9005 Vs. 9012 Bulb (Compared)

9005 vs 9012 bulb

Car owners who want to upgrade to brighter and more durable headlights may find themselves stuck between choosing from the 9005 to the 9012. Both bulbs have distinct features that make them suitable for different motorists. If you are stuck choosing between a 9005 or a 9012 bulb, we will explore both options and recommend … Read more

How To Clean Lexus Dashboard? (Helpful Tips)

how to clean lexus dashboard

A dirty Lexus dashboard doesn’t just look terrible but it’s also a health hazard. Dirt loves sticking to a car’s dashboard. And if you are the kind of driver who always drives with their windows rolled down, then a lot of dirt and contaminants do accumulate on your Lexus dashboard. Cleaning a Lexus dashboard is … Read more

What Are Lexus Door Lock Problems? (Explained & Helpful Tips)

lexus door lock problems

Door lock problems should be expected in any car brand even Lexus, despite it being Toyota’s luxury vehicle brand. Door locks rely on man-made mechanisms which are bound to malfunction when exposed to certain conditions or when the parts get old and worn out. So, if your Lexus door locks have begun malfunctioning, know that … Read more