involved and this requires precision. It is a project that can be done in a couple of hours.

The other option involves hiring an expert to do it for you. The technicians at your nearest body shop can handle this for you. This is the easiest and simplest method you can go about modifying a Raptor grill.

Its main drawback is that you will have to pay more. But, you can be assured the modifications will be professionally done and you won’t struggle with fitting issues.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Expert to Modify a Raptor Grill for an F150?

You already have a Raptor grill but it won’t fit in your F150. So you decide to hire an expert to modify it for you. Here is a list of things that you need to consider when hiring an expert to modify a Raptor grill for an F150;

• Your budget

How much are you willing to spend? If you are not constrained by your budget then don’t hesitate to find the best auto body store in your area. It is also worth noting that the higher fees don’t always mean that you will get pleasant results.

As you consider the budget, it is also crucial that you compare the cost of a modification to that of buying an OEM aftermarket grill that features the Raptor style.

If the cost is almost the same, wouldn’t it be better for you to buy an F150 grill that features the Raptor style?

• The technician’s experience and skill level

Someone who has done this before is the ideal candidate to hire. Modifying a Raptor grill for it to fit an F150 is something that requires knowledge and skill. Having prior experience also contributes to ensuring the modified grill fits better.

Do OEM Raptor Style Grills for the F150 Come in Various Designs?

First, if you didn’t know that there exist aftermarket grills for the F150 which look similar to that of the Raptor, please take note of this.

A lot of truck owners love the Raptor grill and are unable to enjoy having the same design on their trucks simply because they do not know that these aftermarket grills exist.

In the market, you can find hundreds of raptor-style grills specifically made for the F150. These, unlike the original Raptor grills, fit effortlessly. Secondly, they don’t need any modification when being installed.

And they look exactly like the grills you would find on Ford Raptors. OEM Raptor-style grills are very popular. And with one on your F150, you can drive confidently knowing that your truck looks unique.

Ford F150 Grill vs Raptor Grill

The ideal grill design depends heavily on your preferences as a car owner. Some prefer the original F150 grill and some love the Raptor grill.

However, if you have spent time with the owners of both these two trucks, you will discover that most prefer the Raptor grill. This can leave you confused and wondering why more preference is given to raptor grills.

If you compare the two grill designs, that of the Raptor looks more aggressive and stylish. This is the main reason why Raptor grills are heavily sought after.

The front of a truck contributes heavily to the perception people have of the entire vehicle. With Ford’s aggressive Raptor grill, it will make your F150 look like a robust machine that can conquer any terrain.

Even though it can still do all these things without the grill, the enhanced aesthetics will make you love your truck even more.

Other than the grills not being compatible, that isn’t the only difference. The Raptor is a more powerful truck than its counterpart.

It has a 3.5L engine and it’s an all-wheel-drive, unlike the F150 which has a 2.7L engine and a rear-wheel drive.

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