Does Quick Detailer Remove Wax? (Explained)

Driving a clean and glittering car is the dream of every vehicle owner. Everyone feels good to drive a clean and neat car when going to work or even on a road trip.

However, keeping your car that neat is not easy considering the stains the car is constantly exposed to when on the road or parking.

Cleaning your car regularly is a good way of increasing its lifespan, but you also need to have a quick detailer that helps in removing stubborn stains smoothly.

There are different products on the market designed to remove tough stains on your car and keep it shiny and beautiful. Even if you’re not a car enthusiast, it is always good to drive a neat and clean car all the time.

Quick detailers are a popular car cleaning product. And if you had recently waxed your car, you may wonder whether using it removes some wax from your car paint.

Here is the thing, any action done on your car’s surface in one way or another, removes wax. The good news is, that the quick detailer isn’t as strong as other cleaning agents, and therefore it won’t strip off all the wax on your car.

The amount of wax removed when you use a quick detailer is very minimal and you need not re-wax your car afterward.

does quick detailer remove wax

So, What is a Quick Detailer?

Many people are yet to get the difference between car washing and car detailing. Some people think they mean the same, but that’s not the case.

Car washing is the usual way of cleaning your car from home or professional car washing service providers. On the other hand, car detailing uses a quick detailer to clean the car after the usual car washing.

The quick detailer is a waterless car wash enhancer that helps in removing stubborn stains without hurting the car paint.

Car detailing is a term used mainly by passionate car owners and professional detailers.

Interestingly, Quick Detailer was first released into the market in the early 1980s but advertised and marketed as a car washing product. The way of marketing the product led to incorrect usage by many car users.

The confusion led to the introduction of the name “Detailer”; however, there are many car users who are still confused about product usage.

Some apply it before the usual car washing. However, the correct usage requires the product to be applied to clean the car stains after the usual washing.

Typically, a quick detailer provides the final touch on your freshly washed car to eliminate all lingering contaminants.

There are stains such as the water spots that remain on your car body after being washed; you can also use the product to clean grime, dust, and forms of stains that resist regular car washing.

After cleaning your car with the quick detailer, you don’t have to worry about the new stains or any trace; the detailer evaporates to leave your car glittering.

Quick detailer comes in a unique formula to offer lubrication to the stains, dirt, or any other particles, making it easy to remove the dirt without scratching your car’s surface.

The car cleaning product comes in a spray form for easy use, and the ingredients enhance the car gloss to keep it shiny and super attractive. The quick detailer is a must-have product for anyone who loves to drive a super clean car.

If you take your car to professional car washing service providers, you may be lucky to enjoy car detailing services.

However, some car washing service providers offer car detailing services on request; feel free to ask if they offer the service. To be safe, place your order and have the car detailer with you in the emergency kit.

Car Detailing Types

There are various detailing types that you will find on the market. However, quick detailing comes in two main types, interior, and exterior.

Many people pay so much attention to the exterior of a car and focus more on coat protection, appearance, etc.

Taking good care of your car interior is also essential in creating an excellent environment for you and the people you carry from time to time. A clean vehicle is always fun to drive.

  • Interior Quick Detailers

The quick detailers used to clean your car’s exterior are not the same as the ones ideal for your vehicle’s interior. Most interior detailers are referred to as vinyl conditioners.

Interior detailers are perfect for cleaning the interiors of your car and removing the stains to maintain the excellent appearance of the vehicle.

Apply the quick interior detailer after the usual car cleaning. It eliminates the water spots left after washing, stains, and other particles sticking on your car interiors.

  • Exterior Quick Detailers

Exterior detailers are the most common and most used by many car owners. The exterior detailers are used to clean the car’s outer surface to eliminate the visible stains, water spots, and other dirt that can’t be removed by car cleaning alone.

Some stubborn strains could scratch your car if you don’t remove them with a detailer. Typically, the detailer softens the particles attached to the car surface to break the bond between the surface and the dirt, making it easy to eliminate the stains and dirt smoothly.

You will find different types of exterior car detailers on the market, but the significant difference is whether they can work alone or you may need to apply a layer of sealant or wax first.

Some exterior detailers are only effective if you first apply a layer of wax on your car, then apply it on top and gently rub your car with a clean cloth. However, some detailers work perfectly when used alone.

It would help if you were very keen when purchasing detailers to make sure you buy the right product for you. Check if the detailer is for interior or exterior use and if it should be used alone or with wax.

An exterior detailer will not be effective when used to clean your car’s interior and vice versa. Please do your research to understand the product you are about to buy.

Meguiars Quick Detailer

Who Can Use Quick Detailers?

Quick detailers are made for people who would love to have their cars look neat and shiny. It feels nice to drive a clean vehicle, and even the people you carry would enjoy the ride.

The product is made for all car users and owners who want to keep their cars in good condition all the time. Vehicles are constantly exposed to different types of stains, dirt, and particles that stick on the car’s body while driving or even while the car is packed.

The stains could be tough, and others stick into the car paint, making it challenging to clean them without hurting the paint.

However, quick detailers, make it easy to eliminate those stubborn stains and particles. The best time to apply the quick detailer is immediately after your car has been washed.

Apply the quick detailer, which is usually in a spray bottle, and wipe your car smoothly. It speeds up the drying of the freshly washed car while getting rid of the stubborn stains. It leaves your car shining and neat to look like a new vehicle.

Besides, the quick detailer is used by professional car maintenance and washing service providers. When you take your car to be serviced, some service providers might offer a free car detailing service.

However, always ask the company if it offers the service. Please don’t assume they will detail your car after servicing or after cleaning it.

Alternatively, when you purchase the quick detailer, you can apply it by yourself. It’s very easy to use the product; it will only take a few minutes of your time.

What are the Benefits of Quick Detailers?

The car world has various car care products that you may need to buy to keep your vehicle neat. There are waterless car wash products, spray wax, and then the quick detailer.

You may have to use the spray wax together with the car detailer to maximize the results. However, some quick detailers are potent to work well when applied alone.

Just be keen on the usage instructions. Here are the significant benefits of using a quick detailer;

  • Easy to Use

There is no skill needed to use the quick detailer. For better results, always apply the quick detailer immediately after washing your car. All you need is a clean cotton cloth and the detailer, spray it on the surface of your car and wipe it gently with the cloth. Within minutes your car will be shining and ready for the ride.

  • Saves your Time

Everyone values time, and getting a product that will help you save time is always a plus for the consumer. Quick detailers’ strongest selling point is saving your time in the short and long term. It cleans your car within minutes and protects it from collecting more sticky dirt or stains. This means, you will not be cleaning your car more frequently; it will look neat for longer.

  • pH Neutral

Quick detailers are made of safe ingredients to make the product safe for you and your car. There are no harsh chemicals to hurt your car surface and your hands when applying it. With a quick detailer, you and your car will be very safe.

  • Spray bottle

The spray bottle design makes it easy to apply the detailer and store it. The spray design is suitable for easy application, eliminates over-spilling cases, and makes it easy to clean your car.

In summary, quick detailers are now a must-have product in your car. It is debatable whether quick detailers can remove wax, grease, and other sticky substances from the car paint.

There are wax removers on the market, designed to remove wax from car surfaces. However, some detailers claim to be potent in removing wax and other forms of stains from your car. Please do your research to understand the products better before purchasing them.