How To Clean Subaru Dashboard? (Helpful Tips)

It’s still a mystery how most Subaru owners would go to extreme lengths to clean their car’s exteriors and forget about the interior. Yet, this is the place they spend most of their time in.

We can all agree that car interiors, especially dashboards are quite neglected. The dashboard being the first thing the driver and passengers see when inside a car, it needs to be cleaned as frequently as possible.

The dashboard of a Subaru isn’t the easiest car part to clean. It comprises many nooks and crannies, as well as buttons where dirt and dust can easily settle on.

Newer Subaru models which feature a complex dashboard are even harder to clean.

Be as it may, cleaning the dashboard is very important as it enhances the beauty of your car and ensures the dashboard doesn’t crack or fade after a while.

The likes of dirt and other impurities, if left on the dash for long, can accelerate wear.

how to clean Subaru dashboard

So, How Do I Clean My Subaru Dashboard?

Cleaning a car dash is not rocket science. It’s a procedure that can take less than 5 minutes as long as you have the necessary tools.

When it comes to cleaning a dashboard, getting your hands on a quality dash cleaner can keep it looking newer for longer.

The problem is that most dashboard cleaners have strong chemicals that eat through the dash material and cause them to fade or crack if the dash is made of plastic.

Before cleaning the dash of your Subaru, identify the material that makes up a huge part of the dashboard. This will help you find the right cleaner.

Most Subaru models have a rubber dashboard and this can handle most all-purpose cleaners. The next most important tools are a vacuum cleaner, soft brushes, and a microfiber cloth.

The dashboard is very gentle, therefore be very keen when shopping for a cleaning brush.

After gathering all the tools needed to clean your dashboard, you can begin right away. Here is a quick guide on cleaning a Subaru dashboard.

  • Step 1

Open all the doors and begin by vacuuming the dashboard. If you can get your hands on a soft brush attachment that would be great because it will scrub the dirt off the surface as it gets vacuumed.

Vacuuming is a critical step especially if you have never done it on your dash. You will be surprised at how much dust will be vacuumed off.

  • Step 2

Prepare your cleaning solution. Most all-purpose cleaners require to be diluted with water first. You can grab a small bucket and prepare the mixture. If the cleaner is in a spray, that’s even better because the application will be easy.

  • Step 3

Either dip the microfiber cloth into the cleaner solution or spray it directly on the dashboard and begin wiping. Considering how big the dash is, it’s better that you divide it into small sections.

You can start with the driver’s side before heading to the passenger’s side. You shouldn’t let the cleaning solution dry on the dashboard as this will leave stains behind.

After cleaning a certain area, dip another microfiber cloth in clean water and rinse it off. You can also dry it if there are some water droplets left.

  • Step 4

Using a small and soft brush, scrub the dashboard and gently poke into the vents and crevices. With a smaller brush, you have a better chance of reaching dirt in hard-to-reach areas. Don’t forget the knobs.

  • Step 5

If you have decided to clean the dash, you should also clean up the surrounding areas. This includes the steering wheel, the area beneath the dash, the gear, and most importantly, the center console.

  • Step 6

After cleaning all the above-mentioned places, using a damp microfiber cloth give the entire dash a rinse.

Do not substitute a microfiber cloth for anything else that might scratch your dashboard.

Before beginning this activity, you may want to get your hands on a couple of microfiber cloths because you are going to need them to wipe the cleaning solution, rinse the dash, and dry it when you are done. So the many the better.

  • Step 7

Using a dry microfiber cloth, clean the entire dash including the air vents and knobs. Your dashboard should be looking brand new. Look out for stains and repeat where necessary.

The above is a guide on how to thoroughly clean a Subaru dashboard. In between car washes, however, you don’t have to repeat the above process. You can just wipe it with an all-purpose cleaner and rinse it with a damp microfiber cloth.

What Should I Use When Cleaning Subaru a Dashboard?

This will heavily depend on the material on your dash. If it’s rubber, vinyl, plastic, or a combination of either, please use a mild oil soap.

Strong cleaners don’t work well with car interiors and exteriors. Even if you decide to use a dash cleaner, read reviews on how strong it is.

These materials easily get damaged when exposed to harsh chemicals. And in an attempt to clean your dashboard, you may do more harm to it when you use a strong cleaner.

If there are stains on the dashboard, you can create your own DIY dash cleaner using vinegar, oil-based soap, and some water.

When you mix a ½ teaspoon of the first two in a glass of water, you should come up with the perfect stain remover for your dashboard. Before using DIY cleaners, always perform a patch test to determine whether it’s safe.

Is the Procedure the Same for a Leather Dashboard?

Not at all. Leather dashboards are sensitive to chemical-based cleaners. The best option is a specialized leather upholstery cleaner for cars.

If you have got a leather interior, chances are, you have got a leather cleaner and conditioner for the seats. This is exactly what you should use on the dashboard. The conditioner ensures leather retains its supple look and touch.

Should I Apply Dashboard Polish after Cleaning It?

There are lots of conflicting opinions on whether one should polish their dashboards. Some polishes have been known to damage dashboards after a while.

But we can’t ignore that attractive shine we get from applying dashboard polish. What mostly causes damage to dashboards are the synthetic dash sprays often sold at car washes.

Polish on the other hand protects and conditions the material whilst giving it a remarkable shine. If you want to take care of your dash, invest in a quality polish from a reputable company.

Why is a Microfiber Cloth Perfect for Cleaning Dashboards?

It can be very difficult for you to clean a Subaru dashboard with any other type of cloth, especially if your dash is very dirty.

A microfiber cloth traps and holds dust, whether it’s wet or dry. Secondly, microfiber cloths are soft and won’t scratch the material on the dash.

This type of cloth is washable and you won’t waste a lot of paper as is the case with paper towels. Because of these reasons, any time you are cleaning your Subaru dash, use only microfiber cloth.

How Do I Clean the Subaru Dashboard Display?

An essential part of the dashboard is the center console. This too should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth but using a different approach.

The center console can best be cleaned by a screen cleaning solution similar to the one you use on your monitors or laptop. Do not make the mistake of using cleaning products that contain ammonia or alcohol, these may be too harsh on the screen.

Using a screen cleaning solution, dab some on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe on the screen. Don’t be too rough as you may damage the screen.

Be mindful of knobs or buttons located next to the screen. The center console should be the last part of your dashboard that should be cleaned.

Why Should I Clean My Subaru Dashboard Regularly?

The dashboard is the second thing you and your passengers focus on when your eyes are not glued to the road. And you need to clean it regularly.

A clean dash ensures the interior has got fresh and quality air. When dust accumulates on the dash, you end up inhaling and this can lead to respiratory issues.

Regularly cleaning the dashboard also contributes to an increase in the resale value of the car. The final reason why you should clean your dashboard is that it prevents stains from making your dash look worn out or damaged.

Can I Use Olive Oil Instead of Dashboard Polish?

A lot of people use olive oil instead of dashboard polish when they are done cleaning their dashboards. Is it a good alternative? It actually is.

Olive oil is free from chemicals and is easily available. It does an excellent job at making your dash look shiny and offers a layer of protection from dirt and dust.

It has a sweet natural scent and will condition your dash. Alternatively, you can also use Vaseline as a conditioner for your dash. It will also give your dash a sparkling shine.