Are Auto-Dimming Mirrors Worth It? (Explained)

You have decided to buy a new car. And as you evaluate the options on various accessories, you come across auto-dimming mirrors. If you don’t often stay updated with car tech news, this may be something you have never heard of.

When you look it up, you realize how wonderful of a tool it is that helps dim bright lights from cars driving behind you, especially trucks and SUVs.

But then again, the option of auto-dimming mirrors is always an extra several hundred dollars. Therefore, you are left wondering, is it really worth it?

This depends on your preference as a driver. We have all been a victim of blinding lights being reflected from the back on the rear and side mirrors. There are motorists out there that don’t care about the well-being of other drivers.

Such are the ones you will find driving around with high beam lights that can make it impossible for you to see when reflected by the rear or side-view mirrors.

Auto-dimming mirrors were built specifically for this purpose. They are designed to make driving at night convenient.

With auto-dimming mirrors, whenever it senses bright light, the technology initiates the dimming feature that reduces the brightness of the light.

If you have a sensitivity to light, then auto-dimming mirrors are worth every penny.

are auto dimming mirrors worth it

Why are Buyers Reluctant Towards Auto-Dimming Mirrors?

When getting a new car, the cost of the auto-dimming mirrors option is often what scares most motorists. Indeed, it does make driving at night better.

And you won’t have to worry about the blinding lights. But you will part with a couple of hundred dollars.

Comparing the auto-dimming mirrors you find in a new car and the aftermarket ones, the latter are always cheaper. However, they are not always the best option.

The problem with aftermarket auto-dimming mirrors is that if you buy a low-quality product, it won’t be very reliable and you may live to curse this new technology.

However, if you are buying a new car and the dealer is offering auto-dimming mirrors as an added accessory, it’s worth giving it a test. And determining whether it’s right for you.

How Do Auto-Dimming Mirrors Work?

One of the manufacturers of auto-dimming mirrors known as Gentex coined the term Troxler Effect which refers to being blinded by the headlights of a car driving behind you.

This effect is quite risky and can cause accidents. To help prevent the Troxler Effect, auto companies created dimming mirrors.

These reduce glare from headlights through a process known as electrochromism. This is where a mirror darkens itself when it senses bright light from a tailing car’s headlight.

Auto-dimming mirrors feature two sensors that detect bright lights from tailing cars. When this happens, drivers get to enjoy improved visibility and this minimizes the risk of accidents.

Undeniably, this is one of the most fascinating technologies we are yet to see in the auto industry.

And you can bear witness to this by driving at night in a car with normal mirrors and another with auto-dimming mirrors.

Reasons Why Auto-Dimming Mirrors are Worth It

For you to enjoy this new technology, you will definitely have to pay more. If you are being offered a certain amount for this option, it’s a good idea to look at what other dealers are offering the clients.

If you find the price range to be almost the same, then here are some reasons why auto-dimming mirrors are worth it.

1. You can be assured of added convenience when driving at night. Most new drivers hate driving at night because of blinding lights. Whether legal or illegal, we can agree that there are some cars out here that have blinding lights.

And because you can’t ask all drivers to dim their lights, the much you can do is get auto-dimming mirrors. So no matter how bright their lights are, you won’t be bothered.


2. Secondly, if you are being offered an option of both rear and side mirrors with auto-dimming technology, don’t hesitate to accept the offer. With both side view and rear mirrors infused with auto-dimming technology, you will be unstoppable on the highways.


3. It ensures you focus fully on driving. With lights blinding you now and then, it can be hard to channel all your attention to the road. With auto-dimming mirrors, you get one less thing to worry about when driving.


4. They are ideal for drivers who are mostly on the road at night.

Should I Get Auto-Dimming Mirrors as an Option or Source It as an Aftermarket Part?

Most people who bought cars with auto-dimming mirrors as an option can’t live without them. This is why they go the extra mile of sourcing it as an aftermarket accessory in cars that don’t come with this option.

If you are researching the worth of auto-dimming mirrors, probably you have never tried it before. And you are confused as to whether it would be a valuable purchase.

Above, we have already told you reasons why auto-dimming mirrors are worth spending more money on. The next issue that might be bothering you is whether to get them as an option or aftermarket accessory.

At times, the guys at the dealership tend to exaggerate the prices. For instance, the auto-dimming mirrors option may cost higher than getting it as an aftermarket part.

Whether you should get it as an option or buy and install it, later on, depends on your budget and preferences. If you are being charged more, it may pay off to buy it elsewhere and install it.

However, in most cases, auto-dimming mirrors that come as an option work exceptionally better than those installed after.

Also, the latter requires a lot of research on the best auto-dim mirrors and the added cost of having them installed by an expert.

If the price your dealer is giving you for the auto-dimming mirror options sounds reasonable, we would advise you to take it.

Do Other car Owners Find Auto-Dimming Mirrors Worth the Cost?

Who better to tell you the worth of auto-dimming mirrors other than fellow drivers? Well, after scouring the internet and reading several user reviews. At least 7 out of 10 car owners find auto-dimming mirrors worth the money.

In most cases, the cost of auto-dimming mirrors ranges from $350 to $500. This is inclusive of the rearview and both side mirrors.

And this not being a small amount to spend on a car accessory, you must get value for your money.

Many car owners love auto-dimming mirrors. They are so effective at helping with blinding lights to the point that some motorists swear to never drive a car without these mirrors.

Those who only get auto-dimming rearview mirrors are so impressed with the convenience provided that they get the same technology on the side view mirrors.

Auto-dimming mirrors are very popular amongst people who drive frequently at night. If you are more of a daytime driver, then it may not be worth spending $400 on auto-dimming mirrors.

Also, if you don’t plan on owning that vehicle for long, there is no need for paying for this option.

Should I Get Auto-Dimming Mirrors If I Plan on Tinting the Windows?

If you plan on tinting your car windows, then you should re-evaluate the need for auto-dimming mirrors. This is because window tint does a commendable job at reducing glare at night.

The material in the tint is designed to reduce the brightness of harsh LED lights. And you won’t be distracted easily.

However, though useful at reducing glare, combining window tint with auto-dimming technology can significantly improve your safety when driving at night.

Window tint isn’t as effective as auto-dimming mirrors when it comes to blinding headlights. Therefore, you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of auto-dimming mirrors just because you plan on tinting the windows.

Do All auto Dimming Mirrors Work Flawlessly?

No, they don’t. Similar to other accessories, not all auto-dimming mirrors are built equally. Some work flawlessly, and in others, the technology may not be swift.

In some Volkswagens that have this feature, owners have complained that the auto-dimming mirrors are not effective.

However, in brands such as Lexus, Subaru, and Infiniti, owners have praised the usefulness of auto-dimming mirrors in their vehicles. Always give the auto-dimming mirrors a test, irrespective of the model you intend on buying.

Why Don’t All Cars Come with Auto-Dimming Rear and Side Mirrors?

Auto-dimming mirrors are an expensive feature and that’s why they are available as an option. In models such as Rolls Royce and Bentleys, the manufacturers do not skip on any features, more so if they are designed to enhance luxury and convenience.

However, in most budget cars, features considered luxurious are rarely included in the vehicle. If you are buying a budget car, you can only get these luxury features as an added option.

Auto-dimming side mirrors are one of these luxury options. It may come as standard in high-end vehicles. However, in budget cars, expect to pay more for this option.