Will Marvel Mystery Oil Clean Fuel Injector? (Explained)

will Marvel Mystery oil clean fuel injectors

A dirty or clogged fuel injector can cause misfiring or vibration of the engine. If you are experiencing such, it is high time for you to clean the fuel injectors. There are two options here; either take it to a mechanic for professional cleaning, or you can use fuel injector cleaners. Many car owners prefer … Read more

Does Seafoam Clean Fouled Spark Plugs? (Explained)

does Seafoam clean fouled spark plugs

Seafoam has been the go-to product for car owners interested in cleaning and lubricating their vehicle’s fuel systems. It removes deposits and residues on fuel passageways, chamber areas, pistons, and valves. However, can you use it to clean fouled spark plugs? A fouled plug contains a substance that resembles carbon or oil. This substance often … Read more