9005 Vs. 9012 Bulb (Compared)

9005 vs 9012 bulb

Car owners who want to upgrade to brighter and more durable headlights may find themselves stuck between choosing from the 9005 to the 9012. Both bulbs have distinct features that make them suitable for different motorists. If you are stuck choosing between a 9005 or a 9012 bulb, we will explore both options and recommend … Read more

How To Turn Off Your Tahoe’s Interior Lights For A Stress-Free Ride

turn off Tahoe interior lights

Switching off the interior lights in a Chevrolet Tahoe is pretty simple as the control buttons are located in the ceiling above the dashboard. There are two interior light control sections. First, there are two reading lights on each side with a switch located right behind them. To turn these on, you have to press … Read more

How To Remove Chevy Silverado Overhead Console? (Solved)

how to remove Chevy Silverado overhead console

The overhead console on your Chevy Silverado sits on the ceiling. It is positioned directly above the two front seats and the center console. Depending on the year of manufacture of your Chevy Silverado, it could hold interior lights, commands to specific functions, and offer storage for glasses and garage door openers. The overhead console … Read more