Is BMW Carbon Black Metallic Blue? (Solved)

If you are considering buying a BMW, carbon black is one of the many color options offered by this brand. BMW carbon black is known to transition to metallic blue, depending on the lighting.

In the dim light, BMW carbon black retains its dark appearance. However, in the presence of light, you will notice metallic blue traces on your BMW’s body. This color is pretty unique, and it is worth having on a car.

When you get a BMW in carbon black, you will get more compliments than any other color because people find the appearance of metallic blue when it’s hit by light very impressive.

Even though BMW carbon black is a unique color to have on a car, it’s high maintenance. This color shows dirt and scratches easily. Before settling on this option, ensure you are prepared and ready to wax and wash it frequently.

BMW G07X7 xDrive M Sport Carbon Black Metallic
Damian B Oh, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Should You Get a BMW in Carbon Black?

Carbon black isn’t the only color option offered by BMW. You can get sapphire black and several other options. However, carbon black is one of a kind.

Unlike other dark paint jobs, carbon black has a metallic effect where it turns blue when exposed to light. This is a feature that any car enthusiast will appreciate compared to the plain dull black hue.

Unlike regular black, carbon black gives your BMW an extra touch. There are plenty of reasons why you should get a BMW in carbon black. It’s an interesting choice that can give you a different experience from the ordinary dark black.

How Popular is BMW Carbon Black?

When it comes to BMW paint jobs, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Therefore, not everyone shares the same taste.

However, when you read through various BMW forums, you will realize how famous carbon black is. That shouldn’t be shocking news, especially considering how unique this color is.

Many people love BMW carbon black, but this color isn’t very common on the roads because it swirls and shows stains pretty easily. It’s a color that is loved by everyone. But the problem is with the maintenance.

What Color is Carbon Black?

When you visit a BMW dealership, you can choose cars from different models and paint jobs. Carbon black is one of the color options you can get a BMW in.

It is a material produced from the incomplete combustion of tar, coal, and petroleum products. Carbon black is mainly used as a pigment in automobile tires. It’s only recently that it has been adapted by automotive paint.

Carbon black is known to absorb ultraviolet radiation. That’s how it can change into metallic blue when exposed to light.

How Does BMW Carbon Black Compare to Sapphire Black?

Sapphire black and carbon black are popular color choices for BMWs. Both are black, but they do have some slight differences.

Sapphire black changes to a solid metallic black hue in direct sunlight. However, carbon black transitions to a metallic blue hue under direct sunlight.

The other difference between these two is that carbon black comes off as a luxurious paint job, whereas sapphire black has more of a stealth appearance. If you want a BMW paint job that’s a true black irrespective of the amount of light, go for a sapphire.

Are There Any Complaints about BMW Carbon Black?

There is no denying that carbon black is an interesting color. Unlike silver or plain black, it’s not a washed-out color, and the fact that it turns blue sometimes makes it an attractive choice for many potential buyers.

However, despite being such a distinctive paint job color, are there some complaints about the BMW carbon black?

All colors have their pros and cons. The problem with the BMW carbon black is that it needs lots of care and maintenance.

First, consider this color option if you intend to house your BMW in a garage. If you leave a carbon fiber BMW on the street, the rain, sun, bird droppings, and insects will do a number on the paint job, and you won’t find it so interesting when it wears out.

BMW carbon black is difficult to keep clean. But it’s not as challenging as sapphire black. If you always have the time to work on your car, I don’t think carbon black would be much of a problem.

However, it’s better to consider another option if you are always busy and never have time to detail your car.

Which BMW Cars are Available in Carbon Black?

Nearly all BMW cars have carbon fiber as a suitable color option. From the X to the M series, you can get a BMW model of your choice in carbon black and wow everyone who sees you cruising down the street with this interesting paint job.

What Interior Colors Blend Well with a BMW Carbon Black?

As you pick an exterior color, you must also choose an upholstery color. Fortunately, BMW has a wide range of color options for the interior.

If you have settled on the BMW carbon black, you can pair it up with a saddle, taupe, caramel, lotus white, cream, gray, beige, and ivory white interior. This applies to both leather and vinyl interiors.

Of course, the color option you will settle for is a personal choice. However, pairing the carbon black with a brighter interior is a good idea.

The car can seem too dull if you settle for dark hues for both the interior and exterior. And there is a good chance the colors will clash. To be safe, go for a contrasting color different from carbon black and metallic blue.

How Do I Know If BMW Carbon Black is Right for Me?

The best way to figure out of a particular car color is right for you is to take a trip to a nearby dealership and examine the vehicle in person. Car paint jobs are all about preference. And the best way to figure something out is to look at it yourself.

BMW carbon black is an excellent color. Its ability to turn dark blue makes it even better. However, you can’t conclude whether it’s a suitable color choice without checking out its pictures, whether in person or online.

Visit the BMW website today and look at several pictures of their BMW carbon black. There are also tons of photos on popular BMW forums. Compare these options and determine whether it’s a color you would be comfortable with for the next few years.

Is It True that BMW Carbon Black Looks Like Carbon Paper?

If you are in accounts or finance, you may have used carbon papers in the past. These are thin papers that have a dark substance on one side and are used to make copies of documents.

BMW carbon black resembles carbon paper. It looks black in the dark, and it is dark blue under bright sunlight. If you have interacted with carbon paper in the past, the BMW carbon black resembles it only that it’s smoother and finer.

Is It Weird to Have a Car in Two Different Colors?

This depends on your taste and preference. I am yet to come across a person who dislikes carbon black because it turns metallic blue under direct sunlight.

On the contrary, this is the main selling point of this BMW color. Many people find it interesting to have a car in two different colors. I would conclude that it’s not weird. Instead, it’s an exciting feature.

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