Does Ford Use Real Leather? Find Out The Answer

Compared to other automaker brands, Ford cars are very reliable. They are easy to maintain and have fewer faults compared to other car brands.

If you are considering getting a Ford car, obviously there are some factors you are considering such as performance, design, and upholstery.

Though often overlooked, your car’s upholstery contributes immensely to not only the look but also the feel of your vehicle’s interior.

And if you are like most car owners out there, you definitely have a preference for leather upholstery. And if you are planning on buying Ford, then you must ask yourself; do they use real leather?

At the moment, all automakers either use faux leather or leather-appointed (a partial combination of leather and other materials).

The only exception where car brands use genuine leather is for cars that cost more than $100K. So, if your budget for the Ford car you wish to buy is below the price tag mentioned above, expect to seat on faux leather or leather-appointed.

From information gathered on Ford car owners’ forums, Ford does not use real leather not unless the buyer makes a special order or request. This will obviously attract more costs than what you will have initially paid for the same car.

does ford use real leather

How to Know Whether the Leather in a Ford Car is Real or Fake?

For the leather experts out there, just by looking and touching the material of your car seats or upholstery, you can distinguish if it’s real leather or not.

Genuine leather often has a unique scent and when touched the feeling isn’t cheap. Faux leather looks fake and smells like plastic.

However, not everyone can distinguish between real and fake leather just by touching or looking. So, here is how you can test which type of leather is on a Ford car.

This process is very simple and all you need is water. Place a few drops of water on the leather seats and watch what happens. If the water is absorbed then that is genuine leather. But if it rolls off, then that’s fake leather.

Why Does Ford Use Faux Leather or Leather-Appointed?

The main reason behind this is to reduce the cost of production. And it’s not just Ford who is doing this but all car manufacturers seem to be hoping onto this brand. Faux leather costs way less than high-quality cowhide.

To maximize profits, Ford uses more affordable faux leather. In their models that they consider ‘premium’, Ford does take things a notch higher and uses leather-appointed. The latter is also a new trend that is gaining popularity amongst automakers.

Because car buyers started complaining against the use of faux leather in car upholstery. Auto brands developed leather-trimmed seats.

That is, the seats contain real leather on areas that get in touch with the body such as the back and bottom part. The rest of the seat is covered with faux leather, such as the edges and sides.

Another reason why Ford is also avoiding leather is because of the need to stop animal cruelty. For leather to be used on your car, a cow must be killed and its hide striped off.

We are in the 21st century and people have realized how wrong it is to hurt an animal just because you want your car’s upholstery to look and feel luxurious.

If you walk into a Ford outlet today, the odds that you will get a car with genuine leather upholstery is very low. Not unless you make a special request or buy a high-end model from them.

Is Leather Really a Must?

Yes, Ford doesn’t use real leather. But hey, is it a must that you have leather seats in your car? Years of car salespeople convincing us that a leather interior is the definition of elegance and luxury in a car has completely shaped our preferences.

Most of us see leather as a defining factor when buying a car. There are even some people who have sworn not to buy a car that doesn’t have leather upholstery.

However, is leather really that good? Not to make this article sound like I am defending ford or anything, but leather isn’t the best material that we can use on our seats. It does have its fair share of advantages which include;

  • Leather, especially when it’s dyed black can feel hot as hell during summer. If you have ever owned a car with leather seats then you can testify how inconvenient it can be for you to drive around.


  • During winter, leather car seats also get pretty cold. This is the exact opposite of what happens above. The thing about leather is that it fluctuates with the temperatures outside. So, if you live in an area that experiences long winters, you are going to face it rough. Unlike real leather, faux leather doesn’t get easily affected by outside temperatures. Whether it’s hot or cold, whenever you get into your car, the seat won’t be too cold neither will it be too hot.


  • Leather isn’t as breathable as cloth fabric. If you often sweat a lot, then leather car seats shouldn’t be your priority when shopping for a car. And this doesn’t just affect those who sweat a lot but everyone in general. When you seat on leather for long hours, it leaves behind a sweaty mess. Cloth fabric used to make car seats is more breathable. And you won’t always leave behind sweat as it will be absorbed.


  • Leather requires a lot of maintenance. There is no doubt that leather is classy. However, it also requires a great deal of maintenance. This is both time-consuming and expensive. Because leather will have to be conditioned regularly. You will also need to purchase a bunch of leather care products. Unlike other types of fabric used on Ford cars, leather if not well maintained hardens and starts to crack. Even though other materials used on car seats require maintenance, you can’t compare to the level of care that real leather requires.


  • Another reason that makes leather not as great as people hype it to be is the fact that it is expensive. If you want leather in your car, you have to pay more. There are different levels of leather quality. The higher the quality, the more money you have to part with. If you are buying a car on a budget then leather shouldn’t be a mandatory consideration.

The bottom line is, just because automotive media portrays leather interior as the definition of a nice car, doesn’t mean they are right.

Indeed, Ford doesn’t use real leather, but I think they have their reasons for that. For one, leather is expensive. Secondly, most auto brands are trying to make the world a better place.

Ford is one of these brands and that’s why they have abandoned the use of leather products. From the above, you should also know that leather isn’t the best material to use on car seats.

Is It Wrong for Ford to Use Faux and Leather-Appointed?

Here is the thing, Ford as an auto-brand has the right to make changes to their car models as they seem fit. However, for them to stay ahead of the competition and please their customers, Ford is forced to use genuine leather, faux leather, and leather-appointed.

Some car owners may argue that it is wrong for them to use fake leather. However, before you buy any car, you should always go through the description and see what features that particular car has.

Ford will categorically state the type of leather that they have used in their car. If they have used a cloth fabric then that’s what will be in the description.

Ford won’t directly call their leather fake but may use terms such as leather trim. As a car owner, it is up to you to understand what that term means so that you don’t feel conned when you find out the leather is not original.

Before we wrap up our article on whether ford uses real leather, let me leave you with reasons why you should consider Ford cars that are made from both leather-appointed and faux leather.

Why Should I Consider a Ford Car with Faux Leather Interior?

This is the most common fabric you will find in Ford cars. Before you dismiss it just because it’s not original. Here are some of its advantages. Faux leather looks like leather.

Therefore, your car interior will still look impressive if this is the design that you love. However, unlike leather, it is cheaper, easier to clean, available in a wide range of colors, not prone to fading or cracking, excellent at repelling dirt and liquids, and it’s also scratch-resistant.

When you seat on faux leather, you will drive in peace knowing that no animal was cruelly skinned off its skin so that your car can look good.

Why Should I Consider a Ford Car with Leather-Appointed Interior?

For those who want a blend of both genuine and faux leather, leather-appointed offers value by balancing both. It is a cheaper alternative to leather but you still enjoy the feel and touch of leather on essential parts of your car. Leather-appointed blends the benefits of both faux and real leather.