Can You Powder Coat Plastic Center Caps? (Explained)

can you powder coat plastic center caps

As you powder coat the wheels of your vehicle, you may be left wondering if it’s okay to powder coat the plastic center caps as well. The reason behind this thought is to ensure you have a uniform finish on the entire wheel. You can powder coat metal, but not plastic. For powder coat to … Read more

Can You Powder Coat An Engine Block? (Explained)

can you powder coat an engine block

Powder coating the engine block results in a cohesive color scheme under your car’s hood. You can choose to either powder coat the entire engine block or some key components. Because the engine block mainly comprises a metal, you can safely powder coat it without worrying about damaging it. When powder coating an engine block, … Read more

Are ESR Wheels Good? (Explained)

are esr wheels good

ESR wheels are priced well and their styles are appealing. However, for a car owner who is looking for a good set of wheels, you should know that there is more to buying wheels than just looking at the design and cost. One of the most important things that should be heavily considered is the … Read more