Does Ford Use Real Leather? Find Out The Answer

does ford use real leather

Compared to other automaker brands, Ford cars are very reliable. They are easy to maintain and have fewer faults compared to other car brands. If you are considering getting a Ford car, obviously there are some factors you are considering such as performance, design, and upholstery. Though often overlooked, your car’s upholstery contributes immensely to … Read more

Does Subaru Use Real Leather? Things You Need To Know

does subaru use real leather

In the past, Subaru only used real leather on their upholstery. However, due to the worldwide environmentally friendly push, they alongside other auto manufacturers switched to vinyl leather. Subaru only uses real leather on seating areas where your skin might touch. The rest of the upholstery is covered with high-grade vinyl. If you have recently … Read more