Is Fluid Film Safe On Rubber? (Explained)

fluid film

The mechanical parts in your car need to be lubricated regularly if you want them to perform efficiently. Also, during lubrication, it’s essential to prevent the formation of rust. This is why most lubricants for car parts come with some form of rust protection capabilities. There are many lubricants for car parts. One of the … Read more

Is Hood Insulation Necessary? (Solved)

is hood insulation necessary

If your car doesn’t have hood insulation, you may be wondering if it’s necessary. Hood insulation is a necessary component of your car. It serves a wide range of purposes, and your vehicle will be safer with some form of insulation fitted under the hood. Let’s look at some of the benefits you and your … Read more

Can You Paint Carbon Fiber Hoods? (Explained)

can you paint carbon fiber hoods

Undeniably, carbon fiber has grown to become a popular material in the automotive industry. Today, you can find many cars, especially high-performing machines with parts made out of carbon fiber. Being the strong and durable material that it is, by the look of things, the carbon fiber trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. And … Read more